The Japanese climbing legend Akiyo Noguchi decided that she should retire in 2021.

Many wanted to know Akiyo Noguchi net worth as she requires a lot of money to maintain her lifestyle.

We will give you details of how much money Akiyo Noguchi earns from different income streams to help you understand how an athlete can retire early.

Is Akiyo Noguchi Millionaire?

Akiyo Noguchi is a millionaire because Akiyo Noguchi net worth is nearly five million dollars.

It is a lot of money for a person to retire early.

You should know that she is retiring from her climbing career but maintaining the income streams.

Akiyo Noguchi Net Worth
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How Does Akiyo Noguchi Make Money?

Akiyo Noguchi net worth is high because she earns from different income streams.

Many brands sponsor her and give her free climbing gear.

She also receives thousands of dollars from the IFSC as they try to promote the young climbers to stay free of income issues.

She also recommends products on her social media channels to make money from commissions.


Akiyo Noguchi does not have a famous Youtube channel as she cannot make money from the affiliate programs on Youtube.

She makes money through Youtube by appearing on the Youtube channels of different companies.

Akiyo’s videos get millions of views.

She gets money from the Youtube channel owners in the form of commissions.


Akiyo Noguchi does not have any personal brands.

She promotes brands of some international climbing equipment companies.

It is easy to make thousands of dollars from merchandise selling.

Most of the climbing equipment is expensive.

She can make a lot of commissions by selling a few pieces.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

IFSC is one of the leading money grant providers of the Akiyo Noguchi.

She also gets sponsorships from many famous brands in the world.

You can go to the websites of The North Face, Petzl, and La Sportiva to find the sponsorship details for the Akiyo.

How Much Money Does Akiyo Noguchi Make from YouTube Channel?

Akiyo does not make much money regularly from Youtube because she does not have a famous Youtube channel.

Akiyo cannot make money directly from the Youtube affiliate program.

There are some other ways to make money from the Youtube channel also.

Appearing on other brand Youtube channels and making sponsored videos can help her make thousands of dollars inconsistently from Youtube.

How Much Money Does Akiyo Noguchi from Merchandise?

Akiyo Noguchi makes thousands of dollars from merchandise selling.

She does not own a famous brand but has an Instagram page with more than 184K followers.

If Akiyo posts a good post about climbing gear, climbers will buy it because they trust her.

She is one of the top climbing athletes.

How Much Money Does Akiyo Noguchi Make from Sponsorship?

Akiyo Noguchi net worth is high because she receives money from many brands.

Akiyo receives more than 3000 dollars in the form of money grants from the IFSC organization.

Akiyo has made brand deals with many companies selling climbing equipment internationally.

La Sportiva is one of the leading companies sponsoring Akiyo.

They give her money grants and equipment.

Akiyo does not spend much money on climbing equipment because she can get it free of cost from these companies.

Petzl and The North Face are some other famous companies sponsoring Akiyo.

Quick Facts about Akiyo Noguchi

  • Date of Birth: She was born on the 30th of May, 1989
  • Place of Birth: Akiyo Noguchi was born in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
  • Age: She will be 33 years old in 2022
  • Country: Akiyo lives in Japan
  • Profession: Akiyo is a famous Rock Climber
  • Zodiac: Akiyo Noguchi has the zodiac sign Gemini
  • Father: The name of Akiyo’s father, is Kenji
  • Husband: Akiyo married in 2021 to Tomoa Narasaki
  • Hight: Akiyo has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches
  • Weight: Akiyo has a body weight of 49 kilograms
  • Eye Color: Akiyo’s eye color is black
  • Hair Color: Akiyo Noguchi has brown hair

Is Akiyo Noguchi In The Olympics?

Yes, Akiyo Noguchi was in the Olympics 2021.

She was part of the team that included her future husband, Tomoa Narasaki.

She came to the Olympics for the first time in 2021.

Akiyo was part of the Japan team due to her excellent performance in the World Climbing Championship.

She held the second position in the Climbing Worldcup.

It was an excellent achievement.

Akiyo Noguchi Early Life and Biography

Akiyo was born in a remote area of Japan.

Her parts were in the farming business at that time.

She started her climbing journey by climbing small trees at an early age.

Her father said she was an active kid with a lot of energy.

Akiyo climbed the first gym climbing wall when she was 11 years old.

It was a gym in the American territory of a Japnese Island.

Akiyo Noguchi Education

There is not much information about Akiyo’s education as she completed her early education in Japan.

There were many schools in the area near the residence of the Akiyo Noguchi.

She focused all her strength on becoming the best climbing athlete鈥攎any associate Toyo University with Akioy’s education.

Akiyo Noguchi Career

Akiyo Noguchi started her climbing journey when she was 11 years old.

She did not stop after that.

She took part in many climbing competitions.

Most of her climbing competition achievements are after the age of 16.

Akiyo took part in most of the international competitions after the age of 16.

She won many of these competitions.

What Awards Has Akiyo Noguchi Won?

A silver medal in the combined climbing competition in the world climbing championship is one of the most significant achievements of Akiyo.

La Sportiva also gave her the competition award in 2010.

It also made her eligible for the money grants from La Sportiva.

She also qualified for the Olympics.

Akiyo Noguchi Height, Weight, Age

Akiyo Noguchi is 33 years in 2022.

Her weight is 49 kilograms as climbers want to maintain a low weight.

It helps them climb as they have to carry less weight.

Akiyo has a height of five feet and six inches.

This height is also average in Japanese Women.

It also makes her perfect for climbing.

Who is Akiyo Noguchi dating?

Akiyo Noguchi was dating Tomoa Narasaki.

Tomoa is a professional climber who participated in many competitions with the Akiyo.

They got married in 2021 and living a happy married life these days.

They announced their marriage on their Instagram pages in 2021.

Why is Akiyo Noguchi retiring?

Akiyo Noguchi decided to retire as she wanted to make Olympics 2021 her last climbing competition.

Age is another factor in the retirement of Akiyo.

She will be thirty-three years old in 2022.

Most other climbers are much younger.

Akiyo wanted to be remembered as a professional athlete; hence she decided to retire.

Are Tomoa and Akiyo together?

Tomoa and Akiyo were dating before 2021.

Many did not know about their relationship.

Some knew that they were dating.

It became apparent when the couple announced their marriage in 2021.

They are still together and living happy married life.

Akiyo Noguchi Training Program, Diet, and Nutrition

Akiyo Noguchi said that her favorite meal is grilled beef.

The climbers should take more protein in their diet as it helps repair the muscles.

There is nothing special in her diet plan as she focuses on getting basic ingredients to keep her body healthy.

Akiyo has an extensive training plan.

She likes to train daily and focuses on training specific muscles during climbing.

Akiyo Noguchi Bouldering

Akio Noguchi is famous for her bouldering skills.

She won more than eleven gold medals in bouldering competitions.

She has a climbing career of sixteen years.

Most of her achievements are related to bouldering.

People think no one can break her records in bouldering.

Akiyo Noguchi Lead Climbing

Akiyo held the third position in the lead climbing section of the IFSC climbing WorldCup.

Most experts think lead climbing is not a specialty of Akiyo as she has more perfection in bouldering.

She rarely performs extraordinarily in lead climbing.

Akiyo Noguchi Speed Climbing

We cannot say that Akio has excellent speed climbing skills because she did not compete in the speed climbing competitions will it was made compulsory by the international organization.

Climbers should compete in speed, bouldering, and lead climbing to win the WorldCup.

We cannot place here on the list of the top speed climbers.

Akiyo Noguchi Outdoor Climbing

Akiyo Noguchi has climbed some of the high-hardness grade walls in the world.

She climbed the Mind Control wall in Spain during one of her trips.

She also climbed the Maze Of Death and Aguni wall in Japan.

These walls have hardness ratings of 8c+ and 8A+.

What Climbing Shoes Does Akiyo Noguchi Wear?

Akiyo Noguchi prefers to wear La Sportiva Skwama for women.

These are the perfect shoes for lead climbing and bouldering.

Her choice for speed climbing is different as she wears La Sportiva Cobra due to their low weight.

These shoes are famous for their durability.

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