Alexander Megos Net Worth: $1-5 Million

Alexander Megos’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million.

Most Important Facts about Alexander Megos Life

Celebrated Name:Alex Megos, Alexander Megos
Real Name/Full Name:Alexander Megos
Birth Date:August 12, 1993
Birth Place:Erlangen, Germany
Height:173cm (5 ft 8 in)
Weight:57 kg (126 lb)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Parents Name:Jorgos Megos (father), Anna Megos (mother)
Siblings:Alina Megos (Sister)
Marital Status:N/A
Wife/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Documentaries:The Alex Megos Formula, Rotpunkt
IMDB:@Alex Megos
YouTube@Alexander Megos
Profession:Professional rock climber
Top 10 Male Climbers:Yes, he is part of the ranking best rock climbers in the world
Net Worth in 2024:$1-5 Million
Last Updated:2024
Alexander Megos Net Worth
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Is Alexander Megos Millionaire?

Alexander Megos is a Millionaire because he has a net worth of 2 to 4 million dollars.

Alexander is a rock climber from Germany.

He is famous because he won many silver and gold medals in World Bouldering Championship.

Alexander Megos’s net worth is high because he qualified for the combined finals of the Olympics 2020.

How Does Alexander Megos Make Money?

Alexander Megos makes most of his money through prize money and sponsorships.

He also makes money from Youtube and Social media because he has thousands of followers on social media.


Youtube is one of the sources of earnings for Alexander.

He makes thousands of dollars from private product advertisements and the Youtube partner program.

Companies pay him to post their company and product details on Youtube to improve brand image.


Alexander Megos does not own any brands.

He recommends products to his followers on Instagram and Youtube.

People like to buy products through his recommendations as he is a top climber.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

He has gained celebrity status in the field of mountain climbing.

Patagonia is the top sponsor of Alexander.

They are selling outdoor clothing and gear.

Red Bull and Tenaya are also on the sponsor list.

There are many small companies also giving money grants to Alexnder.

How Much Money Does Alexander Megos Make from YouTube Channel?

Alexander Megos make thousands of dollars from his Youtube channel because he has more than 31K followers on Youtube.

He earns most of his money using private company advertisements.

A few percent of his income comes from the Youtube advertisement program.

How Much Money Does Alexander Megos from Merchandise?

Alexander Megos make thousands of dollars by getting commissions on merchandise selling.

It is easy to estimate his income from the merchandise selling because he has many 374K followers on Instagram.

Thousands of people follow him on other social media platforms also.

How Much Money Does Alexander Megos Make from Sponsorship?

Sponsorship income makes up most of Alexander Megos net worth.

He receives more than three thousand dollars from IFSC.

Many companies provide him free of cost climbing equipment for his adventures.

Some companies give him a comprehensive salary package to become their brand ambassador.

He is a shining star for all the athletes of the future because they will know that they can make a good income with their climbing career.

Alexander Megos’s Early Life and Biography

Alexander Megos is a personality in the climbing industry from Germany.

Megos was born on August 12th, 1993 in Erlangen, Germany to Jorgos Megos and Anna Megos.

He has grown up with total support from his sister, Alina Megos, and his parents.

His passion for climbing was somewhat stimulated by his father, Jorgos when he introduced him to climbing at the tender age of 6.

When Alexander Megos was ten years old, he climbed multi-pitch routes going up to almost 300 meters.

Besides, he became more drawn to climbing, an interest he saw as preferable to academics.

By the age of thirteen, Megos would go on to start training at the climbing association of Bavaria’s Franconia national base.

A few months later, he would relocate to the federal base for sports climbing in Erlangen, his birth location.

He is now a renowned climber who has excelled on some of the world’s hardest climbing routes, such as Australia’s 9a R.E.D and the 8c route FLY in Switzerland.

Megos holds the record for onsighting a 9a graded route without practicing or any advice. 

Also, he has climbed several boulder challenges, comprising three 9b+ (5.15c) climbs and two 9b (5.15b) climbs.

Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma are among the few climbers to have successfully climbed the Spanish First Round, one of the globe’s hardest climbs.

Alexander Megos’s Climbing Career 

The path of Alexander’s getting to such a milestone started in 2006.

After being introduced to climbing, he consequently became an active figure in climbing competitions. 

  • It was not until 2009 that he had his first European youth championship in his medal cabinet after participating in almost every event of the European championship series. He went on to win the European championship medal in 2010 before landing the Vice World Youth Championship title the following year.
  • Megos first ascended an 8a climb in 2007. An 8c ascent would then follow this after two years. As of 2011, he had climbed his first 9a.
  • In 2013, Megos set possibly his most spectacular personal record when he sighted the 9a-rated Estado Critico without a guide, practice, or any advice.
  • That year, Megos would again go on to conquer Australia’s finest 9a+ rated wheelchair, which is one of the globe’s most difficult boulder challenges. He moved on to 2014, where he demonstrated plenty of hard work by climbing nine routes ranging in difficulty from 8c+ to 9a+ in less than 60 days. The routes included the Swiss “Modified,” a 9a+ rated climb based in Franconian.
  • Megos also set a 120-minute record for a redpoint approach of Action Directe. He also managed the 9a+ rated Realization route within 24 hours.
  • Megos completed his debut 9b tour. This was done in the year 2015 on the “First Round, First Minute.” Years later, he would do his first 9c climb, the “Bibliographie.” 
  • He was the first climber in history to reach the summit of Perfecto Mundo Mundo in 2018. Following that, he and Chris Sharma rated the Perfect World as 9b. That same year, Alexander went on to win the lead World Cup in Briancon, France. This was after winning a silver medal in the European Bouldering Championships the previous year.
  • He was placed third at the IFSC Lead World Cup competitions in Chamonix in 2018, which qualified him for a bronze. Later, in 1029, he won the silver medal in the world championships for lead climbing.
  • Megos also participated in the combined event final at the World Championships, where he finished in eighth place, earning an Olympic berth.

Alexander Megos’s First Ascent Climb 

In 2013, after setting a record of onsighting on the 9a-rated Estado Critico climb 2014, Megos would keep the same gas on his Australia wheelchair and do nine routes in two months.

Again, it was in 2014 that he and Roger Schali did their first ascent on a 20-pitch climb called “FLY” (8c/5.14b) based in St. Defuli in Europe.

The route is considered one of the globe’s most difficult big-wall ascents.

Following his successful ascent of “FLY,” he attempted “Supernova.” That would be his first-grade 11+ (UIAA) climb.

Alexander also attempted his first of grade 9 b’s (5.15b) “First Round, First Minute” in late 2015. 

Alexander Megos’s Education

There is little to no information about Megos’ education.

All that’s there to find is that he completed high school in 2012 and became totally focused on climbing.

Again, in his childhood, it’s said that he had preferences for climbing rather than studying in a school or college.

He has managed to keep information about his education status private and up-to-date.

As for climbing, Megos, at the age of thirteen, joined the climbing association of Bavaria’s Franconia national base.

However, after a few months, he relocated to the federal base for sports climbing in Erlangen, his home destination.

Alexander Megos’s Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

He was born in Erlangen, Germany, to Jorgos and Anna Megos, who raised him as well.

He also has a sister, Alina Megos. Further, the 28-year-old athlete seems to have a mojo for women, such that he has dated several beauties.

As for talking about his past relationship, he was dating a Swedish climber, Daniela Eber.

He was spotted several times in Canada with Elber.

Unfortunately, things appear to have gone wrong, as the climber has recently been spotted with Jenya Kazbekova, another rock climber.

And the couple is always updating their photos on their Instagram accounts. Also, Megos has no kids.

Alexander Megos’s Height, Weight, and Age

The 28-year-old’s birthday is on August 12th each year, and he is a Leo, which explains his tenacity and optimism.

He is at a typical height of 5 feet and 8 inches, which holds his 126 pounds.

Additionally, he has blue eyes and blonde hair. 

Alexander Megos’s Awards, Achievements, Nominations

Being a renowned climber cannot be achieved, lest one’s trophy or medal room be heavily armed.

  • Megos started his streak in 2009 as a youth when he won the European championship title in 2009 and 2010.
  • He then went on to win the vice world championship title the following year. Also, he won every competition in the EYC series in 2009.
  • Megos claimed the silver at the European Bouldering Championships held in Munich in 2017. He also participated in the IFSC Lead World Cup held in Slovenia and won a silver medal.
  • In 2018, he came out third in the IFSC Lead World Cup, winning a bronze and a gold in the Briancon World Cup shortly afterward.
  • Later that year, he won bronze at the Lead World Championships, followed by silver at the 2019 World Lead Climbing Championships. This qualified him for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

Alexander Megos’s Movies, Documentaries, Books

Alexander Megos has been featured in some notable climbing documentaries and movies.

The Alex Megos Formula

Alexander, a world-class teenage athlete, is the subject of this documentary.

The audience follows Alex on his journeys and throughout his climbing endeavors and learns about his family and background in a four-part trip to pursue the secret climbing equation. 

The audience tries to find evidence of the formula using simple physics theories such as gravity, friction, and tension velocity.

Each of the four episodes examines Alex from various perspectives and topic areas, usually via the lens of a physics parallel.

The hunt for the formula reveals that Alex is greater than the aggregate of his characteristics.


Alex Megos aspires to be the finest climber on the planet despite failures and successes.

The film offers a portrayal of the German climber and a glimpse into the past of free climbing, featuring Kurt Albert and Wolfgang, among others.

The video examines Megos’ abilities and faults and his roots, including the founding of the Rotpunkt motion, a groundbreaking red dot established by Kurt Albert in 1975 in Frankenjura, Germany.

It was intended to indicate that a route had already been scaled without the need for aid or prior knowledge to progress.

Alexander Megos’s Net Worth and Salary

As a full-time rock athlete, Megos has made a lot of money through his climbing profession.

Sufficed to say, his worth has surely improved due to his consistent accomplishments and ascents on some of the world’s most difficult climbs.

His net worth is projected to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Rock climbing seems to be his principal source of income.

However, the youthful and daring climber supplements his income with brand endorsements and other deals.

What Does Alex Megos Weigh?

Alexander Megos weighed 126 pounds, which equates to 57 kilograms and sat on a 5′ 8″ figure.

His average weight and climbing skills make him somewhat of a gymnast.

Is Alex Megos Vegan?

No, Alexander Megos is not a vegan. What makes most people reach this conclusion is his love for carrots.

But Megos has explained that he enjoys meat and fish apart from vegetables. 

What Are Alexander Megos’ Highest Grades in Different Types of Climbs?

Currently, Adam Ondra and Alex Megos hold the record for being the only athletes to climb the 9C.

Alexander Megos has successfully managed a Redpoint on a 9b+ (5.15c), and an On-sight on a 9a (5.1 and in 2014, he did Bouldering on 8C (V15).

When Was Alexander Megos’s First Ascent Achievement?

Alex Megos completed his first ascent in June 2014. He carried it out on a 20-pitch route, Switzerland’s “FLY” 8c (5.14b).

Alexander Megos Olympics

Alexander started the Olympic games with lead climbing as he was at the top of the scoreboard in boulder climbing.

He was the first competitor to reach the finals.

Alexander Megos could not compete in the finals due to his finger injury.

He had to leave the competition early.

Alexander Megos: How Long Has He Been Climbing?

Alexander Megos has been climbing since he was six years old.

He was born in 1993 in Germany. We are living in the year 2022.

If we calculate his climbing experience from 2000, when he was six years old, he has more than twenty-two years of climbing experience.

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