There are high chances that you’ve heard of this professional rock climber Alex Honnold.

On the internet, you will find information that Alex Honnold’s net worth is $2 million.

Alex is primarily famous for being the only climber to climb the El Capitan free solo.

Plus, Alex Honnold is among the best rock climbers on earth.

Here’s everything you need to know about him, from his age, height, and weight to his career and early life. 

Alex Honnold Net Worth
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Alex Honnold Net Worth and Most Important Facts about Alex’s Life

Celebrated Name:Alex Honnold
Real Name/Full Name:Alex Honnold
Birth Date:17 August 1985
Birth Place:Sacramento, United States
Height:In Centimetres – 180 cm
In Feet and Inches – 5′ 11″
Weight:In Kilograms – 73 Kg
In Pounds – 160 lbs
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Parents Name:Father – Charles Honnold
Mother – Dierdre Wolownick
Siblings:Stasia Honnold
School:Mira Loma High School
College:University of California Berkeley
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Books:El Capitan: The Greatest Rock Climb in the World!
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Sanni McCandless (m. 2020)​
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):1, Daughter
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Yes, Sanni McCandless (m. 2020)​
Profession:Professional rock climber
Top 10 Male Climbers:Yes, he is part of the list best rock climbers in the world
Net Worth in 2024:$2 Million
Last Updated:2024

Is Alex Honnold a Millionaire?

Alex Honnold is a millionaire because he has a net worth of two million dollars.

He is one of the most famous climbers in the world.

He climbed one of the toughest elevations known as the El Capitan.

He became famous in 2007 when he climbed the Yosemite wall in a single day.

We will discuss Alex Honnold’s net worth to learn about his career.

Alex Honnold Net Worth: How Much Money Does Alex Honnold Earn?

Alex Honnold makes money through sponsorships.

He is famous and has many followers online.

People buy things from his recommendations.

People pay him money for appearing at events.

He won many competitions and got prize money.

Some organizations give him funds because he has won international competitions.


Alex Honnold has more than eight thousand followers on Youtube.

He does not make more money from Youtube due to fewer subscribers.

He makes videos for other channels to make the most money on Youtube.

He may make thousands of dollars every month from these videos.


Alex Honnold does not own a brand.

He recommends products from famous companies to people.

It helps him make money as he can get a commission from selling products.

He has a book by the name Alone On the Wall.

You can get this book from Alex’s website and Amazon.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

Alex Honnold has sponsorship from many companies.

Black Diamond is the top company sponsoring Alex.

La Sportiva and The North Face also sponsor most of the adventures of Alex Honnold.

Sponsorships and brand deals make most of Alex Honnold’s net worth.

How Much Money Does Alex Honnold Make from YouTube Channel?

Alex Honnold makes thousands of dollars from Youtube.

He does not have many subscribers on his channel.

Alex makes videos for other Youtube channels to make the most money from Youtube.

People like to watch his videos because he is famous.

It is due to his documentary Free Solo.

How Much Money Does Alex Honnold Make from Merchandise?

Alex Honnold makes some money by selling his book about climbing the most hard-to-climb wall in the world.

He also recommends products to people on his Instagram page.

He has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

It is enough to make thousands of dollars from social media merchandise selling.

How Much Money Does Alex Honnold Make from Sponsorship?

Black Diamond, La Sportiva, The North Face, Rivian, and Trading View are some of the most famous companies sponsoring Alex Honnold.

They provide him free of cost climbing devices and money grants.

He can make thousands of dollars with the money grants from these companies.

Many companies want to sponsor him because he has millions of followers on social media.

Alex Honnold’s Early Life

Born on 17th August 1985, Alex Honnold is from Sacramento, California and his parents were college professors.

His mother’s family side is Polish, while his father’s family side is German.

He started rock climbing at five years in the gym (indoor climbing basics) and began exhibiting commitment to this sport at ten years, at which point he went to the gym multiple times weekly. 

As a teenager, Alex Honnold contested in different rock climbing competitions, and every so often, he won. 

Alex Honnold’s Education

Alex Honnold attended Mira Loma High School, where he graduated in 2003.

He later went to the University of California, where he wanted to study civil engineering.

His first year was rather difficult since instead of residing in the dorms, he rented a friend’s apartment, so he didn’t have the opportunity to socialize a lot. 

Furthermore, his grandmother died, and his parents were in the process of divorcing.

As a result, he skipped classes regularly, and after missing one semester to prepare for Scotland’s National Climbing Championship, he didn’t go back to the university.

After this, he spent a lot of time climbing and touring California in his mother’s van. 

10 Things Alex Honnold Can’t Live Without

This is a list of the ten essentials Alex Honnold can’t live without in an interview with GQ Sports.

  1. Black Dimond chalk bag with a brush (used on his Freerider climbs).
  2. La Sportiva climbing shoes. He uses different climbing shoes for each type of climbing.
  3. All-purpose lightweight climbing harness by Black Diamond (the same color scheme as his climbing chalk bag).
  4. Noise-canceling headphones for when he travels by Bose.
  5. Approach shoes with sticky rubber at the bottom by La Sportiva.
  6. Backpacking climbing bag 55 liters for carrying his climbing equipment.
  7. A climbing rope by Black Diamond – 9.1 mm, 70 m.
  8. Quickdraws for clipping gear to his harness and more weight to exercise when he is in the gym.
  9. A sweater (base layer) when it got chilly.
  10. A water bottle of 0.5 liters (we have picked some great water bottle insulators here).

Alex Honnold’s Climbing Career

While Alex Honnold had been contesting in various competitions, he was not a well-known climber until 2007.

This is when he free soloed the Yosemite Valley’s Astroman and Rostrum within 24 hours, a task previously done in 1987 by Peter Croft.

This was when Alex Honnold acquired significant recognition within the climbing community.

He didn’t stop there; he free soloed the 1200ft finger crack that divides Zion’s Moonlight Buttress the following year.

Nevertheless, when they reported this accomplishment, most people in the climbing community thought it was a prank since it is incredibly difficult to climb, and they reported it on 1st April. 

Later on, Alex free soloed the Yosemite Regular NW Face of Half Dome, and, in 2012, he set a record for the swiftest climb; 82 minutes.

In 2009, he was among the most well-known professional climbers, though he was somewhat unknown to people outside the climbing community. 

Thanks to his impressive endurance and rock climbing skills, Honnold was given the Golden Piton Award in 2010.

In 2011, he was regarded as among the best free solo climbers globally, and he started getting substantial recognition among non-climbers.

In May 2011, Alex was on National Geographic’s cover, while in the winter, he tried to set a new record for the quickest ascent of the El Capitan, though he missed it by only 45 seconds. 

The following year, he earned mainstream appreciation after his “60 minutes” appearance to talk more about The Regular NW Face of Half Dome free solo climb.

Besides, Alex was featured in the “Alone on the Wall” documentary.

In June 2012, he and Hans Florine, another climber, once more tried to set a new record for the quickest climb of the El Capitan, and they succeeded, setting a record of 143 minutes and 46 seconds. 

Together with other climbers, Alex Honnold appeared in a documentary in 2014 about rock climbing evolution in Yosemite Park, called “Valley Uprising.”

Among the documentary’s financers was Cliff Bar, and he as well had a sponsorship deal with Alex and a few of the people featured in the film. 

Nevertheless, several months after the documentary was released, Cliff pulled out of the sponsorship deals with the climbers featured in the film.

They explained that the firm was uncomfortable with the extent to which these climbers were pushing their boundaries while climbing and the number of unnecessary risks they were willing to take. 

Alex Honnold is a climber who takes enormous risks with a rather casual attitude for his safety and life. 

Alex Honnold’s Personal Life

Alex Honnold is in a relationship with his sweetheart Sanni McCandles who he met at a book signing.

In 2019, the two got engaged and married in September 2020.

Among the central points of the “Free Solo” documentary is their relationship. 

Free Solo is a movie, filmed by another great climber Jimmy Chin and here you can read what’s Jimmy Chin net worth is.

That said, in 2012, he started donating a third of his earnings to support solar projects to surge the availability of energy globally.

He grew this into the Honnold Non-Profit Foundation, which boosts and promotes solar energy utilization in third-world countries.

Meanwhile, Diedre Wolownick, Alex’s mother, ascended El Capitan at 70 years, making her the eldest woman to finish this climb. 

Alex Honnold’s Age, Weight, and Height

Alex Honnold is 36 years old (in 2022); his weight is 73 kg, and his height is 1.8 meters tall. 

Alex Honnold’s Awards and Achievements

Alex Honnold has been given multiple awards because of his achievement in rock climbing.

The “Free Solo” National geographics documentary won the best documentary film Academy Award for capturing Alex Honnold’s story as he achieved the apparently impossible – climbing El Capitan free solo.

Moreover, Alex Honnold was given the Golden Piton Award in 2010 for his impressive endurance and rock climbing skills. 

Does Alex Honnold Have a Foundation?

In 2012, he launched the Honnold Foundation, which seeks to promote solar energy utilization to help developing countries. 

5 Interesting Facts About Alex Honnold

Here are some other interesting facts about Alex Honnold.

#1 Alex began climbing at the age of 5

Alex Honnold began climbing when he was very young and eventually loved it so much that he made a career.

When he reached ten years, he would often ascend walls, even contesting in various competitions. 

Eventually, he went to the University of California to study engineering.

All the same, he later chose climbing over-engineering and left college in his second year. 

#2 Alex’s Productivity habits and daily routine

Honnold is among the best climbers in the world, and it takes a lot of dedication and motivation to reach such heights.

His everyday routine begins very early in the morning and includes plenty of workouts

It is necessary for him to motivate himself daily and fight the fear and anxiety that comes with free climbing.

While he is somewhat shy about free-solo verticals, he still finds a way to hold his fear and perform.

Similarly, this fear offers him the energy to continue ascending and calculate his moves perfectly. 

#3 Alex is the Regular NW Face of Half Dome

This climb would play a significant role in Alex being featured in the “Alone on the Wall” film in 2012.

After this, significant opportunities began piling up and progressively came in handy in building his brand.

2017 turned out to be a crucial year for him, as this was when he became the first climber to climb El Capitan.

Later on, this would be the main subject of the “Free Solo” documentary. 

Alex also has his favorite pair of climbing shoes

#4 Alex lived in a van

Alex Honnold is from a humble background.

Besides, after gaining recognition, he still lived beneath his means.

Actually, Alex lived in a van for more than ten years.

He says this way; he quickly moved from one place to another. 

He said that he did not intend to spend funds that he didn’t have.

Alex said he had never been in debt in one of his interviews.

Also, he never uses his money on luxuries.

And while his lifestyle is much better now, he still states in the “Alone on the wall” memoir that his philosophy on not overspending and living below his means hasn’t changed. 

As mentioned above, he donates a third of his earnings to charity via the Honnold Foundation, which supports solar energy utilization in developing countries. 

#5 Alex is a vegetarian

As a vegetarian, Alex Honnold maintains an extremely healthy lifestyle.

What’s more, he doesn’t drink alcohol or consume other drugs. He sees himself as an environmentalist.

For this reason, Honnold has partnered with Beyond Meats, which aims to establish a future where people consume plant-based proteins as opposed to the usual animal-based proteins. 

How Alex Honnold Accumulated His Net Worth?

Alex Honnold’s average annual income is about $200,000.

Typically, climbers earn approximately $15,000 annually from rock climbing alone.

However, the best climbers can earn up to $300,000 annually. 

He saves most of his money because he leads a modest life, and he is on the road for the most part.

Again, his militant personality comes in handy in building his wealth.

He also has a wide range of impressive ascensions; in 2007, he ascended the Yosemite Salathe Wall, and in 2010 when he climbed the Green Mile in California. 

In addition, Alex ascended the Torre Traverse in 2016, 2012 Yosemite Triple Crown, and several others in between.

On the other hand, his most famous climb is the well-known El Capitan free solo climb.

Alex Honnold is the first climber to ever free solo the El Capitan, located in the Yosemite National Park. 

Most of his net worth is sourced from his being featured in documentaries, climbing competitions awards, and frequent sponsorships. 

How Rich is Alex Honnold?

As a professional climber, Alex Honnold has generated wealth amounting to 2 million dollars.

What Is Alex Honnold Doing Now?

Alex Honnold went to Greenland for a climbing expedition.

He also went to the South American rainforest to make the first ascent on the Tepui.

He will come back to his home one the Las Vagus.

He bought his home in 2017.

What Route Did Alex Honnold Free Solo?

Alex did the Free Solo climb on the route known as Freerider.

His climb will go in the history books because he did not use any rope or belay devices for climbing.

He also became famous outside the climbing enthusiast community as Alex won an Oscar award.

Where Does AlexHonnold Live?

Alex lives in Las Vagas area. He bought a home in Las Vegas in 2017.

You can find out about his home in his interviews.

He said he lived in the driveway for a week because he did not place furniture in the home.

He explained that the driveway looked more like home when there was no furniture in the house.

He is living in the same house these days.

You may not find him there sometimes as he visits different counties for climbing expeditions.

Why Wasn’t Alex Honnold in the Olympics?

Alex Honnold was not in the Olympics because athletes need to ace all types of rock climbing skills.

Alex specializes in climbing with high tolerance. He does not claim fast.

Alex is not a speed or boulder climber.

His specialty will amaze you because he can climb walls that people do not believe someone can climb.

Olympic athletes are also young.

There is an age limit in the Olympic games.

Alex was not a suitable choice for the Olympics because of his age.

Who Is Alex Honnold’s Wife?

Sanni McCandless is the wife of Alex Honnold.

Sanni McCandless was his girlfriend for a long time.

They got married in 2020.

The couple is living happily in a Las Vegas home.

Sanni helps people change their lives by training them to incorporate outdoor activities into their lives.

She also helps people overcome the fear of outdoor activities.

Does Alex Honnold Have a Child?

Alex Honnold has a child with her wife, Sanni McCandless.

They got married in 2020, and their child was born in February 2022.

They welcomed the baby girl into their family on the 17th of February in 2022.

They named their first baby girl JUNE.

Does Alex Honnold Still Free Solo?

A man cares more for his family than his life.

You can see this truth in the life of Alex Honnold.

He wants to raise her daughter and does not want to risk his life.

Alex is not doing Free Solo anymore because he switched to climbing sports.

He informed reporters in an interview that he would change his career path by removing the Free Solo climbs.

Alex will focus on sports climbing.

It is due to her daughter as he wanted to spend a long time with her.

What Did Alex Honnold Talk about on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

In the interview with Joe Rogan, Alex Honnold talked about his movie Free Solo. It was a long interview.

He took more than 2 hours to complete all the details.

Alex also talked about tips for the new climbers.

He discussed the life of a Free Solo climber and the dangers they face.

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