The question most beginner climbers ask is, can you rock climb alone? Yes, it’s possible, and there are several available options, as you will see later in this article, how to rock climb alone.

One thing you should know, though, is that rock climbing alone is not recommended because it’s dangerous. Rope soloing and free soloing are some of the ways you can use to rock climb alone, but they are not common. Keep in mind that there is a difference between the free climb and free solo styles.

For you to use the rope soloing style, you need a lot of experience working with rope and knowing all the safety precautions. Free soloing, on the other hand, is quite risky and can lead to death. 

But, how can you rock climb alone without risking or hurting yourself in the process? Keep reading to see other alternative ways.

Women Climbing Alone

Finding a Climbing Partner

Finding a climbing partner is the most challenging part of this sport, especially for introverts. You need someone who compliments you. Someone with the same determination and enthusiasm that you portray. This is hard because, as you all know, everyone is unique.

Still, the same, however challenging it could be, you need a climbing partner. Your partner must turn up on time on the day set for your climbing activity and all your climbing practices, so you can all be on the same page. He or she must also be able to climb the same height or level as you and stand all your shouting and complaints the few hours you’re together.

This sounds somehow tough, but it’s possible, so you should keep looking until you get yourself one. And when you find one, a person that shares the same goal, you will enjoy every bit of your journey because it will be all fun. Keep reading to discover how you can find a climbing partner.

So, How Do You Find a Climbing Partner?

There are several ways you could get a climbing partner. These include:

  • From your local gym, find out if they have a climbing club, then do whatever it takes to join it. It doesn’t stop there; you need to participate in this club actively. Go to a few climbing adventures as a club, and in few weeks, you’ll discover someone.
  • From any social media like Facebook, you can search and join a local climbing group page. Make sure that the page is active and that they have activities like a day out every weekend.
  • Ask your gym instructor if anyone is looking for a climbing partner.
  • A mountaineering group can also be of help, so join it if you know of one.
  • Most universities and colleges allow alumni back in their groups. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to go back to your climbing campus group back in the days.
  • Take advantage of the auto-belays available at your local gym to chat and find other people looking for climbing partners.

If you put all the above tips into consideration, you will indeed find one. Don’t be picky and judging as most people are not always what they look like. If you talk to them, you’ll discover how loving and friendly they can be.

Climbing Alone


If you are entirely an introvert and you can’t seem to trust anyone with your life, go the bouldering way. It is an excellent way of climbing alone and is very common indoors. Bouldering gyms are rapidly growing, all you need to do is locate one near you, and you’ll be good to go.

Gym bouldering is the best option for you, more so if you want to perfect your climbing skills. You can do a lot of climbing there within a short period.

You can pay for the climbing introduction course from your local gym, then get to learn the basic climbing safety measures. You’ll realize that your instructor will let you explore this sporting activity alone once you discover all the safety measures.

Confidence is all you need to get to outdoor bouldering. Once you gain it, take your experience out there to the world. Indulge in other exciting adventures like roped climbing, and while bouldering outdoors, you can get social with others that are like-minded. If you are interested, learn what is flash in climbing and bouldering.

Is it possible to go bouldering alone outside?

It is possible but a risky way of how to rock climb alone. Before taking this route, make sure you take all the necessary precautions because anything can go wrong. Also, know that any mistake on your part and you’re done for.

If you’re entirely sure that you want to go bouldering solo, ensure you have a potter. A potter will help you land safely. It is also necessary that you know the fall zone and the places you cannot land at. This is how scary bouldering alone in the middle of nowhere can be. 

Also, be sure to tell someone close where you’re going bouldering and the time you expect to come back. As you already know, anything can happen, so before you leave, make all the arrangements for how you can find help if you injure yourself in the process.

Deep-Water Soloing

If you’re looking forward to having some fun doing what you love doing, try climbing alone in the deep sea. Deep-water soloing activity is also safe, as long as you know and do what is required of you. Since this activity is fun, deep-water soloing is mainly a holiday sport. 

There are many holiday destinations for deep water soloing, including Mallorca. In Mallorca, for instance, you can climb solo with your chalk bag and your climbing shoes on. And when you fall, try breaking the water surface first using your feet.

Water Climbing

Auto Belays

Auto-belay devices are just one of the several ways of how to rock climb alone, and most gyms have it. Here is the idea; there is a device like a drum on the top of a wall responsible for pulling up your climbing rope, and when you fall, it will lower you down safely to the ground.

You can completely trust this device with your life. This is because its safety is regularly checked as no one wants to carry anything terrible on their shoulders if anything bad happens. Auto belays are convenient and necessary for climbers, especially now with COVID-19, where group activities are still on hold.

All you need is a little training on how to use them. Then, you can practice repeating the same moves severally until you get to a perfect point. It is fun and safe to use, and it will also strengthen your endurance limits.

Rope Soloing

Rope soloing is generally for the die-hard climbers. Those that are brave enough and no matter how challenging the journey has been for them are not just letting it go. When you’re 100% sure that you can’t find a climbing partner, rope soloing comes in handy. Those who work on complex projects or explore new routes continuously also find it useful.

Rope soloing has no established methods. Therefore, we would discourage you from it if you are a new climber until you gain enough experience working with standard rope devices. But, if you think this is the best way to rock climb alone, do thorough research about its concepts before actualizing it.

Many die-hard climbers have been able to rope solo on some of the most complicated routes globally, enduring the pain for an extended period. If you’ve ever watched the Wide Boyz documentary, then you’ve seen Pete Whittaker free soloing El Capitan for a whole twenty hours.

Free Soloing

If you’ve never come across this term, free soloing, or you don’t know its concept, then it’s high time you watch the free solo documentary to see how well Alex Honnold does it. Free soloing simply means that a climber goes up a rock alone without any rope or protective wear.


As simple as it sounds, this climbing style is hazardous. The only things you can have are your chalk bag and shoes. There is absolutely nothing that can stop you from having that dangerous fall, which can, by the way, lead to a permanent disability or, worse, death.

Try as much as possible to avoid free soloing unless you’re completely done with this world. Don’t try to be a hero at the expense of your life. There are still several other ways to enjoy this sporting activity without risking much. Explore them.

So, Can You Rock Climb Alone?

The question should be, can you rock climb alone? Yes, you can, as you’ve seen above. But why should you? You see, some people just find it fun having their own space, especially after a long day at work. And if you’re an introvert, it is understandable as you may not be comfortable enough with a stranger for a climbing partner.

You could be having your own goal that you think others are not sharing. Or maybe you’ve done everything humanly possible to find a climbing partner, but you couldn’t find one. These are just but a few reasons why someone can go rope climbing alone. 

How Weird is it to Climb Alone?

Is it? It is not strange finding someone who prefers climbing alone. The new COVID-19 guidelines make climbing alone more popular, with the local gyms embracing it more.

Is it Possible to Start Climbing Without a Partner?

Yes, it is, as you don’t really need someone to learn how to climb. Go to your local gym to get all the information about how you can start climbing alone. Most of these gyms normally have a climbing club for beginners.

While Traveling Alone, Can You Find Rock Climbing Partners?

Though unlikely, you can. You will need a place to rest after a long day of traveling. Go to a hostel near the climbing site and ask around if there are climbers there. People camping near the same area can also be of help to you.

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