Some years ago, when I first start climbing outdoor, I lost my climbing helmet, because my instructor didn’t show me how to attach a climbing helmet to a backpack.

And there is no doubt that you must be adequately protected when you are climbing a hill or trekking in challenging and demanding terrains.

There are many things that make up good trekking or hill climbing backpack.

Amongst the many things, you certainly need to carry a helmet.

It protects the climbers from quite a few things.

To begin with, you stay protected from stones, rocks, and other such things that often might crash down as you move up the hill or even when you are resting or climbing down.

How to Attach Climbing Helmet to Backpack
How to Attach Climbing Helmet to Backpack?

You must spend time and effort when choosing the right helmet that is suitable for such trekking and other expeditions.

The helmet must be light and, at the same time, tough, durable, and capable of taking sudden and unexpected hits.

It would be wrong to cut corners on the quality of climbing helmets, and you must make sure that you are buying something of decent quality from reputed and well-known manufacturers.

How to Attach Climbing Helmet to Backpack?

While carrying a backpack is not difficult, it may not be the same as a climbing helmet is concerned.

It is bulky and unwieldy, and carrying it in your hand when climbing a hill or trekking through a rigid surface may be pretty tricky, if not impossible.

Hence, you must try and find out some other ways by which climbing helmets can be easily carried when you are trekking and indulging in other such challenging and strenuous activities.

Further, for long climbing sessions, it is a good option to carry a low-profile climbing helmet.

Over the following few lines, let us try and find some simple, convenient, and safe ways to attach climbing helmet to backpack.

A Fastex Buckle Could Come in Handy

Many people suggest using a fastex buckle.

However, a few things must be kept in mind while making use of the fastex buckle.

First, it must match with the side of the buckle as far as the chinstrap is concerned.

Once you have been able to find it, you will be able to come out with ways and means by which the buckle can be fastened to the helmet as well as the backpack.

The best option would be to thread the two pieces of the buckle. Make sure that they are thoroughly fastened to each end.

You could make use of the webbing strap.

However, make sure that it is long enough to move under the flap pocket of your backpack pocket.

Once done, you should not find the job too challenging.

You have to clip either side of the chinstrap to the helmet.

However, make sure that it is clipped to the ends and then tightened adequately.

When the helmet is taken out and is not attached to the pack, you have no problem.

You can even then have it simply clipped to the retention buckle ends.

The helmet’s straps need to be tightened to the helmet so that it remains firmly in place.

Otherwise, you will have the helmet flopping around when you trek, and you may not even know if the strap breaks loose, and the helmet may also plunge deep into the ravine—losing a helmet while trekking is the last thing that you want.

Looking for a Permanent Solution?

If you are looking for a permanent solution for fixing your climbing helmet to your backpack, that is also possible.

A permanent solution, of course, has several advantages.

The attachment strap will not get lost.

You can do this by sewing the center of the retention strap.

Make sure that it is placed perfectly on the retention strap.

You also could make use of a Velcro fastener. It could be stuck to the strap, or it also can be sewed.

However, you have to ensure that the sewing or stitching is made as close to the helmet as possible.

However, the problem of wobbling and shaking will be a problem.

You also could make use of the helmet chin strap and fasten it around both the backpack shoulder straps.

If the backpack is not too big, you could also try to clip it around the entire backpack.

Final Thoughts on How to Attach Climbing Helmet to Backpack

It does make a lot of sense to attach your climbing helmet to your backpack because you can feel safe that the helmet is right behind you.

Secondly, you also will be spared carrying a bulky helmet as you trek long distances.

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