Chris Sharma Net Worth: $5 Million Dollars

According to the latest sources in 2022, Chris Sharma’s net worth is between $1 and $4 million dollars.

Chris Sharma Net Worth and Most Important Facts about Chris’s Life

Celebrated Name:Chris Sharma, Sharma, Chris
Real Name/Full Name:Chris Sharma
Birth Date:April 23, 1981
Birth Place:Santa Cruz, Callifornia, USA
Height:6 feet or 1.83 m
Weight:165 lbs or 75 kgs
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Light Brown
Parents Name:Bob Sharma, Gita Jahn
School:Soquel High School
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Documentaries:The Impossible Climb, Rampage, La Dura Complete
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Jimena Alarcon (m. 2015)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Alana Sharma
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Spouse: Jimena Alarcon (m. 2015)
Official Website:
Profession:Professional Rock Climber
Type of Climber:Lead climbing, Bouldering, Deep-water solo
Top 10 Male Climbers:Yes, he is part of the list best rock climbers in the world
Net Worth in 2024:$5 million
Last Updated:May, 2024
Chris Sharma Net Worth
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Is Chris Sharma Millionaire?

Chris Sharma is a millionaire because he has a net worth of five million dollars.

He got his millionaire status due to his income of more than a hundred thousand dollars a year.

Chris is famous for bouldering, climbing, and solo underwater sports.

He is a famous athlete with more than 594K followers on Instagram.

It is better to know Chris Sharma net worth to learn more about his earnings.

Chris Sharma Net Worth: How Much Money Does Chris Sharma Earn?

Most of Chris Sharma net worth is from sponsorships.

He also makes some money from Youtube as he got more than 54K followers on his Youtube channel.

He makes money by recommending products on his social media pages. He has more than 594K followers on Instagram.

There are thousands of followers on his other social media channels also.


Chris Sharma has 54K subscribers on his Youtube channel.

He makes thousands of dollars from this channel.

He also makes commissions on his videos on the other Youtube channels.

Companies give him sponsorships when they appear on their Youtube channels.


Chris makes money by selling merchandise.

He recommends products to climbers through website advertisements and social media.

You can follow him to find out about the best climbing equipment deals.

He makes thousands of dollars from this income stream also.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

Petzel is the most famous company for climbing powder pouches.

This company is one of the top sponsors of the Chris.

Tenaya and TruBlue also give grants to Chris.

He makes a lot of money by appearing in events and brand deals.

How Much Money Does Chris Sharma Make from YouTube Channel?

Chris Sharma makes thousands of dollars from his Youtube channel by recommending products to visitors and the Youtube partner program.

He has more than 54K followers on Youtube.

How Much Money Does Chris Sharma Make from Merchandise?

Chris makes an average income from the merchandise selling.

He is not selling products actively.

Chris Sharma recommends some products from his sponsors to his social media followers.

It generates sales for the sponsors as he makes a commission from the sales.

How Much Money Does Chris Sharma Make from Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is the source of income for Chris Sharma.

He makes thousands of dollars from sponsorships.

Petzel, Maxim climbing ropes, TruBlue, and Sharma Funds give money grants to Chris Sharma.

Chris Sharma’s Early Life and Biography 

Chris Sharma is a rock climber who is one of the world’s best climbers.

He was born on 23rd April 1981 in Santa Cruz, United States.

He is the son of Gita and Bob Sharma.

The parents were Baba Hari Dass enthusiasts and adopted “Sharma” as the surname shortly after marriage.

Chris began climbing rocks at quite an early age of 12 years.

He attended Mt. Madonna School, after which he’d later join Soquel High School, where he schooled for one year.

Chris is world widely known as a climber who climbs high-grade courses, 5.15(9a+) being some of the several routes he’s climbed.

This has earned him the title of “the best rock climber” globally from time to time. Currently, Chris Sharma is in his 41st year and still thriving in climbing rocks. 

Chris Sharma’s Workout Regimen and Diet

The success in his climbing career is due to engaging in climbing activities, his passion, commitment, and determination.

He has maintained this discipline since he began climbing.

It is, however, interesting to note that Chris didn’t have the discipline of following an outlined training schedule before joining his first gym.

The only way he used to maintain his strength and fitness was by engaging in three to four climbs every other week. 

When he began hitting the gym, training schedules became a discipline.

It is then that he began engaging in aerobics, sit-ups, campusing, calisthenics, and pull-ups.

Just like training schedules, Chris does not follow a specific eating diet.

He, however, eats fish in plenty while he’s a bit cautious with red meat, which he eats once or twice at best.

He also doesn’t eat much turkey and chicken meat. 

General Facts on Chris Sharma

  • Chris Sharma doesn’t originate in India. His parents, yogi Baba Hari Dass enthusiasts, adopted the surname “Sharma” after getting married. 
  • His climbing engagements began at the age of 12, during which he also joined a climbing gym. He proceeded to win a national championship when he was 14 years old. 
  • His favorite book is “One Hundred Years,” while his preferred technological device is his mobile phone. 
  • He specializes in bouldering, lead climbing, and deep-water solo.
  • He has created fame by being one of the most consistent rock climbers on the most challenging routes in the world.
  • He was the first person to conquer a grade 9b climbing route(Jumbo Love in 2008).
  • Chris Sharma believes that all experiences are personal and that everybody has to be themselves at the end of it. He says that climbing is a personal thing and that it centers on breathing during the moment that life has far too many storms to bear. 
  • He notes that when you’re on a hard climb and are pumped (a term used by climbers to express a feeling produced by lactic acid that causes the arm muscles to fail), you must be in the moment, hold and try to shake out. He adds that this correlates with other experiences that people encounter in life. 

Chris Sharma Climbing Career Highlights

  • His climbing career began at 12 years, during which he engaged in a climbing activity at a gym successively. He would progress in winning his first medal the following two years. 
  • The Virgin River is another memorable location where he completed climbing a grade 5.14c, the toughest ranked route in the region. 
  • On 18th July 2001, he also conquered the grade 8c+ (5.14c) route in Ceuse, which is situated in France. He then named the route “Realization. This route was the first grade 9a (5.15a) globally. He then established and completed with a grade of 5.15(9a+) and above.
  • 2008 was another significant milestone when he climbed Jumbo Love at California’s Clark Mountain, where he suggested a grade of 5.15 (9b).
  • He also completed climbing La Dura Dura in the company of the now-termed greatest rock climber, Adam Ondra. 

Chris Sharma’s Education Background

There is limited information on detailed perspectives on his educational activities.

He, however, schooled at Mount Madonna School and then joined Soquel High School, which is located on California’s Old San Jose Road.

The school has also produced several other famous stars, including Bhimsingh, A Allen, Baantjer, and Aubrey Bodine.

Chris Sharma’s Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

Chris Sharma prefers to maintain his personal life quite a secret.

He, however, has a social media presence, where he uses the name Chris Sharma (@SharmaClimbing) on Twitter and Chris Sharma (@Chris_sharma) on Instagram. 

Chris Sharma and his wife, Jimena Alarcon, tied the knot in 2015 and are still enjoying the fruits of marriage to date.

The wife is a Venezuelan IG and television personality who’s the same age as Chris. 

Together with his wife, they have been blessed with two children.

The first child, Alana, was born in 2016, while Julian, the second, was born in 2018.

Their relationship is a good marriage from which many struggling couples would love to borrow a leaf as their bond remains strong. 

It is noted that their relationship is steered by virtues such as having a mutual understanding and trust, while they allow love for each other to command their day.

They are termed the perfect couple and are highly admired by other couples worldwide. 

Besides his family life, he has ventured into other businesses, with investment in gyms being the only revealed investment.

One gym is in the United States, California, which he ventured into back in 2013.

He also expanded his investments in gyms in 2015, this time staking his capital in the European market, where he opened a gym called “Sharma Climbing BCN.”

Furthermore, he has continued his investment in the field by opening another one in Madrid.

It has a wall of about 75 climbing routes with consideration for all levels of climbers, from beginners to professionals.

Chris Sharma’s Age, Height, and Weight

Age: 40 years old

Height: 6 ft. (1.83)

Weight: 75kg (165 lb)

Chris Sharma’s Awards, Achievements, Nominations 


  • UIAA World Cup 1997: Kranj
  • X Games – Bouldering 1999: Gold Medal
  • 18th Annual Phoenix Bouldering Contest- 2001
  • Munich Bouldering World Cup- 2001
  • Ford Gorge Games- 2002
  • Earth Treks Roc Comp 2003, 2004 and 2010
  • ABS Nationals- 2004
  • Mammut Bouldering Championships- 2007, 2008
  • Ilerbloc Open International- 2009
  • Psicobloc, Bilbao, Spain- 2010


  • Redpoint Routes: 5.15 (9b+)
  • On-sight: 5.14b 
  • Bouldering: V15 
  • Deep-water solo routes: 9b(5.15b)
  • Realization/Biographie: 5.15a (9a+)
  • Witness the Fitness: V15 
  • Papichulo: 9a+ (5.15a)
  • Es Pontas
  • Jumbo Love: 5.15b (9b)
  • La Dura Dura: 9b+ (5.15c)

What Brands and Sponsorships have Chris Sharma Involved in?

Since entering into rock climbing sports, Chris Sharma has created himself a name that every other brand would love to be associated with.

He is presently the founding director of PsicoBloc Masters, the first-ever established climbing competition of that kind.

It is also the only such a kind in the United States. 

His other leading engagements involve a leading shoe designing company, Evolve, which has won numerous climbing shoe awards for him.

Furthermore, he has a sponsorship deal for his gymnastic venture with Walltopia. 

He is famously known for having endorsed Polo Ralph Lauren Fragrance, one of his sponsors.

He also backs Ford, which pays him heavily to utilize his pictures.

He has also joined hands with Mango, a company that makes luxury suits.

The deal involved Mango making travel suits that were water-resistant and flexible while Chris ensured to climb and make poses while adorning them. 

There are other brands that he’s endorsed which include but are not limited to Sanuk, Momentum, Tenaya, Petzl, TruBlue, and Red Bull, among others.

One of the things he does as the product representative for the products is to appear in their shoots, adverts, and catalogs. 

Chris Sharma’s Quotes

“One of the things that separate climbing from other sports is how independent and personal it is. With most sports, you either win or lose, but climbing is about your own personal experience.”

Chris Sharma

“Climbing is so fun and such a good experience that I think it’s important not to take it too seriously. It’s not the end of the world- or the entire world either.”

Chirs Sharma

“The best climbers have the will to hold on. They won’t give up and keep trying over and over.”

Chris Sharma

Chris Sharma’s Movies and Documentaries

Chris watches a couple of documentaries that help motivate and challenge him in equal measure.

Some of the notable movies and documentaries he’s watched are Inertia of 2000, Big Game of 2005, and Into the Light of 2013.

Chris Sharma has also played a role in a number of movies, including “The Best of The West” among others.

Here is a list of other movies and documentaries he has watched. 

  • Free Hueco of 1998
  • Rampage of 1998
  • Inertia 2000
  • Pilgrimage of 2003
  • Dosage of (2001, 2004, and 2005)
  • Big Game of 2005
  • King Lines of 2007
  • Progression of 2009
  • Into the Light of 2013

Chris Sharma’s Residence

There is scant information regarding the residence of Chris Sharma.

He is said to have lived in rural Spain near the world-class crags at Oliana recently.

Afterward, he is believed to have shifted his address after launching his gym in 2015.

He is therefore believed to reside in Barcelona ever since. 

The Sharmafund

Chris Sharma is involved in charity activities, which he does through a non-profit organization he established in 1998 called Sharmafund.

The fund’s main aim is to help the children who are not privileged enrich themselves through outdoor activities. 

Stats indicate that when he was doing a climb in the redwood trees, he, together with the Red Bull, could gather a donation of $10,000.

The donation was spent on the conduction of redwood tree research. 

Chris Sharma: Trivia

  • It is noted that Chris Sharma had an injury to his knee. During this time, numerous thoughts ran through his mind regarding the eventuality, one of them being “why he was engaging in the rock climbing endeavor.”
  • His worldview on life entails embracing the challenges that someone faces in the course of their life. It is noteworthy to mention that one of the things he does is mediation. 
  • The fact that he has the discipline of climbing thrice or four times a week indicates that he approaches climbing as a kind of recreational activity or therapy.
  • Chris Sharma has traveled the world to a great extent, with South America, Europe, New Zealand, and Asia being some of the notable continents he’s traversed. 
  • What’s more interesting? Chris Sharma never had a scheduled workout plan until later in his climbing career. 
  • He is the leading founder of the only existing deep water solo competition found in the United States (PsicoBloc Masters). He also has a company that designs climbing shoes at Evolv.
  • His gym, “Sending Climbing Gym,” is sponsored by Walltopia.
  • He has done several endorsements, including but not limited to Red Bull, Momentum, Maxim Climbing Rope, and Petzl, among many others. 
  • His favorite device is his mobile phone, which he uses at his convenience.
  • His wife is also enthralled by rock climbing and often does engage in climbing rocks. 
  • He is religious and is deep into Buddhism.

Chris Sharma’s Social Network

This is a table of Chris Sharma’s social media profiles.

InstagramChris Sharma Instagram @chris_sharma
TwitterChris Sharma Twitter @sharmaclimbing
FacebookChris Sharma Facebook @sharmaclimbing
WikipediaChris Sharma Wikipedia /wiki/Chris_Sharma

Net Worth and Salary of Chris Sharma

Chris Sharma is one of the leading richest rock climbers.

He is also the leading earning professional climber.

Even so, his net worth is not properly estimated as yet.

It is, however, roughly estimated that he is currently worth slightly over $5 Million.

With such net worth, stats indicate that Chris Sharma earns about $100,000 and $300,000 every year.

In addition to the amount he makes from climbing, he also makes an unrevealed amount from each of the three gyms that he owns. 

Sender One Gym, which is in Santa Ana, California, opened in 2013.

It serves to help beginner climbers and those already established in the field.

Other services that people can access at the gym include but are not limited to yoga classes. 

The Second Gym Sharma Opened Was the Sharma Climbing BCN in 2015 in Barcelona

The last gym is the “Sharma Climbing Madrid,” which he opened in 2019.

The gym is believed to be the current largest gym in Madrid.

It has walls that extend to a height of up to 19 meters.

It features numerous routes and blocks.

The gym is equipped properly and consists of an exercise bike, free weights, calisthenics cage, treadmills, rowing machines, and dumbbells, among many others.

Furthermore, the gym offers climbing classes and is open to all ages, among other functionalities. 

As such, it is not easy to estimate his actual net worth since the earnings from the gym are not factored in the last update that placed his value at about $5 million.

Chris Sharma FAQs

Jimena Alarcon and Chris Sharma

Jimena Alarcon is the wife of Chris Sharma. She is also a celebrity mountain climber.

They were married in 2015. She has a son and a daughter with Chris.

She started a TV channel by the name Rose of Guadalupe. She lives a luxury life with Chris Sharma.

Chris Sharma and Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa and Chris Sharma are friends.

They met as a teenager in Hueco tanks. They have been friends for years.

Some claim that they will start a climbing channel soon.

The climb will be a show for the climbing competitions.

It will tell educate people about different climbing competitions.

Is Chris Sharma an Indian Rock Climber?

No, Chris Sharma is not an Indian rock climber. His last name was given to his parents by a monk.

How Old is Chris Sharma’s Daughter?

Chris Sharma’s daughter named Alana is five years old (in 2021).

When Did Chris Sharma Win the First National Championship?

Chris Sharma is an American rock climber who won his first national championship in 2014.

What Kind of Harness Does Chris Sharma Use?

Chris Sharma uses Petzl’s Sama climbing harness.

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