On Saturday, 22 January 2022, 60 athletes from 14 countries are expected to compete in the fifth round of the UIAA Ice Climbing European Cup season.

Had no weekend plans? The world is gladly welcoming you to the Ice Climbing this Super Weekend. The Ice Climbing European Cup, Oulu, has been updated to European Championship status by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA).

The UIAA was established in 1932 and had 92 participant associations in about 68 nations representing approximately 3 million individuals on six continents. The move is among a series of adjustments to the Ice Climbing Worldwide Tour, which have been made in response to the recent disruption created by the virus pandemic.

In 2022, the first formal UIAA competition will be held in Malbun, Liechtenstein. The most recent competition occurred in the Netherlands five weeks earlier, following Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia contests. This competition will take effect in Oulu from February 21 to 22 and include both youth and senior events.

Fifth Round of the UIAA Ice Climbing European Cup Season
Fifth Round of the UIAA Ice Climbing European Cup Season | Free to use this image with proper credit

In Oulu, Finland, the UIAA European Championships Youth European Championships and the Finnish Championships will be held! The three-day tournament attracts more than 50 contenders from all over the globe. In the groupings of Youth 16 (toprope), Youth 19 (lead), Youth 21 (lead), and Adults, there are categories for both women and men. Spectators are admitted entirely for free to the event.

Women: Malbun will host four among the top 5 women in the current Eu rankings. For the title, Enni Bertling (303 points) of Finland will face Marianne van der Steen (276) of the Netherlands.

Juliette Bergman (190) of France and Olga Kosek (165) of Poland is presently fourth and fifth, respectively, and will try to join them on the podium of that season. 

Sina Goetz, the victor of the First Round in Bern, is among Switzerland’s substantial traveling team, involving Petra Klingler, some other UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup hero. 

With 4 Olympians, Japan is well represented, as are the U.S with three women climbers.

Men: Virgile Devin (312 points) from France will try to extend his top spot over Dennis van Hoek of the Netherlands (247). 

William Morris (218) of the United Kingdom, Romania’s David Bouffard (212), and Switzerland’s Nikolay Primerov (180) are among the 5 top men in the EU Cup season. 

Primero has won silver and gold in his two league appearances. Switzerland, with six Olympians, and the U.S, with about four athletes, bring a lot of depth to the competition.

FINICE2022 provides a variety of fun events at the contest site, additionally to world-class ice climbing! There are hot tents, public restrooms, and plenty of parking spots. On Friday, there’ll be thrilling pace qualifications, Saturday will be lead qualifications, and on Sunday, the most excellent climbers will demonstrate their pace on the ice block, and you’ll see, in lead climbing, who climbs to the top.

This weekend, athletes will indeed be motivated by two main factors. This fifth and final round of the European cup (lead only) could prove crucial in assessing the overall placings for people who have contested all through the season. The occasion also serves as an excellent warm-up for the World Youth Championships and UIAA Ice Climbing World. 

Championships will be held in SaaS-Fee, Switzerland, the following weekend. That is indeed the season’s pinnacle tournament in 2021-22.

Competitors Registration. On Saturday, January 22, roughly 60 sportsmen from 14 nations are expected to compete in the fifth round of the UIAA Ice Climbing European Cup period.

EU Championship 2022

Athletes must purchase an EU Championships Competitor voucher and register with the UIAA to compete in the 2022 Championships. Everyone who competes in speed and lead will receive a “combined” outcome. As per UIAA regulations, youth over the age of 16 can compete in the adult category. Youth compete in qualifications just once and are eligible to participate in both the youth and adults finals.

The following are the age groups for teenagers: U16: born between 2007 and 2009, U19: born between 2004 and 2006, and U22: born between 2001 and 2003. An EU Cup competition for adults is also held.

National Championships in Finland

The Finnish National Finals do not require separate registration. Buy a ticket to the EU Championships if you want to contend in the Finnish National Championships (SM-kilpailut). There tend to be some additional Finnish guidelines.

Climbers Community

While spectators are free to attend, the supper FINICE2022 expertise is created for coaches, friends, family members, and anyone who considers themselves a participant of the climber’s communities by offering you the Climbing Community voucher! You will receive a discounted spectator ticket if you join the Climbing Community. The ticket includes a hot lunch, snacks, and admission to the after-party.

Note that the Ice Climbing Tournament in Vail, Colorado, has indeed been deferred until 2023, according to the UIAA. The event was supposed to occur on February 25th and 26th. However, three World Cup activities remain on the schedule, beginning on January 14-16 in Cheongsong, South Korea, with speed and lead events.

The second event will occur in Tymen from March 4 to sixth, and the World Cup period will conclude with a Russian tournament in Kirov from March 11-13. From January 26-29, the World Championships will be held in Switzerland. Youth and senior speed, lead, and merger competitions will be held in SaaS-Fee, Switzerland. There will be 6 UIAA Ice Climbing EU Cup events throughout the season.

Two North American contests are scheduled to begin in November and February. There are currently no Asian Big matches scheduled. After the Asian Cup climbing occurrence in Tehran, Iran’s capital, was canceled. The event was supposed to take place from February 4-6.

During the Grand Tour season, two UIAA-supported climbing celebrations will take place. The first will be the Ouray Ice Event in the U.S, which will take place from January 21-23, preceded by Festi-Glace in Quebec, Canada, which will take place from February 18-20.

Take away

If you had no plans for the weekend, then you have it all figured out. You should now go and have a great time with friends and family as you expand your sports climbing skills.

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