Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California is a famous painting by the artist Albert Bierstadt.

This painting is excellent because it was part of many exhibitions in Europe.

It helped people decide to immigrate to the United States.

People were mesmerized by the beauty of the painting of California.

Many wanted to visit California because they wanted to go to the place where the painting was made.

The Story of Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
The Story of Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California | Free to use this image with proper credit

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California Painting History

Many think that Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California is a live painting that Albert Bierstadt made when he was in the United States.

It is not true, as this painting was made in his studio in Rome.

He visited many beautiful places in the United States and wanted to show this beauty to the world.

He made this painting with his imagination and what he saw during his visit to a different area of the United States.

This painting shows the landscape of California. Albert Bierstadt used oil paints to paint on the canvas base to make this painting.

The painting has a height of 183 centimeters. It is a wide painting because the width is more than the height.

It has a width of 305 centimeters.

Albert Bierstadt made this painting in 1868.

This painting is available in Smithsonian American Art Museum.

It also has an elaborate frame to add beauty to the painting.

Albert was fond of going on trips to different areas of the United States.

Most of his trips were to California.

He saw a mesmerizing scene when he went on a trip to California in 1863.

He made the painting in 1868 after he went to his studio in Rome.

He used the same procedure for many of his paintings.

Albert Bierstadt Early Life

Albert Bierstadt is a famous painter from the United States.

Albert was born on 7 January 1830. Many do not know that he was born in Germany.

Albert was one year old when his family immigrated to the United States from Germany.

His family was in the photography business early in his life.

His brother was famous for photography.

In 1831, the family came to Massachusetts.

He took his early education in the schools of the United States.

He started his career as a young painter who liked to draw with crayons.

His passion inspired him to join the Dusseldorf School of Arts.

Albert Bierstadt Career

Albert started his career with a painting exhibition National Academy of Design in 1858.

He went to western parts of the United States in 1859.

He wanted to see if these areas were suitable for his work.

People did not have access to all the images on the internet.

They did not have records of mountain appearance.

Albert had to go to all the places to find the perfect places he wanted to convert into paintings.

He brought back many sketches with him to make a painting at his studio.

Many went to the American Civil War as it was not for Albert.

He wanted to show the beauty of the landscapes to people.

He paid someone to go to war in his place to get more time painting.

He was famous worldwide for his landscape paintings.

Some did not like his work, as many critics thought he did not make natural paintings.

He enhances the lights in the paintings to make them better.

These critics are few as more people like his paintings.

His paintings can sell for thousands of dollars these days.

Albert Bierstadt Wife

Albert Bierstadt was famous because of his marriage also.

Albert went to Yosemite Valley in 1860.

An author went with him on this journey.

The name of the author was Fitz Hugh Ludlow.

He married the wife of this author at a later stage of his life.

Rosalie Bierstadt was the name of Albert’s wife.

They were happy as a couple before his wife was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Albert had to spend most of his time in the warmer climates afterward.

She died in 1893. It was almost twenty years before the death of Albert.

He spent nearly twenty years without his wife as he continued painting different landscape paintings.

Fire in Albert Bierstadt Studio

Albert Bierstadt made hundreds of paintings.

Many believe he made more than 500 paintings of different scenes and landscapes.

We do not see many of his paintings because most paintings were burned in a fire.

He used to make paintings at his studio in Irvington, New York.

A fire broke out in his studio in 1882.

It was a massive fire that burned most of his paintings.

Only some artworks are left for us to see.

Many forgot about the landscape paintings by Albert Bierstadt in 1902.

It was due to the fire as he did not have many paintings at his death.

Albert Bierstadt Is Famous Because

Albert Bierstadt is famous because of his paintings.

We have compiled a list of artwork to understand his art.

Some say that his work does not have the beauty of nature as he changes the colors and lights.

Some think his work is excellent as it helped people choose immigration to the United States.

You can find some paintings on this list.

  • He made a painting in 1853 by the name Majesty of the Mountains. It is a painting of mountains and landscapes. It is available at Austrian Manufactory.
  • Lake Lucerna is another painting from 1858. It is a painting with a small view of the lake. It is an oil on canvas painting. You can see it in the National Gallery Of Arts Museum.
  • The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak is also an oil on canvas painting by Albert Bierstadt. It has a lake, some animals, and a waterfall. You can see this painting in the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York.
  • If you want something peculiar, you can see the A Storm in the Rocky Mountains painting. Albert made it in 1866. It shows the beauty of a storm in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. You can see it in the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

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