Ice climbing is among the most fantastic activities, though it’s also among the coldest. Before you even begin ice climbing, one of the things you’ll hear is all about “screaming barflies.”

This is a terrible sensation that occurs when the hands heat up after they get exposed to intense cold. Putting on ice climbing gloves might keep you from getting this problem.

Do you like it when your hands are cold when doing almost anything? When it comes to mountaineering and ice climbing, the most critical thing to remember is safeguarding your hands. However, most people seem to ignore this crucial topic.

They rapidly learn from experience; while they are freezing with icy hands, they wear the best ice climbing gloves if they are to scale the icy peaks successfully.

We’ll suggest some top-of-the-line ice climbing gloves that are abrasion-resistant and long-lasting to protect the hands from freezing and damage.

It can allow you to keep your confidence while holding the ice ax and inserting ice screws as you keep your hands warm enough to avoid screaming barflies.

We also have a few considerations to consider that you should look for before purchasing a pair. Let’s get started.

Best Ice Climbing Gloves
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Top 6 of the Best Ice Climbing Gloves

You rely on your hands to finish a climb in a freezing environment, such as ice climbing.

The rigidity could hinder your total climbing abilities, resulting in harmful consequences when they’re not well-protected and freeze in the cold.

1. CAMP Geko Ice Pro Gloves

Owing to their revolutionary No-Slip design, which ties insulation layers and palm leather together so you can feel and grasp your ice equipment accurately and firmly, Geko Ice gloves from CAMP USA blend warmth with dexterity.

Even while a waterproof layer keeps moisture out, it also allows the hands to air when they’re sweaty.

Geko Ice gloves include articulated fingertips and gusseted knuckles to increase physical activity. Also, elastic wrist leashes are incorporated to hold the gloves in position without obstructing circulation.

2. Black Diamond Punisher Cold Weather Gloves

The Punisher Gloves from Black Diamond help keep the hands warm and dry when ice climbing in wet and cold weather.

With such a fleece lining, you could stay warm in all weather, and with a watertight inner liner, you won’t be worried about soaking your hands.

You pre-curve your fingers on the Black Diamond Punisher Gloves, which makes it easier to grab ice tools, and goat leather from the palm to the fingertips provides a secure handle on all the gear.

When you accidentally smash the hands around, knuckle cushioning gives extra protection.

3. Arc’teryx Alpha SL Glove

These Arc’teryx gloves have outstanding dexterity and make handling ice tools and rope a breeze. They’re form-fitting to give you the best performance.

The leather on the fingers and palms provides traction, allowing you to grip the handle tightly. Pulleys also adjust the fitting for a proper grip.

Water-resistant and windproof fabrics keep your fingertips dry and warm in the Arc’teryx Alpha SL gloves. You’ll feel very soft on the skin, with an extra insulation layer to warm you up.

Thin gloves provide the dexterity required for high-level efficiency, but they aren’t most insulating; therefore, you should look for something else if you get cold quickly.

4. Men’s Stormtracker Sensor Gloves

The Outdoor Research Stormtracker Sensor gloves are suitable for various circumstances, but you may also utilize them in various winter adventures.

The Gore-Tex fabric keeps water and wind out and drains moisture away. The gloves are particularly warm and comfy, thanks to their plush internal lining.

The pre-shaped fingers of Storm Trackers make it easier to grip ice screws and ice axes, and the goat leather palm lets you have a firm grip on this equipment.

Furthermore, the gloves are touchscreen-enabled, which comes in handy if you require to use a GPS and phone while ice climbing.

5. Rab M14 Softshell Gloves for Ice and Mixed Climbing

Despite their lightweight construction, these Rab gloves provide enough heat for dry tooling and mixed climbing before the ice arrives.

The gloves are water and wind-resistant, so they’ll keep you warm in the spring and fall, but they’re not entirely waterproof or windproof, so they’re not ideal for ice climbing in winter.

The Rab M14 gloves are minimally insulated and give plenty of dexterity and comfort thanks to their fleece inside.

The leather on the palms is highly gripping and strengthened for long-term endurance. When wielding an ice ax, the cushioning on the pinkie finger also protects the little finger.

6. Arc’teryx Fission SV Glove

The Arc’teryx Fission SV glove is an excellent ice climbing glove because of its multiple characteristics. The glove is made of robust softshell fabric that is abrasion-resistant and highly elastic to handle the ice climbing rigors.

The gloves are also ergonomically built for optimum dexterity when handling ice tools.

The Fission SV gloves have a wide gauntlet cuff that slips over the jacket’s sleeves to block ice and snow and a water-resistant Gore-Tex lining.

The internal lining is incredibly breathable, so the gloves may dry out quickly if you’re climbing ice or on a trip for over a day.

Things to Consider When Buying Ice Climbing Gloves

Ice climbing gloves of good quality can keep the hands warm while preventing other possible injuries. They provide you with a firm grip on the slick ice and the skill required to operate ice climbing equipment.

Check out the remainder of the article if you want to learn everything there is to know about ice climbing gloves.

The gloves are not all made equal. However, there are several qualities and attributes to look for in a pair of shoes. Here are a few examples.

Movement and Comfort

Your degree of comfort can have a significant impact on your outdoor life. The type of cloth used and the fit of your gloves impact the type of trek or adventure.

The easier your journey will be since you will not have trouble holding the equipment or navigating around the snow and rocks if your gloves are flexible and comfortable. Many adjustable gloves on the market would be ideal for you. 


When it’s chilly outside, you might think you’d want to wear gloves as comfortably as possible. Nevertheless, to be both warm and dexter, you must strike a balance between the two.

The coating that is too thick may make it very hard for you to touch the ice tools, which may cause you to stumble with them, something you don’t want to worry about on a pitch.

When deciding on the correct quantity of insulation, consider how chilly the hands feel and what types of situations you generally ice climb in.


Among the most crucial features of a pair of mountaineering gloves is the ability to keep your hold on your tool while climbing. When the gloves aren’t nimble enough, you risk being harmed.

As a result, that is the first factor to consider while purchasing. In some circumstances, such as snow sports and skiing, the grip may be somewhat important based on the activity.


Among the essential features of gloves is the capacity to give warmth. When working in such extreme temperatures, the hands will inevitably become cold, and they are among the first areas of the body to succumb to hypothermia.

Also, you don’t want them to be hot, as this may cause the hands to sweat excessively. It’s all about finding a healthy balance here.

Resistance To Weather

Most ice climbing gloves are weather-resistant; however, not all of them are windproof and waterproof.

Because it will most likely subject you to adverse weather conditions while ice climbing, windproof and waterproof gloves are recommended, this will be less of a problem if you ascend on ice in more mild conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Climbing Gloves (FAQs)

Is it possible to ice climb while wearing mittens?

We do not recommend ice climbing while wearing mittens because they are incredibly light and will not adequately protect you from the cold, and you might start screaming barflies.

Mountain climbers wear what kind of gloves? 

Here are the popular gloves worn by mountain climbers.

  • StormTrooper Gordini GoreTex
  • Alpine Mountain Hardwear Route Setter
  • Switchback GTX REI Co-op
  • Alti Outdoor Research

What is the proper fit for ice climbing gloves?

When you flex your fingers outward, make sure the glove web allows them to move freely.

Furthermore, there shouldn’t be too much gap between the back of the palm and the glove. You can have cold fingers when the cloth is too snug, and the fitting is too tight.

Do you require scrambling gloves?

Gloves aren’t the ideal option for strewn clothing. Heavy fleece gloves are perfect for sensitivity, though even those with gripping materials can deteriorate rapidly and cost a great deal of money.

What are the best climbing gloves?

The following is a list of the best ice climbing gloves.

  • CAMP USA Geko Ice
  • Rab M14
  • Black Diamond Punisher
  • Outdoor Research Bitterblaze
  • Outdoor Research Alibi II
  • Outdoor Research Stormtracker Sensor
  • Arc’teryx Alpha SL
  • Arc’teryx Fission SV
  • The North Face Summit

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