Alain Robert Net Worth: $13 Million

Alain Robert’s net worth is estimated to be around $13 million.

Most Important Facts about Alain Robert Life

Celebrated Name:Alain Robert, Urban Climber, French Spiderman
Real Name/Full Name:Robert Alain Philippe
Birth Date:7 August 1962
Birth Place:Digoin, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy, France
Height:5′ 5″ (165 cm)
Weight:65 kg
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Parents Name:N/A
Marital Status:N/A
Wife/Spouse (Name):Nicole Robert
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Nicole Robert
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Books:With Bare Hands: The True Story of Alain Robert, the Real-life Spiderman
Documentaries:The Wall Crawler: The Verticle Adventures of Alain Robert
IMDB:Alain Robert
YouTube@Alain ROBERT
Profession:Actor, Climber
Top 10 Male Climbers:Yes, he is part of the ranking best rock climbers in the world
Net Worth in 2024:$13 million
Last Updated:2024
Alain Robert Net Worth
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Is Alain Robert Millionaire?

Alain Robert is a millionaire because he has a net worth of 13 million dollars.

Alain is one of the richest climbers in the world.

He is famous because of his climb on the Burj Khalifa.

His income comes from different sources.

We took a lot of time to find Alain Robert net worth to help you find all about him.

How Does Alain Robert Make Money?

Alain Robert makes money from Youtube, social media, brand deals, and sponsorships.

He has a Youtube channel with thousands of subscribers.

He also manages a website with his partnership details.

Many brands make deals with him to promote their products.


Alain Robert can make thousands of dollars from Youtube because he has more than 135K subscribers on his Youtube channel.

He teaches people about climbing techniques and skills.

It is easy for him to recommend products to people and make affiliate income.


You can visit the Alain Robert website to find all his products.

He only owns the website with details about the climbing.

He also gives his partnership details on his website.

Most of his income comes from partnerships and sponsorships.

He is known as the Spiderman of France.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

Some companies like to advertise with Alain Robert.

He displays the company poster on his shirt if a company sponsors his climb.

He also makes money by advertising some brands on his website.

Dead Man’s Finger currently sponsors him.

It is a rum brand. Zeppelin is a company for watches.

This company is also sponsoring Alain.

He can get thousands of dollars from these companies.

He also has a picture with five thousand dollars to advertise the Save the Cathedral campaign.

How Much Money Does Alain Robert Make from YouTube Channel?

Alain Robert makes a few dollars from the Youtube advertisement program.

It is not the only source of income on his Youtube.

He advertises some products in his videos and receives a commission.

He can make thousands of dollars with the Youtube advertisement commission.

How Much Money Does Alain Robert Make from Merchandise?

He makes money from his website.

It is not a regular income, as he may get some advertisers often.

An advertiser can pay him thousands of dollars for supporting the camping or website advertisement.

It can increase the brand’s worth.

How Much Money Does Alain Robert Make from Sponsorship?

Alain Robert makes most of his money with sponsorships.

It also makes most of Alain Robert net worth.

Climbing equipment companies sponsor him.

Some companies also want to prove themselves as daredevils supporting companies also sponsor him.

Dead man’s finger is the rum company sponsoring him.

Alain Robert’s Early Life and Biography

Alain Robert Philipe is a global leader in free climbing.

Many know him as the “Urban Climber” and the “French Spiderman.”

The free climber is known to have ascended over a hundred skyscrapers without using any ropes.

Alain Robert climbed Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (the tallest artificial structure globally) in 2011.

He uses these bold accents as a fundraiser for various charities.

Alain Robert is 59 years old. The French climber was born on 7th August 1962 in Digoin, France.

The climber is 5 ft 5 inches tall and is known for his solo climbing using no other equipment than a pair of climbing shoes and a small chalk bag. 

Before climbing skyscrapers, Alain Robert was known for solo climbing some of the most challenging cliff faces.

The climber has experienced seven major accidents, including falls where his climbing rope unraveled while rappelling.

He was in a coma for five days and had several fractures in his nose, cranium, wrists, pelvis, elbows, and heels.

Alain Robert received a prognosis stating that he couldn’t climb again, which resulted in him developing vertigo.

Alain Robert’s Climbing Career

Sector (an organization that sponsors adventure and extreme sports) offered to create a documentary and convinced Alain Robert to climb skyscrapers in Chicago, leading to the birth of “The Urban Climber.”

Alain is famous in the world of buildering. Alain Robert enjoyed climbing the impossible.

As such, he began a global search for the most challenging skyscrapers to climb.

Without authorization, Alain Robert climbed the tallest building in Kuala Lumpur, creating a stunning impact on global media (1997).

This stunt made the Sabah Foundation request the controversial climber to climb their building located in Borneo.

Alain Robert got authorization from the government, drew a 15000 people crowd, and raised over 150000 US dollars.

Alain Robert has climbed more than 120 skyscrapers (climbing 80% of the buildings without ropes) plus various mythical monuments globally.

One of Alain’s most outstanding achievements was climbing the NBAD (aka National Bank of Abu Dhabi) while being watched by over 100,000 people.

In 1998, the climber ascended Paris’ 75 ft high Luxor Obelisk and Warsaw’s 558 ft Marriott hotel in 1999.

In 1999, he became the second person to climb the Sears tower after Dan Goodwin.

In 2003, Alain Robert was paid approximately 18000 dollars to climb the Lloyd building promoting the premiere of the Spider-man movie on the TV channel Sky News.

He ascended Taipei 101 a few days before the building’s grand opening on 25th December 2004.

The building’s slanted sides made the climb less challenging; however, heavy rains dragged out the climb, which lasted four long hours (double its estimated limit).

He ascended the 928 ft—Cheung Kong Center (located in Hong Kong) on 11th June 2005.

Alain Robert climbed the Europa tower, which stands at 486ft and is the tallest building in Lithuania, in 2006 using a safety rope (which he detached numerous times) while wearing a black suit.

He reached the observation deck in 40 minutes (374 ft. high). 

He climbed the Torre Vasco Da Gama (in Portugal Promoting their national mobile operator, Optimus) in 2006 and closed the year by climbing Mexico city’s Santa Fe World Plaza on 7th December 2006.

Alain Robert legally climbed Abu Dhabi Investment Authority’s headquarters building on 23rd February 2007 and the Petronas Twin Towers on 20th March.

He then ascended the Jin Mao building on 31st may 2007 while wearing a spiderman suit.

He was detained and deported from China for his actions.

He was invited by Zhangjiajie (one of the local governments) to climb a 4980 ft. mountain to boost the area’s profile and attract tourists.

He was a record holder in the Guinness book of records for climbing Doha, Qatar’s 300m-high Aspire tower (2012) in 1h, 33m, and 47s (the fastest time). 

He was spotted inside The Shard (London), and their owners quickly got an injunction preventing him from ever coming back.

He did several other legal and illegal climbs. His last climb was on 23rd November 2021.

Alain Robert climbed the Skyper building without permission from authorities and was arrested by German authorities.

Alain Robert’s Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

According to the information online, Alain Robert’s partner is Nicole Robert.

Like many celebrities, Alain Robert keeps his personal life private, including his love life.

He has had (at least) one previous relationship; however, he’s not been engaged and has no children.

Alain Robert’s Age, Height, and Weight

As mentioned before, Alain Robert was born in 1962 on Tuesday, the 7th of August, making him 59 years old.

He falls under the zodiac sign Leo and the animal Tiger. He is 5′ 5″; however, his current weight is unknown.

Alain Robert’s Awards, Achievements, and Nominations

Alain Robert was a record holder in the Guinness book for climbing Doha, Qatar’s 300m-high Aspire tower in 1h, 33m, and 47s (the fastest time).

His achievements include climbing over 120 skyscrapers without using ropes.

In addition, he ascended the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building globally, in 2011.

Alain Robert’s Movies, Documentaries, and Books

Alain Robert’s biography was published in 2008 in English.

With Bare Hands featured his development into the famous urban climber he is today.

It covers his early childhood days and provides a deep insight into his philosophy and how he managed to overcome his challenges and disabilities.

His book was released to the Asian market in Hong Kong (under Blacksmith Books) with the title “The True Story Of Alain Robert, the Real-Life Spiderman” and in the UK by Maverick House Publishers as “The Story of the Human Spider.”

Alain Robert has a 52-minute documentary released in 1998 and titled The Wall-Crawler, and is directed and produced by Julie Cohen.

Cutting edge (Channel 4 series) also covered the famous climber in an episode titled The Human Spider, April 2008.

Net Worth and Salary of Alain Robert Net Worth

Alain Robert is estimated to have a net worth of 13 million dollars as of 2021 and primarily earns from rock climbing.

However, his monthly salary hasn’t been discussed yet, and we’ll update the website as soon as we get it.

Alain Robert Accident

He suffered two accidents when he was training to become a skyscraper climber. He fell from 15 meters in 1982.

His recovery took a long time as he had to undergo three operations to fix the broken bones.

He fell again in the same year when his rope failed. He remained in a coma for five days.

Alain Robert Burj Khalifa

Alain Robert took more than six hours to climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa.

A spotlight spotted him while he was climbing.

A large crown viewed his performance at the Burj Khalifa.

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