When I decided to write this article about the best backpacking chairs, I had no clue how many various products and categories there are.

I have taken special care to recommend only well-tested and positively reviewed chairs.

Hikers, mountaineers, and campers across the world appreciate them and rate them better.

Some of these chairs are a bit expensive, while others are quite affordable.

It implies that I have included something for all of you.

You can make your hiking trips memorable by using backpacking chairs.

On a camping trip, you can associate them with luxury when you have hardly anything with you to use as a chair.

But it is more apt to think of them as a comfortable piece of gear for your adventurous trips.

The Best Ultralight Backpacking Chairs for Camping
The Best Ultralight Backpacking Chairs for Camping This Year | Free to use this image with proper credit

They are amongst the most useful pieces of kits that you can carry with you.

They will prove particularly useful when choosing to take those chairs with you on your trips, such as hiking, rappelling, climbing, or backpacking.

Remember that it is an entirely optional gear item.

But it is better not to skip it, provided you have got enough space in your climbing backpack.

I highly recommend taking a backpacking chair with you.

You can make the campfire, and arrange the chairs around the bonfire in a circle.

You can tell stories and enjoy the fresh air in the wilderness.

In my opinion, there are hardly any better things in life than this.

If you are still with me, I believe that you passionately agree with what I say.

But there are so many alternatives available out there.

If you want to choose a suitable backpacking chair, how would you go about it?

Here, I will offer you some of my recommendations for the most comfortable and lightweight backpacking chairs.

Most of these chairs will not require you to break the bank.

Now, let us have a look at the final list, which consists of the ten best ultralight backpacking chairs for camping.

List of the 10 Ultralight Best Backpacking Chairs for Camping

While most of the websites reviewing backpacking chairs will present you with more than 15+ options for the best backpacking chairs, we have decided to tackle this article with reviews simply.

Instead of overloading you with options, we have tested ten of our favorite ultralight backpacking chairs for camping.

Why complicate things, when the best camping chairs are limited to a handful of options?

  1. Helinox Backpacking Chair
  2. ALPS Mountaineering Tri-Leg Stool
  3. Coleman Camping Chair 
  4. ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat Chair
  5. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Chair
  6. Marchway Lightweight Folding Camping Chair
  7. Oniva Portable Sports Folding Chair
  8. Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Backpacking Chair
  9. Hitorhike Lightweight Backpacking and Camping Chair
  10. Camp Time Jumbo Stool

1. Helinox Chair One Original Lightweight

One of the best backpacking chairs has got to be the Helinox chair.

A lightweight, collapsible, and compact camping chair is perfect for taking along your crazy adventures. 

Quick Facts about Helinox Backpacking Chair

It comes in 12 different colors, including tie-dye, multi-block, and camouflage.

This chair is light and won’t slow you down on your journey, only weighing 2.1 pounds which is lighter than a bottle of wine.

Bring your favorite bottle of cabernet along with this Helinox chair, and you are in for a manageable 4-pound camping party.

The material is machine washable, and the setup is quick and easy. This backpacking chair has a 4.7/5 rating online.

What we like

  • Easily fits in a backpack
  • You will comfortably melt into the seat
  • Can hold up to 350 pounds
  • Sets up and folds easily

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t come with a cup holder

2. ALPS Mountaineering Tri-Leg Stool

This foldable mountain-friendly stool is great for anyone who loves to sit comfortably wherever they go.

With over 4,000 online reviews and 4.6/5 stars, this tri-leg wonder is essential for camping and outdoor recreation. 

Quick Facts about ALPS Mountaineering Tri-Leg Stool

The ALPS mountaineering tri-legged stool is made up of a steel frame and polyester material that will indeed hold your rump in place. 

It also comes with a convenient strap attached to the seat itself so you can carry it with you with or without the shoulder bag that it comes with.

This product retails for $19.99 and has six available colors.

What we like

  • Highly portable and light
  • Great price
  • Barely takes up any space
  • Made with excellent materials.

What we didn’t like

  • May not be comfortable for long periods of sitting

3. Coleman Camping Chair with Built-In 4 Can Cooler

This popular option is a great pick out of the backpacking chairs online.

This option has been picked as Amazon’s choice and is an excellent staple for the avid beer-drinking campers out there.

Quick Facts about Coleman Camping Chair

Coleman camping chair is one of the best backpacking chairs online.

The Coleman is an innovative chair with over 29,000 reviews and a 4.7/5 rating, and it provides the ultimate comfort.

It comes with a head cushion and a cooler that can hold up to 4 cans. 

It is also equipped with a mesh cup holder making this a 5-can-carrying chair! With a 24-inch seat and yet an additional side pocket, this chair will make it very hard to ever get up.

This comfy chair ranges from $29.99 in color black to $34.99 in the other three colors.

What we like

  • Comfortable head cushion
  • Spacious seat
  • Impressive beer storage capabilities
  • 1-year warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Weighs 7.7 pounds

4. ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat Chair

This innovative seat allows you to sit in any outdoor area without discomfort. Ranging from $21.48 to $29.99, this chair weighs only 1.3 pounds and has straps for easy transportation. 

Quick Facts about ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat Chair

This 4.5/5 rated weekender seat chair made out of Nylon gives nice back support and is perfect for canoeing, sitting on the ground, or sitting on the dock with friends and family. 

This seat comes with a back mesh pocket where you can sneakily hide away the best snacks from your family.

This seat also comes with bottom straps to attach it to a canoe to stay in one piece.

What we like

  • An easy alternative to sitting on the ground
  • Very lightweight
  • Great for minimalists
  • Ideal for canoeing

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t come with legs

5. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair

This unique outdoor rocking chair is another Amazon’s Choice and has collected a 4.8/5 star rating online. 

Quick Facts about GCI Outdoor Chair

The GCI Outdoor Portable Folding Chair uses a patented spring technology that allows you to smoothly and safely rock back and forth as you ponder your life. 

This chair has a steel frame, folds flat for transportation and storage, and comes with a can holder as well.

The portable rocking chair is available in cinnamon or indigo blue.

What we like

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • A great outdoor version of a rocking chair
  • Built-in armrests
  • Patented technology

What we didn’t like

  • Weighs 13 pounds

6. Marchway Lightweight Folding Camping Chair

The Marchway folding camping chair is a comfortable and portable option for outdoor adventures, hiking, picnics, and backpacking expeditions. 

Quick Facts about Marchway Lightweight Camping Chair

This chair is made to be very high quality with an aluminum frame, and polyester material and comes with a shock-cord structure for easy opening and closing.

The Marchway folding camping chair is taller than most, offering head support with a comfortable sponge headrest.

If you want a chair to relax in and entirely possibly fall asleep in, this might be the one.

This chair has a 4.5/5 rating online.

What we like

  • Premium comfort with head support and backrest
  • Only weighs 3.7 pounds
  • Great for taller people
  • The perfect chair to nap in

What we didn’t like

  • Takes a little extra time to set up

7. Oniva Portable Sports Folding Chair

This extra wide outdoor folding chair is a higher-priced but versatile option for camping or outdoor adventuring.

This sturdy chair is an excellent option for beach-goers since it is made with a robust aluminum frame. 

Quick Facts about Oniva Portable Sports Folding Chair

The Picnic Time chair is decked out with accessories, as it is able to hold magazines, beverages, sunglasses, etc., and also has a side table that opens up easily. 

With over 2,000 reviews online and a 4.8/5 rating, this chair is clearly high quality and built to last.

With a wide 19-inch seat, this chair provides an adequate-sized space to relax.

What we like

  • Sturdy on soft surfaces like sand
  • A multitude of storage accessories
  • Convenient side table
  • Wide seat

What we didn’t like

  • It may not be great for tall people

8. Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chair

The Moon Lence outdoor ultralight portable and folding chair is a handy lightweight $32.99 folding chair that is great for minimalists who love to sit wherever they go. 

Quick Facts about Moon Lence Ultralight Chair

This 2-pound chair is as light as can be and is simple, only having a carry bag attached to it and a small extra storage bag on the side for a phone or small device.

Foldable mesh and metal poles make it easy to set up and put away for portability and transportation.

With a 4.4/5 rating online and over 3,500 reviews, this is a simple yet nice chair that bases its design on the Helix chair.

What we like

  • Minimal design
  • Accessible storage under the seat
  • Very light
  • Quick setup

What we didn’t like

  • Helinox wins the customer’s support

9. Hitorhike Lightweight Backpacking and Camping Chair

The Hitorhike backpacking and camping chair is a good, less expensive option compared to the Helix chair.

This chair comes with breathable mesh, a carry bag on the side, and a bag compact under the chair for convenient storage. 

Quick Facts about Hitorhike Lightweight Backpacking Chair

The Hitorhike chair only weighs 16 ounces and can hold up to 330 pounds.

It has a 4.3/5 star review online and has a 120-day money-back guarantee with a one-year warranty. 

This chair is easy to set up and take down and is great for outdoor recreation and relaxing on a summer day.

What we like

  • Comfortable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great price
  • Adequate handles and attachments

What we didn’t like

  • May not support the weight that it states with its stitching

10. Camp Time Jumbo Stool

The Camp Time Jumbo Stool is another lightweight three-pronged chair to take with you on outdoor trips and is a good alternative to typical backpacking chairs on the market. 

Quick Facts about Camp Time Jumbo Stool

This 19-inch chair has a 4.8/5 rating online. It comes with a convenient shoulder strap, and aluminum legs and can easily support up to 300 pounds. 

This simple design makes this chair portable, convenient, and comfortable.

Although it doesn’t have back support, it does make up for its good and simple design.

What we like

  • Simple and easy to open
  • Portable and light
  • Strong with good material
  • Comfortable fabric

What we didn’t like

  • No back support

How to Choose the Best Backpacking Chair FAQs

How to choose the best backpacking chair depends on many details and characteristics of your trip.

We have gathered and answered some frequently asked questions about how to choose the best backpacking chair.

Before we proceed further, let us check out different types of backpacking chairs.

We will determine the key differences between each one of them.

What Are the Different Kinds of the Best Backpacking Chairs to Buy?

The different kinds of best backpacking chairs to buy come in four main categories – Seat Pads, Ground Chairs, Foldable Chairs, and Stools.

We look into details in each type, starting with the Seat Pads.

1. Seat Pads

Seat pads are the first kind of the best backpacking chairs to buy and the most straightforward type of chairs.

Usually, these seat pads are also the least expensive ones.

You will get just a little layer of comfort between you and the ground.

Such seat pads get inspiration from sleeping pads. 

The best part about these seating pads is that you can put them anywhere and use them for sitting.

You can sit on these chairs even if the ground is a bit uneven.

Generally, these seat pads consist of foam material.

However, you can also get inflatable seat pads which are relatively lightweight.

2. Ground Chairs

Ground Chairs are another type of backpacking chair, and are slightly different from seat pads.

You can place them on the ground directly or keep them a few inches off the ground.

These chairs are highly compact since they don’t feature any legs. 

The ground chairs are hence quite versatile in use.

However, they call for a little maintenance.

They often get dirty because you sit very close to the ground.

Once you fold this ground chair, you can also use it as a sleeping bag.

3. Foldable Chairs

Although the Foldable Chairs are amongst the most comfortable backpacking chairs available on the market, they are usually quite heavy.

The foldable chairs use poles for their legs. 

They feature fabric seats that you can adjust at an elevation above the ground.

These chairs may sink into the earth if you put them on a wet surface.

The reason is that their legs are usually thinner.

4. Stools

The Stools are a different type of backpacking chairs, which don’t feature back support, but stools are excellent chairs otherwise.

In case they are inflatable, they are even better.

Stools are quite practical and portable for camping trips. 

But they quickly pick up dirt when you use them.

You have to ensure to clean the stool chairs a little before deflating and putting them back into the backpack.

What Should You Look for in the Best Backpacking Chair?

When looking for the best backpacking chair, it would help if you considered a few things before picking the best backpacking chair for you.

  • These lightweight backpacking chairs are ideal for carrying on long trips such as mountaineering or hiking trip. As a thumb rule, always take a chair that has a maximum weight of two pounds. Anything heavier than that will not be worth it.
  • The next thing to keep an eye on is its comfort level. Look out for the comfort feature that the chair promises. Ensure to check a few things about the chair. You may inspect the material they use and the fabric’s breathability. Moreover, look for padding and stability too. Stability is crucial because it will also add to your comfort. Avoid chairs that feel flimsy or wobble too much.
  • A good backpacking chair should be more versatile. It should be so small that it easily fits into your backpack. Ideally, it should take up as little space as possible while it is inside your bag. Luckily, almost every manufacturer shows its concern in this aspect. It considers packability while designing such products.
  • The next important factor in a good chair is its ground elevation. You should know how tall your backpacking chair is. If you know that you might use it in wet places, consider a bit taller chair, as they usually sink a little on wet grounds. Remember that the taller the chair, the more costly and heavier it will be. Products that stay close to the ground tend to be less expensive and lightweight overall.

Final Thoughts on The Best Backpacking Chairs

From this article, we can conclude that backpacking chairs come in different sizes and shapes.

They come with varying price tags.

Still, I expect that I did manage to help you in making an informed decision.

I know that it is challenging to have a low price tag while ticking all the right boxes. 

These backpacking chairs will perhaps meet and exceed your unique expectations.

You may plan a camping or mountaineering trip or go for a cookout or a concert.

If you know a backpacking chair that you want me to put on this list, let me know more about it, and I will update it in my article.

Until then, enjoy the view and stay safe while having lots of fun.

The best backpacking chair is GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker, according to the research, we have done and all the reviews, we’ve read on Amazon regarding the best backpacking chair.

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