Mountain climbing can be dangerous if you do not have anyone communicating with you.

Some areas of the mountains do not have signals from the local mobile networks.

It is hard to communicate with your partners when if you are lost.

You can solve this problem by getting the best two-way radios for the mountains.

This guide will help you select the two-way radio according to your needs.

Best Two-Way Radios for the Mountains
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What Is a Two-way Radio?

When someone says two-way radio, he is not talking about the police scanners.

There are different types of radios.

We want to talk about the ones with antennas that you can use to communicate with your friends from a distant place.

You can get them in different shapes and sizes.

Walkie-Talkie is a type of two-way radio.

The most crucial aspect of this type of two-way radio is portability.

You can carry the walkie-talkie anywhere you want.

It is not valid for all two-way radio devices.

Some can have a large size and long extensions.

We do not want these types of two-way radios for our mountain journey.

You will get details of the best two-way radios for the mountains in the form of portable devices.

Walkie-talkies and two-way radios are the same ease of explanation in this article.

Two-way Radio Reviews

We have compared a list of two-way radios that are easily available online.

We checked hundreds of options and shortlisted them based on price, range, durability, and features.

We aim to give you some two-way radio options that have most of the advanced features in your budget.

You will also learn about the different features of the two-way radio from this review.

1. Dewalt FRS

Best for: It is the most durable walkie-talkie device on the market.


  • Durability is the most crucial feature of this device.
  • It can resist water, pressure, and weather damage.
  • You can use it with ease due to its simple design.
  • It has rechargeable batteries.


  • You cannot receive GMRS signals from this device.
  • It does not have many advanced features.

Dewalt FRS is an excellent device for people using their mobile devices carelessly.

Suppose your mobile device has a broken screen or falls in the water often.

Dewalt FRS will serve you better. It can resist water damage and pressure damage.

You can get it at an economical price and enjoy the durability of a high-end walkie-talkie.

The walkie-talkie you get from the local stores cannot match the durability of this device.

2. Backcountry Access BC Link 2.0

Best for: Climbers going on mountains in bad weather conditions.


  • It has a wide range.
  • The battery lasts for a long time.
  • Beginners can use it easily.
  • High durability
  • You can recharge the batteries.


  • Expensive than most other options
  • It is heavy.
  • It does not have as many features.

You can choose Backcountry Access BC Link 2.0 when you do not have budget issues.

You may have to spend more money but get the best quality product.

It can work for more than forty hours.

It also has high water and pressure resistance due to its rugged design.

You can use this two-way radio with gloves also.

You may have to buy a larger backpack to keep it because of its larger size.

You cannot get weather broadcast access on this walkie-talkie.

It is one of the worst issues of this device.

3. Motorola T600

Best for: Climbers who have to contact others in emergencies.


  • You can communicate using the hands-free option.
  • It resists water and pressure damage.
  • You can get weather alerts.
  • This device is compatible with many power sources.
  • It has a flashlight.


  • The clip on the device is not durable enough to hold in harsh conditions.
  • The price is higher than other devices with similar features.

Motorolla is a popular company because they make mobile devices also.

This walkie-talkie model is excellent because of its ease of use and high water resistance.

It will resist water damage in the case of full submersion.

The range is enough for climbers to communicate from a long distance.

You can use rechargeable or lithium-ion batteries to power the device.

It will help you keep it working for a long time.

4. BaoFeng BF-F8HP

Best for: Climbers who want to communicate with their partners from a distant place as it has a long range.


  • BaoFeng BF-F8HP has many advanced functions.
  • You can use it for a long time due to its excellent battery.
  • It helps you communicate from long distances due to long-range antennae.


  • You need a license to use this device.
  • It is not beginner-friendly due to its many advanced functions.
  • Does not resist water and pressure damage.

It is hard to find a portable device with a long range.

Most long-range devices are massive and expensive.

Some experts suggest it is one of the longest-range devices available commercially.

Other devices are military-grade.

You can receive a wide range of frequencies in this device.

It can even receive FM radio frequencies.

There is a disadvantage to getting a walkie-talkie with a wide frequency range.

You need a license from the FCC to operate it.

You have to protect this device from water and pressure as you cannot rely on its durability and water resistance.

5. Midland T10

Best for: It is the best two-way radio for the mountains at a low price.


  • It is easy to use due to its simple design.
  • It is a high-quality device at a low price.


  • You cannot recharge its batteries.
  • It does not have long-range like other devices in this list.
  • There are no advanced functions.

You can select the Midland T10 if you do not want long-range.

Low price is the most crucial advantage of this device.

You can use it at a short distance.

It will help you communicate with your partner during belaying.

You do not need to empty your bank account to get a communicating device for the mountains when selecting Midlato T10.

You can add AAA batteries to this device to power it.

6. Rocky Talkie

Best for: It is perfect for people going on ski tours due to its strong clip.


  • You can get it at an affordable price.
  • It has high durability and water resistance.
  • It can resist cold weather.
  • It does not have a bulky size.
  • You can communicate from a long distance with this device.
  • You get rechargeable batteries with it.


  • It does not give you weather updates due to limited signal-receiving ability.

It is one of the best two-way radios for the mountains at a low price.

It has all the features similar to the BC radio device.

BC radio device has a price double that of the Rocky Talkie.

BC device only performs better than this device when you compare the battery time.

You can communicate with your partners from a distance of twenty-five miles.

It does not have access to the weather broadcasts.

This feature is also unavailable in BC devices.

What Makes a Good Two-way Radio?

You must get a radio device with high durability as the device should work in emergencies.

Most of us do not know which features to look for in a two-way radio device.

We have arranged a list of features to help you with two-way radio device selection.

Ease of Use and Design

Ease of usage is crucial for beginners and climbers in harsh weather conditions.

If it is complicated to use the device, beginners cannot use them without the help of an expert.

It is also unsuitable for the experts to take off their gloves to use the device.

It can give frostbites in extreme weather conditions.

Range and Antenna

Radio devices should send a strong signal.

They should also work when there are low signals to receive the message.

If the two-way radio device can send strong signals and decode the weak signals, you can communicate with your partners in the mountains from a long distance.

You can check the signal broadcast strength in the form of watts.

A high watt value means stronger signal output.

Power Source and Battery Life

A rechargeable battery is essential for two-way radio devices because they last longer.

You can charge the battery and use the device for many hours.

Some companies are offering dual power source devices.

These devices allow you to use the additional batteries from the market to power your walkie-talkie.

It is better to get a dual power source device.

FRS or GMRS Band, UHF or VHF

You can check the radio device for the type of radio signals it supports.

FRS is also known as the Family Radio Signals.

It is better for short-range devices.

If you want to communicate from a long distance, it is better to get GMRS compatible device.

You can communicate from a distance of miles with the general mobile radio signals-supported device.

VHF is also an advanced type of radio signal.

You can increase the communication range of radio devices with VHF signal support.

Weather Alerts and SOS Functionality

You can get a radio device with weather alerts to prevent getting stuck in harsh weather conditions.

National emergency broadcasters may give a message or signal on the weather alert frequency to inform climbers about the dangers.

If you receive this message on time, you can also use the SOS functionality of your two-way radio device to get help.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Radio devices can resist different types of damage.

You can find a radio device that can resist the damage from water, as a drop of water on the circuits can burn them.

Resistance to physical pressure is also a crucial feature.

It will help you run the device for a long time.

People going to the top of the mountains covered with snowcaps can benefit from the devices that resist cold weather.


You can save yourself in an emergency by using the Motorolla T600 device.

Rockie Talkie gives most features on a low budget.

Midland T10 device is also a cheaper option with all walkie-talkie functions.

BC Link 2.0 is the best device due to its functionality and quality.

FAQ about Best Two-way Radios for the Mountains

We have arranged a list of common questions to help you find the best two-way radios for the mountains.

Do walkie-talkies and two-way radios work in the mountains?

The two-way radio range depends on the antennae type and the power of the signal production in watts.

You will get a longer range when you are on a flat surface.

The range can decrease in the mountain area.

You can find the mountain area range value in the manuals.

What’s the difference between a two-way radio and a walkie-talkie?

Walkie-talkies are a type of two-way radio device.

The most crucial feature of a walkie-talkie is portability.

You can carry them easily in your bag.

It is not true for all two-way radio devices, as some are large.

What radio frequency works best in the mountains?

You can use two-way radio devices with the VHF frequency range if you want long-range communication.

These radio signals do not scatter due to buildings or mountains in the way.

Who makes the best two-way radios?

Motorolla has been producing the best two-way radios because they were the market leader in mobile phone manufacturing in the past.

They hold first place in making long-range two-way radios.

Long range, signal strength, high durability, and low prices make the best two-way radios.

All these features are common in most Motorolla two-way radio devices.

What two-way radio has the longest range?

BaoFeng BF-F8HP is the two-way radio with the longest range.

The signals are strong enough to travel to other countries also.

There are government regulations to manage these devices.

You need to get a HAM radio license to operate this device in the mountains.

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