Brette Harrington is a professional rock climber and alpinist who lives in Lake Tahoe, California, and British Columbia, Canada.

Together with her partner and ofter rock climbing companion, Marc-André Leclerc, she starred in the 2021 film The Alpinist.

Brette Harrington’s Net Worth: $1-5 million

Brette Harrington’s net worth stands at approximately $1-5 million dollars. 

Brette Harrington Net Worth
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Most Important Facts about Brette Harrington

Celebrated Name:Brette Harrington
Real Name/Full Name:Brette Harrington
Birth Date:1992
Birth Place:Lake Tahoe, California
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Parents Name:N/A
School:Holderness School
College/University:University of British Columbia
Marital Status:N/A
Husband/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Boyfriend (Name):N/A
Zodiac Sign:N/A
Documentaries:The Alpinist, Reel Rock 11
IMDB:Brette Harrington
Facebook:Brette Harrington
Official Website:N/A
Profession:Rock climber
Net Worth in 2024:$1-5 million
Last Updated:2024
Brette Harrington Net Worth
Brette Harrington Net Worth, Career, Biography, Personal Life

Is Brette Harrington Millionaire?

Brette Harrington is a millionaire because she has a net worth of one million to five million dollars.

We can call a person millionaire if he has assets of more than a million dollars.

Brette Harrington net worth is more than a million dollars because of his assets and career achievements.

How Does Brette Harrington Make Money?

Brette Harrington makes her money through sponsorships and brand deals.

She has more than 144K followers on Instagram.

The number of followers is enough for a brand advertisement.

Merchandise selling is one of the ways for her to make money.


Brette Harrington does not have a famous youtube channel as she only has a few thousand subscribers on YouTube.

There are also not enough videos to make continuous income from Youtube.


There are no brands owed by Brette Harrington.

She works with different brands owned by world-famous companies.

Brette is famous for making new routes and first ascents.

Companies like to give money grants and free products to Brette for brand advertisement.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

La Sportiva gives free products to Brette Harrington.

They also give her money grants for advertising their products.

DMM wales is another company sponsoring Brette.

How Much Money Does Brette Harrington Make from YouTube Channel?

Brette Harrington does not make much money from her Youtube channel as there are not enough videos and followers to sell the products.

She may make a few dollars monthly from Youtube as she only has a few subscribers.

Brette has a link to a video on her Instagram page.

This video has more than seventy thousand views.

How Much Money Does Brette Harrington Make from Merchandise?

Brette Harrington makes routes on the mountains.

She dedicated her life to mountain route-making.

Brette does not have any brands of her own.

She relies on the income from the famous brands as they give her money grants and free-of-cost climbing equipment.

How Much Money Does Brette Harrington Make from Sponsorship?

La Sportiva is a famous brand for climbing equipment.

Brette does not have to care about the cost of the climbing devices as La Sportiva and some other companies give her these products free of cost.

La Sportiva and DMM wales also sponsor her for her climbs.

Brette Harrington’s Early Life and Biography       

Brette Harrington is a famous American and professional rock climber.

She is a highly renowned rock climber who was born in Lake Tahoe, California.

At the same time, Brette spent most of her childhood living in California and Canada. She is one of the main characters in “The Alpinist.”

In this movie, she acts in the company of Marc-Andre Leclerc (her long-life partner).

She is highly renowned for her most significant free solo, Chiaro di Luna (5.11a), in Patagonia, the development of new alpine climbing routes, and the star of “Brette.”

Brette Harrington was brought up in Lake Tahoe by her parents, who are skiers. Her parents are instrumental in her climbing career and skiing.

When she was about two years old, she learned skiing and got involved in her first skiing competition (Slalom Skiing) when she was five years old.

She schooled at Holderness School, a boarding school near the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

During her high school days, she developed a passion for rock climbing while training in slopestyle skiing. She would sooner join the school’s climbing club.

Her climbing events involved moderate outdoor climbing routes in New Hampshire when she began climbing.

The climbing club was not involved in climbing competitions, and members were typically involved in climbing for personal reasons. 

After completing high school, Brette moved to Canada, where she attended the University of British Columbia.

While here, she continued slope-style climbing but sustained severe injuries, breaking her neck simultaneously.

The injury would curtail her involvement in the style, after which her focus shifted to climbing and backcountry ski touring, activities she explored at Squamish. 

Brette Harrington Net Worth
Who is the professional rock climber Brette Harrington?

Brette Harrington’s Climbing Career

  • Brette Harriton began climbing at the age of 15 years. 
  • MA’s Vision, where she attained grade 5.12c in the company of Quentin Roberts.
  • Muir Wall, attaining grade 5.13c – 2015.
  • Coconut Connection, attaining grade 5.12 – 2016.
  • Chiaro de Luna, her first free solo, during which she attained grade 5.11a.
  • Northwest Turret, attaining grade 5.13a and establishing a new route together with Marc-Andre Leclerc and Joshua Lavigne – 2016.
  • Hidden Dragon, attaining a grade 5.12b/c and developed a new route in the company of Marc-Andre Leclerc – 2017.
  • Aurophobia, where she achieved a grade of 5.13+ and developed a new route in the company of Marc-Andre Leclerc – 2017.
  • Life Compass, where she established a new route together with Rose Pearson – 2018. 
  • The Sound of Silence, her first ascension in the company of Luka Lindic and Ines Papert – 2019.
  • Mt. Niblock, northeast face, the first ascent, and establishment of a newer route together with Dylan Cunningham – 2021. 
  • El Corazon, attaining a grade 5.13b in the company of Eliott Bernhagen – 2021. 

List Brette Harrington’s Favorite Climbing Equipment

This is a list of Brette Harrington’s favorite climbing equipment.

Brette Harrington’s Educational Background

The academic life of Brette Harrington is characteristic of a determined adventure.

This must be why she is a renowned professional ski mountaineer, big wall climber, traditional climber, and a calculated soloist.

She began acquiring career-based activities at the young age of 2 and furthered her climbing and skiing expertise when she attended Holderness School and the University of British Columbia.

Afterward, she would focus on fostering her climbing career, becoming a highly established climber. 

Brette Harrington’s Personal Life: Dating, Boyfriend, Husband, and Kids

Apart from Brette’s climbing life, she has maintained her other personal life entirely private.

Brette Harrington had one life partner, Marc-Andre Leclerc, until 2018, when he passed on while on a climbing adventure.

Afterward, her life involves further climbing explorations. It is worth noting that, after the death of her life partner, she devoted the following two years to exploring alpine routes

She has not shared any information regarding her children, if she has, or any present suitors.

She currently lives in Golden, British Columbia, where her main explorations include backcountry skiing and first ascents. 

Brette Harrington uses her social media to share her life, particularly climbing events, with her followers.

On Facebook, she uses the name Brette Harrington and has about 5K followers.

At the same time, fans can find out more about her by visiting her IG page, where she uses the name @bretteharrington. 

Brette Harrington’s Age, Height, and Weight

  • Age: 30 years
  • Height: Unrevealed
  • Weight: Unrevealed

Brette Harrington’s Awards, Achievements, and Nominations

  • She is one of the world’s most excellent alpine climbers.
  • One of the most outstanding sportswomen in the world of climbing.
  • A great free soloist with Chiaro di Luna was a significant milestone in her climbing career, during which she attained a 5.11a. 
  • She is a highly polished traditional climber renowned for using multi-pitch climbing methods and establishing new climbing routes. 

Brette Harrington’s Movies, Documentaries, Books

It is impossible to talk about women climbing movies without mentioning Brette Harrington’s name, having been a character in several notable films and documentaries.

Some of the movies she features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Real Rock Film Tour – 2016
  • Reel Rock Self – 2017
  • Reel Rock 11 Self – 2016
  • The Alpinist Self – 2021 
  • Brette Harrington’s Free Solo Summit in the Fitz Roy Massif, Chinese Puzzle Wall, Hidden Dragon
  • Solva Buttress Climb

Brette notes that books were also instrumental in shaping her climbing career.

She notes that she found herself reading books based on climbing during her studies, such as Tenzing Norgay and Edmond Hillary’s Everest Expedition.

This was instrumental in building her dreams around climbing. 

It is worth noting that her climbing inspiration never came from watching others climb in movies, as she is not a fan of the media, which she finds overly exaggerated.

Instead, after a long while of climbing, she learned much more about climbing media, culture, and other related things. 

Net Worth and Salary of Brette Harrington

Brette Harrington is a climber and also engages in entrepreneurial activities. These two are the only known income sources that earn her a good fortune.

She is a pretty successive climbing personality. Her current net worth is estimated to range between $1-$5 million, the computation for her year 2022 net worth being on course. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Brette Harrington

What Is Brette Harrington Doing Now?

Brette Harrington lives in the Golden area of British Colombia.

She often went to the mountains after her boyfriend died during a climbing expedition.

You can find her skin in the backcountry and the first decent.

She is always looking for hard places to climb.

Brette added 5.13 Onsight to her achievements as she bouldered V8 in France.

Where Is Brette Harrington Now?

Brette Harrington and Christina Lustenberger have been on Baffin Island since May 2022.

Baffin Island is a place in Canada where they are making the first polar moon ski descent.

They are near the northeast coast. It is a 1200-meter descent on the mountain.

Lusenberger said she was happy to have Brette with her during the descent.

Where is Brette Harrington now?

Bette Harrington lives today in Golden, British Columbia, and takes her skiing to the backcountry and her first descents.

Brette upgraded her rock climbing with a 5.13b onsight, and she has also bouldered V8 and onsighted a few 13a’s in France.

Are Emily Harrington and Brette related?

No, the climber Brette Harrington is not related to the climber Emily Harrington.

Was Marc-André Leclerc found?

Marc-André Leclerc’s body was found but not recovered.

During the rescue mission to find his body and that of his climbing partner Ryan Johnson, they spotted the rope under the snow, but it was too dangerous to recover their bodies.

How old is Brette Harrington?

Brette Harrington is 30 years old in 2022. She was born in 1992.

Brette Harrington Accident

Brette Harrington’s accident is related to the death of her boyfriend at that time Marc-André Leclerc.

Marc-Andre died in an accident on March 5, 2018. The accident was caused by an avalanche, cornice, or falling rocks.

There was another accident with Brette Harrington at the age of 20 when she broke her neck slopestyle skiing.

As a result, Brette focused more on climbing around Squamish, British Columbia, and backcountry ski touring.

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