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Most Important Facts about Claire Buhrfeind

Celebrated Name:Claire Buhrfeind
Real Name/Full Name:Claire Buhrfeind
Birth Date:August 3, 1998
Birth Place:Plano, USA
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Blonde
Parents Name:N/A
College/University:University of Washington
Marital Status:N/A
Husband/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Boyfriend (Name):Brendan Mitchell
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Official Website:N/A
Profession:Professional rock climber
Top 10 Female Climbers:Yes, Claire is part of the list
Net Worth in 2024:N/A
Last Updated:2024
Claire Buhrfeind Net Worth
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Claire Buhrfeind’s Early Life and Biography

Young, energetic, and ambitious is how we describe this female climber, Claire Buhrfeind. She has accomplished climbing goals that many other rock climbers dream of at a very young age.

Her love for climbing probably landed her in trouble a couple of times before her parents eventually decided to support her dream.

At three years, she already had a knack for climbing that got her kicked out of a mommy and me gym because she climbed a rope to the ceiling.

Aside from this, she gave her folks a hard time at home by climbing any climbable thing in sight. She made her way up fridges, closets, poles, and any dangling ropes. Dallas isn’t a rocky home, so most of her training was indoors.

Her father finally sighed in relief when a gym opened near their home with climbing facilities. He would drop her off when he went to work, leaving her to explore the area until she was good enough to start competing.

Claire Buhrfeind’s Climbing Career

Thanks to her parents, Claire ascended up the climbing and bouldering ladder quite effortlessly. They used all possible ways to put her in the spotlight and give her a fighting chance amongst other hopeful kids her age.

She attended her first competition when she was ten years old, courtesy of her coach. She tried out the training team with her current coach, as fate would have it. Thanks to her dedication to the game, she got a slot in the group.

Surprisingly, she was among the team members that got a chance to participate in the national championship in 2009.

Her journey with the youth team ended when she was 18 years old. This move paved the way for her to continue playing with the adult group, which she joined at 15 years old.

She’s still a member of this team, which has been monumental in steering her career upward. The USA adult competition team has enabled her to travel to 16 countries to compete in the various sections for the prized medals, of course.

Claire Buhrfeind’s Education

Miss Buhrfeind has had a taste of both formal and informal education. Her first encounter with informal learning was when she would join her mother at the yoga gym.

This activity didn’t go quite as planned now that she outshone everyone in the room.

Claire was determined to excel in rock climbing. So, she increasingly pressured her folks to find a suitable gym for her interests.

She joined summer camps as early as five years, and by the time she completed high school, Claire was a member of the national adults’ team.

In 2016, she joined the University of Washington, where she actively participated in climbing activities among her peers. Claire Buhrfeind wants to pursue Psychology in the future once she exits the rock-climbing world.

Claire Buhrfeind’s Personal Life: Dating, Boyfriend, Husband, Kids

Claire has an active love life and is currently dating Brendan Mitchell. For almost three years now, the two have been together and have even made significant life plans together.

The athlete announced to her followers on social media a joint house she and her boyfriend recently bought. Marriage and family life are not far-fetched ideas for this young athlete.

She hopes to have a family of hers someday. At the moment, she settles for dating before hinging herself to the man of her dreams. Claire lives and works in Dallas and enjoys eating when she is not climbing rocks.

Claire Buhrfeind’s Age, Height, Weight

Clair is an American citizen of Texan descent. She was born in Plano on 3rd August 1998. She spends most of her time in her hometown when she’s not touring the globe.

She is quite a tall girl, towering high at 5’10”. Lucky for her, her long legs help her reach more girth when she’s bouldering.

While we may not know how heavy she is, we are sure that her training routine keeps her fit and lean, which is essential for success in her career.

Claire Buhrfeind’s Awards, Achievements, Nominations

Claire’s success is evident thanks to the recognition she gets.

The one achievement she is most proud of is her ability to hold the top positions in speed climbing and sports climbing simultaneously.

What’s more, Claire has held this position for two consecutive years.

In addition to this, she is the only U.S. citizen to be on the U.S. team playing for both the youth and adult groups.

Her role in these U.S teams encompasses speed sport, and bouldering.

To crown it all, she is the proud receiver of several sponsorship opportunities by a couple of renowned companies globally.

Redbull, Black Diamond, Scarpa, Momentous, and Adidas are some of the global entities that she has partnered with during her career so far.

Her collaboration with Adidas resulted from the successful completion of the Seco Block competition. 

The Adidas team approached her after her coronation and asked her to be their brand ambassador.

Her most outstanding achievement, she says, is encouraging young girls who are interested in becoming boulders and climbers.

Claire Buhrfeind’s Movies, Documentaries, Books

Claire Buhrfeind is a famous climber, and news of her success has garnered her several spots in various events. She was part of the panelists at the No Man’s Land film festival in 2019.

She was speaking to young people who were looking to join the field. She also featured in films produced for the event the same year.

Net Worth and Salary of Claire Buhrfeind

Since she was ten, Claire competed against other climbers for the best prizes. Gold medals, silver ones, and sponsorships result from her hard work and commitment to her craft.

She owes her success to her parents, who did all they could, including lying to gym instructors about her age to enable her to participate in what she loves the most.

There isn’t any information about her net worth since her source of income is under review. However, we know that she is a U.S. Adults Climbing team member and has worked with several companies as a brand ambassador.

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