Flat-Earth Theory was the most bizarre theory known to humankind.

People are not discussing it as much as they are discussing the “Mountains Are Trees” theory.

You may believe this theory if you do not know about rock formation and scientific methods to test a hypothesis.

We will discuss why everyone is talking about this theory on social media and what most geologists think about this theory.

The Strange Theory That Mountains Are Trees
The Strange Theory That Mountains Are Trees – What We Know | Free to use this image with proper credit

Is the Theory “Mountains Are Trees” Authentic?

It is impossible to know if this theory is authentic or false as we need scientific evidence to prove a theory wrong.

A large tree stump looks like a mountain with a flat top.

If a tree breaks due to a storm, the base looks like a mountain with sharp tips.

The resemblance is so striking that it is hard for people to ignore the theory.

You may see many pictures of trees with the mountains on social media as they look the same.

Scientists do not believe this theory as they think they know how the earth formed and all the processes it has gone through.

Giant trees that can form mountains are a myth, according to them.

There is no way we can reject or accept this theory without evidence.

Where Did the Idea That Mountains Are Trees Started?

The idea of the mountains are trees came from a video on Youtube.

Someone posted a video claiming that there are no mountains on earth as all the mountains are stumps or ancient trees.

Youtube blocked his video from the platform after many started believing his theory.

It took some time to block the video as it is in the minds of thousands of people.

He believed that most mountains we see today are formed from giant trees.

These trees were miles high. These trees had stumps miles wide.

You will see many pictures of cut trees’ tree remains and compare them with the pictures of the mountains.

No Forests Theory

This theory is related to the Mountains are Trees theory.

If you ask, what about the forests we have today?

They say that there are no forests on the earth today.

All the trees that form the forests were small shrubs in the past.

All the forests and large trees are gone.

We only have a few shrubs on earth now.

What About Short Mountains

People who believe Mountains are Trees theory say that short mountains were young trees that did not get enough time to grow.

These trees were cut down or broken due to natural forces.

They may show you pictures of the trees cut at a young age and resemble the short mountains.

Why Did People Think There Were Giant Trees in the Past?

People think there were giant trees in the past because many who believe this theory post pictures of cut trees and mountains together on social media.

They ask people to look at the similarity.

Human minds are designed to find patterns in things.

We can also find a similarity if there is any visual resemblance.

It is the same way you find someone’s name in the clouds.

The clouds may appear in the shape of animals if you make up your mind about it.

People think they are telling the truth because they have seen it on social media.

The resemblance finding feature is essential for human survival because we will find the threats and rewards with resemblance finding.

Conspiracy theorists use the ability of the human mind to see patterns for their advantage.

It is easy to provoke thought in people by showing them images.

Why Do Mountains Have Rocks If They Are Trees?

Some scientists also join discussions on social media and ask these people why mountains have rocks if they are trees.

These people do not believe that rocks form from the magma in the earth’s mantel.

They also do not accept that there are three ways of rock formations.

Most scientists will give you three ways of rock formation.

Some rocks form when melted magma cools at a lower temperature to form igneous rocks.

Metamorphic rocks form when a high pressure on the rocks changes their form.

When the small sediments of these rocks come together to form a mass, we call it sedimentary rock.

No Rock Theory

They think all the rocks on earth formed due to rubble removed from the ancient giant trees.

The tree rubble became round as time passed.

No Rock theory is also a part of the No Forest theory.

This theory justifies the presence of the rocks and some natural rock structures across the globe.

They give the example of the Giant’s Causeway in North Ireland.

They think these structures are made from the organic matter of the trees as rocks cannot form similar hexagonal tube-like structures.

What Scientists Think About the “Mountains Are Trees” Theory?

Many scientists think that mountains are trees is not a fact for many reasons.

No one from the scientific community proved their claims about this theory.

There is a method to prove a fact in science.

You have to pass your hypothesis from many phases to make it acceptable.

The second reason scientists do not believe this theory as they know the way rocks form.

Some mountains are in the process of formation in the Himalayas as tectonic plates are moving them.

Scientists also know that rocks form in three ways.

If believers in the Mountains are Trees theory want to convince scientists, they have to prove it with facts.

To Sum Up: The Strange Theory That Mountains Are Trees

The Mountains are Trees theory was not a famous theory when it started in 2016 in a Youtube video.

It became famous after people thought about this theory.

It changed the minds of thousands of people.

People who believe flat earth theory also believe this strange theory.

They claim that there are no trees on the flat earth because the trees we see today are small shrubs.

Original trees are extinct as mountains form from their remains.

Rocks are rubbles of ancient trees.

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