Ashima Shiraishi is among the world’s youngest climbers, described as a “bouldering phenomenon” by The New York Times and “the climbing prodigy.”

Ashima Shiraishi Net Worth: $1-5 Million

Ashima Shiraishi’s net worth stands at approximately $1-5 million dollars. 

Most Important Facts about Ashima Shiraishi Life

Celebrated Name:Ashima Shiraishi
Real Name/Full Name:Ashima Shiraishi
Birth Date:April 3, 2001
Birth Place:New York City, New York, United States
Height:154 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Weight:40 kg (88 lb)
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Parents Name:Hisatoshi Shiraishi (father), Tsuya Shiraishi (mother)
School:Steiner School
Marital Status:N/A
Husband/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Boyfriend (Name):N/A
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Books:How to Solve a Problem: The Rise (and Falls) of a Rock-Climbing Champion
Documentaries:Return to the Red
Profession:Professional rock climber
Top 10 Female Climbers:Yes, this is the list of the best female climbers
Net Worth in 2024:$1-5 million
Last Updated:2024
Ashima Shiraishi Net Worth
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Ashima Shiraishi’s Early Life and Biography

Ashima Shiraishi was born on 2001, 3rd April in the USA. Described as a “young crusher” by the outside magazine, Shiraishi is one of the best young climbers in the world and is sponsored by several brands, including Blue Water and All Nippon Airways. 

Ashima Shiraishi was born in New York City, and she is the sole child of Hisatoshi and Tsuya Shiraishi. Her parents migrated from Japan in the late 1970s to the US. Hisatoshi Shiraishi, her father, also called “Poppo,” is a Butoh trained dance. 

At the age of 6, Ashima’s parents used to take her to central park, Rat Rock, where she began climbing. Later on, Ashima began climbing in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Boulders. A few years later, she swiftly launched herself as one of the best boulderers and climbers on earth and was considered one of the top teenage sport climbers. 

Among her numerous awards are first-place honors in international contests and multiple first females and youthful climbs. In addition, Shiraishi is in a handful of short films, including “Return to the Red,” a documentary released in 2012. 

Ashima Shiraishi’s Climbing Career

As mentioned above, Ashima was born in 2001, and her parents are Hisatoshi and Tsuya Shiraishi. At six years, she started climbing in Manhattan, Umpire Rock, with her father. She would later progress to the Brooklyn Boulders. 

One year later, Ashima loved climbing so much, and she started competing, with Obe Carrion as her trainer. Obe Carrion is a well-known sports climber.

Under his Tutelage, Ashima’s climbing abilities improved considerably, which is why she tackled a V10 boulder grade, situated in Texas, Hueco tanks when she was eight years old. 

As she grew older, she constantly climbed more difficult boulder grades, like the Roger in the Shower, a V11 graded climb, at nine years, and her well-known V13 Crown of Argon ascend.

Her climb on the V13 boulder grade made her the youngest climber to climb this height and placed her among the few female ascenders to climb a verified V13 terrain. 

By the time she was 11 years, Ashima Shiraishi was more interested in lead climbing. In 2012, she climbed the Southern Smoke, Red River Gorge, a confirmed 8C+ terrain. Her climb on this terrain made her the youngest climber ever to climb a terrain of that complexity. 

What’s more, in 2012, Obe carrion stopped coaching her due to a dispute he had with her father. Then on, Hisatoshi Shiraishi began training her.

From 2013 to 2015, Ashima went on to do exemplary well as she took part in lead climbing and Bouldering, and at the same time established numerous records, like being the youngest climber ever to climb a 9a/9a+ terrain after she completed the Ciudad de Dios. 

In the Female Youth category for Bouldering and lead climbing, Ashima Shiraishi took first place in the 2015 IFSC World Youth Competitions.

She followed up this remarkable achievement with a victorious climb of the Mt. Hiei Horizon, V15/8C grade problem, in 2016. These ascend made Ashima Shiraishi the first female and youngest climber to climb a terrain of such difficulty. 

She continued to ascend competitively and was first at the USA Climbing Sport and Speed Open National Championships in 2017, in the Female sports classification. 

Moreover, this year, she participated in the Climbing World Cup competitions for the first time as an adult, after completing second at the ABS Nationals (USA Climbing Bouldering Nationals). In 2021, Ashima Shiraishi announced her intentions to register at UCLA. 


In 2019, she came first in the USA Bouldering Open Championships and even beat some people participating in the Olympics. The past two years, Ashima Shiraishi had been second after being beaten by the well-known Alex Puccio. From 2015 to 2017, she was the best at the Youth Climbing Championships. 

Lead climbing

Ashima is as good at lead climbing as she is at Bouldering. From 2015 to 2017, Ashima took the lead at the Youth World Competitions. Plus, she was second in the 2019 US Lead Open Competitions. 

Speed climbing

Ashima isn’t quite good at speed climbing compared to Bouldering and lead climbing. So far, she has not been as good in speed climbing competitions. On the other hand, she bagged the 2017 Gold at the Sport & Speed National Competitions. 

Ashima Shiraishi Not Qualifying for The Tokyo Olympics in 2021

Finally, sports climbing fans got to see their favorite climbers do their thing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Climbing was added as one of the new sports in the Olympics. 

The event was a combination of three disciplines, speed climbing, Bouldering, and lead climbing, for all the climbers who attempted to bag the medals in this competition. 

All the same, Ashima Shiraishi did not make it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Regardless of her being one of the best sports climbers in America, Ashima Shiraishi did not qualify for the Olympics. 

Ashima Shiraishi’s Sponsorships

When it comes to sponsorships, Ashima Shiraishi has several sponsorship deals from outdoor and climbing brands, including Petzl, Evolv, and The North Face. 

On top of that, she also has other sponsorships from different brands like Coca-Cola Japan and Nikkon brands. Besides, Ashima is frequently wearing Gucci Jackets. 

Ashima Shiraishi’s Diet

Ashima Shiraishi is quite conscious about what she eats and drinks. Again, she seems to be very concerned about her fitness as well. This is because she understands that she has plenty to attain in the climbing world right now and also in the near future. 

Shiraishi follows a stringent rule: no meal before climbing. She doesn’t like her stomach becoming bloated when climbing but prefers to eat after ascending to restore her energy. 

Besides that, she likes food and doesn’t like eating lunch on school days. Again, Ashima loves baking, particularly banana bread. Together with her family, Ashima Shiraishi loves Japanese cuisine, including Okonomiyaki, a combination of an omelet and a crepe, and has more seafood than meat. 

She loves having toast with honey and peanut butter for breakfast. As for lunch, Ashima likes marinara, pasta, and Zucchini. When it is snack time, her go-to options are pistachios, almonds, and chocolate hazelnut bars. For dinner, Ashima likes eating rice, Gyoza or okonomiyaki. 

Ashima Shiraishi’s Shopping and Thrifting

Ashima Shiraishi, like any other ordinary young girl, loves looking great and loves shopping for clothes. She usually likes thrifting since it is personal and free.

Again, Shiraishi loves shopping at second-hand shops with vintage options from designers like Versace, Gucci, and YSL. 

Ashima Shiraishi’s Personal Life

When it comes to her personal and love life, she is single and is typically a very private person. 

Ashima Shiraishi’s Age, Height, and Weight

Seeing as Ashima was born in 2001, she is 21 years old. Plus, she is 5ft 1 in tall and weighs 40 Kgs. 

Ashima Shiraishi’s Movies, Books, and Documentaries

Ashima Shiraishi has a deep love for writing. The book “How to solve a problem” is published by Yao Xiao. It is based on Ashima’s experiences and how she became such a fantastic climber. It is the best-selling book about rock climbing. She is also featured in the short documentary “Return to the Red.” 

Ashima Shiraishi’s TEDx Talks

Ashima Shiraishi is a strong climber, and when you listen to her, you’ll see how much wisdom she has at such a young age. At some point, she appeared on the TEDx talk show as a speaker. 

Prevalently, this event was done within a small group, though later on, the video became of great significance to a broad scope of youths through YouTube. Here, she talks about her homework, likes, and dislikes. 

At the end of it, she delivered an important and motivational message saying that everyone is a rock climber facing problems, and at the end of the day, we should try and climb through them. 

Net Worth and Salary

So, how much is this impressive young climber worth today? At 21 years, Ashima Shiraishi is worth $1-5 million dollars. Most of this wealth is accumulated through her climbing competitions, from bouldering and speed climbing to lead climbing. 

Where Does Ashima Shiraishi Get Her Climbing Pants?

Ashima Shiraishi wears homemade climbing pants, which tend to be different. Her mom makes these pants while her father chooses the material from online stores or even Japan.

Is Ashima Shiraishi a Fan of The Ninja Warriors?

Yes, Ashima had many pals who competed in this show and have done quite well. For instance, Isaac Caldiero won, and he is one of her friends. For all her accomplishments in the outdoors, Ashima trains in the city most of the time. 

She trains five days weekly; once she is done at the Professional children’s institution, she goes climbing for four-hour periods. Though she did not qualify for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, she is dreaming big and is an inspiration to other youths in the climbing community and even outside it. 

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