The standard tent stakes in the market are typically not the best quality or suitable for any weather conditions.

They may break and bend only after a couple of uses.

This is why you should make a worthwhile investment in a set of the best tent stakes out there.  

In this guide, we have put together the best tent stakes that will last you a long time, can be used for various campsites, are suitable for different conditions, etc.

These stakes were tested for their holding power, strength, and durability through real-world use.

Hence, you will easily be able to find the best tent stakes for your specific camping needs.

We will also give you tips on choosing the best tent stakes and how you can figure out the correct type of tent stake for you.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Tent Stakes - Everything You Should Know
Best Tent Stakes – Everything You Should Know | Free to use this image with proper credit

Top Pick: The MSR Groundhog Tent Stakes

These tent stakes are the best option for those looking for tent stakes that can do anything.

These are high-quality, durable, lightweight, and versatile.

For this reason, they are the best overall pick for tent stakes.

The MSR tent stakes stand at a weight of 0.46 oz. per stake, which is why it is perfect for backpackers who want to pack light.

For a stake of that weight, it holds enormous strength and holding power.

It has a holding power of over 50lbs of force, which is excellent since only the stakes heavier than the MSR Groundhog can match this power. 

Their strength is unmatchable since they can be used with tents, tarps, and even hammocks on any terrain, whether it is rocky, sandy, or snowy.

Chances are that these stakes will not bend or break regardless of such types and sizes of tents and varying conditions.

They may be slightly more expensive than standard tent stakes, but they are worth every penny.

These tent stakes are mainly for those looking for durable stakes that can last them a long time on different kinds of terrain and can be used pretty much anywhere.

Additionally, it is excellent for people looking for stakes that have a good balance between strength and weight.

Best for Car Camping: Coleman 10-inch Steel Tent Stake

Don’t look any further than these tent stakes if you are looking for tent stakes for car camping.

These stakes are unmatchable in terms of their holding power.

They have a power of over 90lbs of force.

This benefit with the added affordable cost makes these stakes an absolute steal.

Not to mention, they are highly durable.

You can hammer them in with just about anything, and they will probably not break or bend.

Their incredible power, strength, and durability make them the best choice for those looking for an ultra-strong and long-lasting stake.

However, the only area where they may fall short is their weight.

These stakes are pretty heavy, especially if you carry a few.

But this is why you should opt for these for car camping since you will only need to carry these over a short distance from your car to your campground.

Additionally, the plastic top of these steel stakes is not as durable as the rest of the stake is.

It may come wholly or off break if hammered aggressively at the wrong angle.

That aside, Coleman is an excellent tent stake to get if you are looking for something robust for your car camping endeavors.

It is strong, durable, and will likely last you for a long time. 

Best Snow Tent Stake: Ogrmar Aluminum Tent Stakes for Camping in Snow

When camping in the snow, you need a tent stake that is hard and durable.

Most tent stakes for snow are designed to be that way, but the Ogrmar Aluminum tent stake goes one step further through its unique design.

They have more length than the standard tent stake.

This helps the stake sink more easily into snow or sand and create more leverage, adding to its holding power.

Moreover, the holes in the middle of the stakes make them ideal for snow since they can create more friction.

Another benefit of these stakes is that they weigh only 1.8oz, making them easy to travel with if you plan to hike with backpacks.

However, these stakes may not be suitable for frozen ground due to their height.

They should also not be used on hard and rocky grounds because driving them in will be difficult and might even break them.

The Ogrmar aluminum tent stakes are easy to travel with and perfect for those who frequently camp in loose snow and sand.

They are also quite affordable, sturdy, and lightweight, making them an option worth considering. 

Best Ultralight Tent Stake: MSR Carbon-Core Tent Stake

These tent stakes are the lightest tent stakes you can find on the market.

But don’t let their weight fool you.

These stakes are one of the most durable and robust stakes out there that will likely not bend, break, or show any kind of wear and tear.

However, you pay for what you get, so the price is steep.

Another point is that their shape makes these stakes slightly tricky to use.

The cordage may keep slipping off if you don’t keep the stakes at a perpendicular pull angle.

Hence, your tent would then likely collapse.

There also won’t be anything there to catch the tent lines.

You should consider these if you don’t mind driving the stakes in at an angle, being careful of their placement, and paying a higher price.

They are perfect for backpackers who need to hike for hours to their campsite. 

Best Galvanized Steel Tent Stakes

If you are searching for reliable, sturdy, and durable tent stakes that can be used on different grounds, you should consider galvanized steel tent stakes.

We particularly recommend the Eurmax Galvanized Steel Tent Stakes.

They are easy to use and will likely hold in loose sand when all other stakes fail you.

This is mainly due to their robust build and long height.

Even if you drive the stakes in with a hammer, these stakes will likely not bend or break.

But you should still be careful when hammering them into the ground.

However, we don’t recommend galvanized steel tent stakes for backpacking.

They are too heavy for such uses because they weigh around 3oz per stake. Instead, you should use them for car camping. 

Additionally, you should also practice extra caution with these stakes.

While they are sturdy, they are made of steel, after all.

So if you use these on rocky ground, be careful when driving them in.

Overall, these are reliable and heavy-duty tent stakes that are stronger than most that are perfect for car camping.

MSR Blizzard Tent Stake

If you need a reliable snow tent stake that can get you through the harshest weather, consider getting this MSR tent stake.

It is heavy, sturdy, and perfect for snow and lose sand.

It also holds the incredible power of withstanding winds and blizzards.

However, this stake does cost more than standard tent stakes used in snow.

The MSR tent stake is also a bit heavier than most.

You should only use these stakes for loose snow and sand since the stakes may bend very easily on other surfaces, especially hard, frozen, and rocky ones.

These stakes are a fantastic choice for campers looking for a reliable and heavy-duty stake because this one is entirely trustworthy.

You will get your money’s worth out of it if you invest in these stakes.

MSR Tent Stake Hammer

You might find that driving tent stakes in and removing them by hand is not an easy task.

While you can drive them in with a stone, removing them is not as easy.

You should certainly consider investing in a high-quality hammer for your tent stakes.

These can help with both tasks of inserting and removing stakes.

The MSR Tent Stake Hammer will eliminate all of your struggles.

It is incredibly versatile thanks to its design encompassing a loop, claw, and face.

Hence, it can help you to insert and remove stakes easily.

Not to mention, this hammer is also easy to carry since it weighs only 11lbs. 

Hikemax 7075 Aluminum Tent Stakes

The Hikemax aluminum tent stakes are definitely worth considering for standard camping use.

They are ultra-light, which makes them easy to carry in backpacks.

Moreover, their perfect height and striking red color will never get lost in the grass.

The length also adds to their holding power since they can be inserted deeper into the ground to secure your tent.

This is a tremendous advantage for tent stakes that weigh only 0.53oz per stake. 

Overall, these aluminum tent stakes are easy on the backpack, have incredible strength, holding power, and durability at an affordable price, and are lightweight.

This makes them perfect for those with less experience in camping. 

MSR Groundhog Mini Tent Stakes

As mentioned earlier, the MSR Groundhog is considered the best tent stake overall on our list.

This is why the MSR groundhog mini is also worth mentioning for anyone who wants to benefit from the strength and durability of the MSR Groundhog but doesn’t want to pay as much and would prefer something smaller.

However, it should be noted that when it comes down to it, the MSR Groundhog is preferred over the MSR Groundhog mini.

This is mainly because the difference in weight is relatively minimal.

Moreover, it does not have the same holding power as its superior version. It is the least sturdy stake on our list.

While the MSR Groundhog Mini is by no means a poor stake, there are simply better and stronger stakes out there than this one.

However, consider getting these stakes if you want something affordable, slightly lighter, and durable.

Vargo Titanium Tent Stake

These tent stakes are one of the most easy-to-use and lightweight tent stakes out there.

You can easily keep them in your backpack and hike for hours without letting their weight wear you down.

However, these are, unfortunately, the weakest stakes on our list since they have a holding power of only 27lbs.

These stakes will not be helpful under harsh and windy weather, rocky grounds, and loose sand or snow.

Moreover, you must be careful when using these stakes because they can easily bend.

If you hammer them in harshly, they might bend.

Putting them back in shape will also be slightly tricky, so you will likely be unable to restore them to how they used to be.

The Vargo Tent Stakes are an excellent option for hard soils where the weather is not too harsh.

This is mainly due to their thin, needle-like structure.

Their fluorescent color at the top makes them easy to spot if they sink into the ground.

They are a great choice if you are looking for a light, easy-to-use, tiny tent stake in hard soils and good weather. 

How to Choose the Best Tent Stakes for Your Needs

When choosing the best tent stakes, there is no one-size-fits-all.

You have to consider multiple factors to determine the best tent stake according to your needs.

What works for someone who camps on grassy soil might not work for those looking to camp in the snow and harsh weather.

Hence, you should consider the type of tent stake you should look for, the factors to consider, and more to pick the best tent stake.

We breakdown all of these into the following:

Types of Tent Stakes

Tent stakes come in various shapes and sizes designed for specific occasions, grounds, and weather.

To determine which stake is suitable for you, we break down all tent types.

1. Shepherd’s Hook 

These are the classic and standard tent stakes you will find. In some cases, they also come with the tent you buy since they are cheaper to make.

Based on these stakes’ construction, design, and diameter, they can be pretty durable.

However, the most common ones are not as durable.

2. Y-Stakes

As the name suggests, these stakes feature a ‘Y’ shape at the top.

They are one of the strongest, most durable, and sturdiest stakes.

They are ideal for rocky and hard ground since they don’t bend or break under much pressure.

They also have an excellent grip on the soil. 

Additionally, you can easily drive them in and carry them in your backpacks thanks to their lightweight.

However, the Y-stakes usually are pricier than most stakes as well. 

3. J-Stakes (aka V-Stakes)

These are quite similar to the Y-Stakes.

However, they are not as strong as the Y-stakes.

They are also more affordable and still considered quite strong and durable.

They are ideal for hard surfaces and grounds with rocks because they have excellent gripping ability.

Additionally, these are exceptionally lightweight as well.

4. Nail Pegs

As the name suggests, these stakes are shaped like huge nails.

They are durable and sturdy since they are made of titanium or steel.

This is also why they are perfect for rocky terrain and hard soil. In many ways, nail pegs are simply large nails that you insert into the soil.

The nail pegs also have a plastic top that easily helps you attach guy lines to them.

These also help to insert and pull them out easily.

Overall, if you are looking for lightweight tent stakes for a small tent, you should consider getting nail pegs.

5. Snow/Sand Stakes 

These stakes have a unique U-shape design with multiple holes in the middle.

This design helps with loose sand and snow, which these stakes are perfect for since the holes are filled with snow and sand.

This helps the stakes anchor down and stay put within the ground. 

Moreover, these stakes have a larger surface area that helps grip sand and snow.

Another feature that allows for gripping is their long length. 

The snow and sand stakes are excellent for such soils but will not be helpful in other conditions.

However, it should also be noted that these stakes are made of aluminum, which is why they are not the most ideal for traveling since they are pretty heavy. 

6. Other 

Besides the types mentioned earlier of stakes, there are many others.

Most others are quite specialized and designed for specific purposes.

For example, one such is the screw stakes that are shaped like corkscrews.

They are great only for loose sand, such as beaches and deserts.

In some cases, they can also work in snowy conditions.

Tent Stakes Material 

Material is another factor to consider when choosing the best tent stake for you.

This is because different materials are ideal for different types of terrain.

Tent stakes come in the following material types.

1. Aluminum

These are one of the lightest materials for tent stakes, which is why they are also ideal for backpacking.

Moreover, they are also typically inexpensive compared to other materials.

Aluminum stakes are susceptible to bending but are pretty strong when used correctly.

2. Steel

Some of the most robust and durable tent stakes come in this material, typically the heavy-duty ones.

They are heavier than other materials, so they are ideal for car camping, so you don’t have to carry them around.

3. Titanium and Carbon Fiber 

These are the most recently added materials in tent stakes.

They work excellently since they are lightweight and sturdy.

However, you will have to pay a premium price for titanium and carbon fiber stakes.

Tent Stakes Weight 

If you are a backpacker, you might be looking for the best tent stakes that are not too heavy since you want to pack as light as possible.

However, having extremely light tent stakes does not provide you with that many advantages since they will likely not be as sturdy and strong.

It is not worth having light tent stakes if it means that they will bend the second they touch rock or stones.

Hence, we recommend you forsake weight if it means you get a significant performing tent stake.

In the end, an extremely lightweight tent stake will only allow you to lose less than one ounce of weight in your backpack. 

Tent Stakes Holding Strength

Perhaps the most crucial factor you should consider when shopping for tent stakes is their holding strength.

The amount of force it can withstand and its durability will help you decide whether a tent stake would be valuable to you or not. 

Therefore, you should ensure that whatever type of tent stake you get, it can withstand the weather conditions of the area you plan to camp at.

It should be strong enough for all types of weather.

The holding strength of a tent stake will vary depending on the size of your tent, so you must keep that under consideration. 

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