Magnus Midtbø’s Net Worth: $1.5-3 Million

Magnus Midtbø’s net worth stands at approximately $1.5-3 million dollars. 

Most Important Facts about Magnus Midtbø

Celebrated Name:Magnus Midtbø, Magnus Midtbo
Real Name/Full Name:Magnus Midtbø
Birth Date:18 September 1988
Birth Place:Bergen, Norway
Height:1.74 m (5 feet 9 inches)
Weight:68 kg (150 pounds)
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Blonde
Parents Name:Tor Midtbø (Magnus Midtbø’s father)
Siblings:Hannah Midtbø (Magnus Midtbø’s sister)
Marital Status:N/A
Husband/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Girlfriedn (Name):Marte Fiskaa
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Documentaries:Min idrett
YouTubeMagnus Midtbø
Official Website:N/A
Profession:Norwegian rock climber
Net Worth in 2024:$1.5-3 million
Last Updated:2024
Magnus Midtbø Net Worth
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Is Magnus Midtbø a Millionaire?

Magnus Midtbø is a millionaire because he has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

Millionaires are people who have a net worth of more than one million.

There is no record from an official financial company that proves the exact worth of Magnus Midtbø.

It is an estimate after checking his income and assets.

Magnus Midtbø net worth is high because he is one of the most famous rock climbers.

How Does Magnus Midtbø Make Money?

Magnus Midtbø makes money in different ways.

He owns a Youtube channel to tell people about rock climbing.

Merchandising is also a way for him to earn money.

Some brands pay him to advertise their content.

He has many fans on social media channels.

They take many products on the recommendation of Magnus Midtbø.

It is also a way to earn money for him.


Magnus Midtbø started a Youtube channel in 2011 where he gives instructions and tips about rock climbing.

He has more than one million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Youtube gave his earning data on the website.

He earns more than nine thousand dollars every month from Youtube.


Magnus Midtbø has a brand of climbing products.

Rúngne: Rungne by Magnus Midtbø is the name of the brand.

He sells tees, pants, and chalk bags in the store.

You can also find many other items that can increase your safety during rock climbing.

He earns thousands of dollars from this income stream.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

Some brands make deals with influencers to make the brand image.

Magnus Midtbø is the target for most brands as they want him to recognize their climbing product brand.

Some brands are willing to pay thousands of dollars to him for recommending their products to Magnus Midtbø followers.

He does not accept offers from all brands as he tests the products before making brand deals.

Social Media

Social media platforms are also giving money to people with influence. Magnus Midtbø also recommends products to his social media followers.

It is one of the leading ways he generates income.

Social media is a better tool to increase brand visibility.

How Much Money Does Magnus Midtbø Make from YouTube Channel?

Magnus Midtbø makes nine thousand dollars from Youtube in thirty days.

His income from Youtube fluctuates from three thousand dollars per month to 10 thousand dollars per month.

The channel makes less than a thousand dollars sometimes.

There are some earning estimator websites.

You can paste the channel link on these websites to get the results.

How Much Money Does Magnus Midtbø Make from Merchandise?

Merchandise earnings depend on the number of products a person is handling.

Magnus Midtbø has a famous brand by the name Rungne.

The brand has a net worth of more than fifty thousand dollars.

The brand website receives thousands of visitors every day.

How Much Money Does Magnus Midtbø Make from Sponsorship?

Magnus Midtbø makes thousands of dollars from sponsorships.

SCARPA is one of the brands that got recognition from Magnus Midtbø.

Buyrancon is one of the brands that sponsored his videos.

You can find out about Magnus Midtbø net worth by checking all the brands he is working with at this time.

Magnus Midtbø’s Early Life and Biography

Magnus Midtbø is a Norwegian professional rock-climbing athlete, born on the 18th of September 1988 in Bergen.

Midtbø bears the zodiac sign of Virgo.

He successfully scaled extremely difficult climbs throughout his remarkable profession, including Cosi Fan Tutte, followed by Ali Hulk’s courses.

For years, he had been “Norway’s finest” after capturing a dozen national championships until 2017, when he decided to call it a day on competitive climbing. 

Reminiscently, it was in 2000 that Magnus started out rock climbing when he was 11.

This followed after an introduction by his mom to a rock climbers’ training institution.

In just one year after being introduced, Magnus would claim the Norwegian youth climbers’ championship.

Again in 2002, despite his young age, he on-sighted an 8a (5.13b) lead climb in Gletryne’s Sageveggen.

In 2007, at 18, Midtbø would relocate to Innsbruck, one of the best Austrian climbing destinations.

This was after his high school graduation and all the intentions of focusing on climbing. 

Coincidentally, he met up with several of the globe’s best climbers, notably David Lama, and savored the moments of practicing together for tournaments.

Throughout their time in Austria, Magnus recognized Lama as a super-skilled athlete to ever work with.

According to Magnus, David Lama was his inspiration.

Climbing seems to run within their family as his sister, Hannah Midtbø, is also a prominent female rock athlete.

She clinched the Nordic gold for leading climbs in 2006.

Additionally, she had many appearances in IFSC Global Series and European Boulderer’s Olympics. 

Magnus Midtbø’s Climbing Career 

  • In 2002, following a willing introduction by his mother to a climbing class in Austria, Midtbo started climbing. Struck by much success, he would get his hands on Norway’s youth title for leading a climb in a year’s time. This was his first ever, and he later completed his debut lead climbing course graded 8a (5.13b).
  • In 2005, just after two years, he claimed the world junior title in Beijing.
  • Midtbø would then head to Innsbruck in 2007 after completing his high school education. This was when he got the chance to be mentored by David Lama.
  • During the first eight months of 2010, he ascended the Ali Hulk route in Spain, which is currently one of the most difficult routes in the world. It’s divided into bouldering and sport sections. Before him, Daniel Andrada had done his first ascension in the same 2007. Before 2013, only six athletes in the world had completed climbs of this caliber (9b, 5.15b). Midtbø, in a statement to UK Climbing magazine, said that pitch had several difficulties, including pausing in the early boulder part to plan out the remainder of the route and mobilizing adequate core muscles to tackle the ledge.
  • Midtbø traveled to Rodellar in early 2013 and onsighted a Cosi Fan Tutte, rated 8c+, on-site (5.14c). He became the fifth athlete to onsight an 8c+ pitch in April 2013. 
  • Unfortunately for many of his fans, the news of his retirement plan came early in 2017. He called it a day in competitive climbing.
  • In his 95th YouTube video, he stated: “I always get inspired by climbing. Many people, I believe, require a definite purpose, although I have rarely felt any need. I realize it seems very corny. Climbing is one of my favorite activities. I enjoy being outside in nature. I enjoy the sensation of being liberated, but you understand what I’m talking about. I’m not sure. I enjoy the way of life and traveling. I enjoy pushing myself, and, above all, I enjoy the sensation of being extremely fit and robust and having the ability to climb any path.” Nonetheless, his passion is still climbing up to date.” 

What Rock Climbing Shoes Does Magnus Midtbø Wear?

Magnus Midtbø, the Norwegian YouTube star, and former high-level competitor, definitely has his favorite climbing shoes.

For most of his bouldering and lead climbing, Magnus Midtbø uses the Scarpa Drago.

The Scarpa Drago shoes are aggressive and fit tight, with a downturn and an asymmetry to match.

Magnus Midtbø’s Education

Magnus schooled in Bergen for both elementary education and high school education.

After graduating from high school, he moved to Innsbruck to pursue climbing.

The details regarding academic advancements and names of former schools are yet to show up.

Magnus Midtbø’s Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids

Since around 2019, the Norwegian climber has been seeing Marte Fiskaa.

The duo is romantically tied, and they share an apartment. He has no kids yet, or the details remain a secret. 

His partner, as he says, assisted him in breaking certain habits.

He acknowledged being obstinate and reclusive, although he is currently enjoying a fuller world thanks to Marte.

Before this, Magnus was romantically involved with Sasha DiGiulian, a pro climber who represents the U.S. national team. 

Magnus Midtbø’s Height, Weight, and Age

Magnus was born on the 18th of September 1988 in Bergen, Norway.

As of 2022, he is 33 years old. He weighs 150 pounds and stands at 5 feet 9 inches.

He has managed to keep tabs on his weight. 

Magnus Midtbø’s Awards, Achievements, Nominations

  • Magnus won Norway’s youth title for leading a climb in 2003.
  • He scaled the Ali Hulk route in Spain in the eighth month of 2010, which is now one of the most difficult climbs in the world. The route was separated into bouldering and sports sections. He was the second athlete to achieve this feat, following Daniel Andrade. Only six athletes in the world have completed climbs in this category.
  • Midtbø traveled to Rodellar in early 2013 and onsighted a Cosi Fan Tutte, rated 8c+, on-site (5.14c). He became the fifth athlete to onsight an 8c+ pitch in April 2013. 
  • Midtbø finished first as an international contender in “Der Deutsche Meister” in 2013.
  • Midtbø competed in American Ninja Warrior for the United States against the globe in early 2020 as a member of Team European.

Magnus Midtbø’s Movies, Documentaries, Books

Magnus has been running a YouTube channel since 2011 and has over 1m subscribers.

He posts workout videos and climbing clips, too. Besides, he has been featured in the Klatring.

The documentary shows that the best Norwegian climber competes for the World Championships title in Italy.

The most significant part is “Min idrett,” a Norwegian TV show about famous Norwegian climbers.

Magnus Midtbø’s Net Worth and Salary

Magnus’s net worth on his YouTube channel is $471,000 in 2022.

Summed up with the amount he amassed during his career, his net worth falls between $1.5 million and $3 million.

Magnus Midtbø FAQs

We have compiled the most crucial information about Magnus Midtbø to help you get all the answers you want to know about him and his company’s products.

Magnus Midtbø Ninja Warrior

Magnus competed in the Ninja Warrior against Matt Tsung from Australia and Drew Drechesl from the USA.

He managed to go to stage three of the obstacles.

He was able to climb most of the obstacles.

He did not face issues with four obstacles at the start.

He could not climb the obstacles after that.

A pipe dream was the last obstacle he cleared in the arena.

What Chalk Does Magnus Midtbø Use?

Magnus Midtbø uses a chalk bag from Petzl.

He prefers to keep his hands dry when he is climbing.

He gave an interview to EpicTV to talk about the things he always takes for climbing.

Petzl’s chalk bag was one of the four things.

How Often Does Magnus Midtbø Workout?

Magnus does strength training on Wednesday and Saturday.

Friday and Sunday is the day for endurance training.

He does aerobics to keep his body flexible on Monday.

He works out every day of the week when he is training for an event.

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