Oriane Bertone’s Net Worth: $1-5 Million

Oriane Bertone’s net worth stands at approximately $1-5 million dollars. 

Most Important Facts about Oriane Bertone

Celebrated Name:Oriane Bertone
Real Name/Full Name:Oriane Bertone
Birth Date:10 March 2005
Birth Place:Nice, France
Height:1.65 m
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Parents Name:Stefano Bertone (father)
Siblings:Margot Bertone (twin sister), Max Bertone (brother)
Marital Status:N/A
Husband/Spouse (Name):N/A
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):N/A
Dating/Boyfriend (Name):N/A
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Official Website:N/A
Profession:Professional rock climber
Net Worth in 2024:$1-5 millions
Last Updated:2024
Oriane Bertone Net Worth
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Who Is Oriane Bertone?

Oriane Bertone is one of the youngest climbers in the IFSC competitions.

Oriane was competing in the child category before 2021.

She participated in the adult competition in 2021 for the first time.

She has been living on the south island of Madagascar.

The island is a part of the French Republic.

Most French climbers train in the United States.

Oriane is one climber who does most of their training in France.

Oriane was born on the 10th of March, 2005.

Is Oriane Bertone a Millionaire?

Oriane Bertone is a millionaire because she has a net worth of five million dollars.

She makes most of her money from sponsorships and prize money.

Sponsorship makes most of Oriane Bertone’s net worth.

She amazed people by becoming a successful climber at a young age.

Oriane was one of the leading participants in the IFSC Climbing World Cup.

How Does Oriane Bertone Make Money?

Oriane Bertone’s net worth is high because she has many income streams.

You can get information about her income sources from the Instagram page.

Oriane has details of her sponsors on her Instagram profile.

She also posted her YouTube channel link.

Oriane Bertone also receives income from IFSC because she was one of the leading participants.


Oriane Bertone does not make money from her YouTube channel because she only has less than two thousand followers.

You need more than a few thousand subscribers to get consistent income from YouTube.

She posts videos on other famous channels and receives a commission for her appearance.


Oriane Bertone does not own any brands.

Oriane advertises climbing gears from her sponsors on he Instagram page.

She has more than 76K followers on Instagram.

She makes thousands of dollars from her merchandise advertising income stream.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

Oriane Bertone has sponsorships from many companies.

Red Bull, Scarpa, Black Diamond, and Vibram are some leading companies sponsoring Oriane.

She makes thousands of dollars with these sponsorships.

Free-of-cost climbing equipment delivery is also an advantage of the company sponsorships.

How Much Money Does Oriane Bertone Make from YouTube Channel?

Oriane Bertone does not make more money from YouTube.

She does not have a famous YouTube channel to promote her products.

Oriane only has a few thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.

The number of subscribers is less to become part of the YouTube partner program.

She makes most of her money through appearances on other famous YouTube channels.

How Much Money Does Oriane Bertone from Merchandise?

Oriane Bertone can sell products from famous companies using her Instagram page.

She has more than seventy-two thousand followers on Instagram.

Oriane Bertone advertises products to these followers as they buy many things she recommends.

Most climbing gears have a high price, and selling a few pieces can also make a lot of commission.

How Much Money Does Oriane Bertone Make from Sponsorship?

Oriane Bertone makes most of her money through sponsorships.

Companies are willing to pay thousands of dollars to Oriane to become their brand ambassador.

These companies also provide free-of-cost climbing equipment to Oriane.

It is a perfect way to make money because she also does what she loves.

Red Bull and Black Diamond give money grants to Oriane.

IFSC gave more than three thousand dollars to Orinae because she was a leading participant in the 2021 Climbing World Cup.

Oriane Bertone’s Early Life and Biography

Oriane Bertone is a French rock climber born in 2005 on 10th March.

Her name and age are just a spec of all that she has accomplished, and still, the sky is not the limit for this young French climber.

She began competing in worldwide junior sport climbing competitions in 2019, winning many national championships in both bouldering and lead climbing.

She was conceived on an island called “La Reunion” and grew up in the Les Avirons region, which is where she discovered her passion for climbing.

The island is located off the western Indian Ocean just east of Madagascar and about 100 miles southwest of Mauritius.

Oriane Bertone began climbing at the age of eight.

Oriane Bertone’s Climbing Career

While she attended an internship during the holiday for a holiday center, she tried climbing as one of the different outdoor activities offered and discovered she loved it.

She was extremely good until one employee told her father to try and get her into climbing.

She scaled her first boulder 7B (around V8) when she was just at the tender age of 8.

Read about the bouldering grades scale.

It comes as a surprise that she was able to successfully climb such a challenge at such a young age.

Oriane’s 8B+ ascent was not expected but should have been anticipated basing the fact that she comes from a rich, talented climbing family.

Her younger brother, aged 10, quickly makes a name in bouldering while she has proved it by scaling a 7C boulder.

In the recent past, she set the way for her brother’s success by scaling two 8B challenges. 

In 2019, Oriane Berton took climbing a step further by competing in the International Youth Climbing.

Her efforts did not go unnoticed, as she won multiple gold awards in both Bouldering and lead climbing.

In 2021, she debuted in her first senior Worldwide Federation of Sport Climbing event conducted in Meiringen, where Oriane won the finals but unfortunately got second place.

Here are a few more bouldering challenges that Oriane Bertone has conquered.

  • Satan I Helvete
  • Golden Shadow
  • Super Tanker 
  • Psychopad
  • Fragile Steps 
  • Traffic
  • The Master Key
  • Bio Affinity
  • Ray of light 
  • Leopard cave extended
  • Agamemnon 
  • Fata I Helvete

She is an inspiration to many upcoming climbers and a student who is still perfecting her skills to be better and compete in bigger tournaments.

A personal journal states that she says the sky is not the limit for her, and she aims to set a higher target with age.

What Climbing Shoes Does Oriane Bertone Wear?

Most of the time, Oriane climbs with the Scarpa Drago LV.

The shoes are downturned, soft, and perfect for performance climbing – though she also uses them for outdoor trips.

LV in Drago LV stands for Low Volume, the version that women usually wear.

These are simply a slimmer version of the Scarpa Drago, which better fits narrower feet and smaller heels.

Oriane also wears the standard Drago.

Oriane Bertone’s Brother – Max Bertone

Oriane’s brother Max climbs at an unbelievable level for his 14-year-old age.

As a member of the French national team, he also lives on the Island of Réunion with his sister and family.

At 12, he climbed the 8c+ “Chykungunya” sport climb.

There are at least one 8B and multiple 8A+ boulders he has climbed.

Oriane Bertone’s Education

Oriane Bertone completed her formal education by finishing her primary and secondary.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the schools she studied in.

Probably, with time, some more information will shed light on the yet undiscovered history of Oriane Bertone.

Oriane Bertone’s Personal Life: Dating, Boyfriend, Husband, Kids

Currently, she is not dating anyone, or if she is, the information has not been made public yet.

She has a brother named Max Bertone, who, surprisingly enough, also loves climbing and is exceptionally good at it.

In the recent past, she set the way for her brother’s success by scaling two 8B challenges.

She also has a twin sister called Margot Bertone, who she sorely missed recently during the COVID-19 pandemic since she was quarantined.

Her father, Stefano Bertone, also shares the same passion as the two kids, and he is the one who helps them train.

Oriane Bertone’s Age, Height, and Weight

The young French climber is approximately 5 ft 4 inches tall (164cm); however, she is still growing, meaning her height might change with time.

Currently, she is 17 years old (in 2022, born in 2005).

Oriane Bertone’s Awards, Achievements, Nominations

In youth competitions, Oriane was unstoppable, consistently finishing first or near the top of the leaderboard.

Her most important victory came in the 2019 Youth World Championships, where she achieved first place in both lead and bouldering in the Youth B category. 

The first-ever serious competition she participated in was the European Youth Cup in Soure, Portugal, where she won first place in the Youth B bouldering category.

She subsequently did the same thing in Austria, Graz, at her next appearance.

She grabbed first place in three of the next four trials and finished second in one.

She has never lost to a lower position than 3rd spot in bouldering or lead climbing during her youth career.

She just won first prize in the Block Corp Blok Games, a French competition for the country’s best climbers.

Since about 2021, Oriane has only finally started competing in adult climbing competitions.

She placed second in the bouldering division at Meiringen, Switzerland, in her very first event, rising up to a different set of competitors climbers.

In May, she finished 2nd in bouldering and 4th in the speed combined tournament and Bouldering (where, perplexingly, there was no Fast element) in Utah Salt Lake City.

She finished barely behind Janja Garnbret, the true legend, ahead of Japan’s finest Miho Nonaka.

Oriane still has a lot of things to do at her age, but positions like this suggest that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Oriane Bertone’s Movies, Documentaries, Books

It would have been amazing to have a movie or documentary series made about Oriane Bertone, portraying her rise to fame and fortune.

Sadly, that is yet to happen.

Currently, she has only been featured in the TV spotlight through Olympic competition coverage.

But recently, there have been many articles and YouTube videos on the astonishing accomplishments of Oriane Bertone, which can be found online on the official Olympics page or on YouTube.

However, not featuring in movies has not stopped her from sharing her life and climbing experiences with the rest of the world.

She regularly posts content on her bouldering training, diet, and more on her social media accounts.

Net Worth and Salary of Oriane Bertone

In the years 2019-2020, her net worth has risen exponentially.

So, at the age of 16, how much more is Oriane Bertone worth?

Oriane Bertone makes the majority of her money as a successful student, professional climber, and sponsorships.

Her net worth is estimated to be around 1 to 5 million dollars, and it’s expected to go higher with time.

Oriane Bertone – Ifsc Climbing

You will see a list of medals and positions of Oriane Bertone in the IFSC Climbing World Cup.

She got 10th position in the IFSC world cup in Bermingham.

She also got the third position once in the boulder climbing part of the 2021 IFSC World Cup.

Oriane participated in the Climbing World Cup in Seoul.

She got the second position in this climbing world cup.

You can see many achievements of Oriane Bertone on the IFSC website.

She is an expert in boulder climbing.

She receives thousands of dollars from IFSC due to her extraordinary performance.

When Did Oriane Bertone Start Climbing?

Oriane Bertone started climbing when she was eight years old.

She tells an amazing story of her climbing journey.

Oriane was doing an internship during the holiday.

She found many games during this time.

She loved many outdoor activities, but climbing was her favorite.

No one believed that she climbed a boulder with a difficulty level of 7B at the age of eight.

It was an excellent achievement.

Is Oriane Bertone in the Olympics?

No, Oriane Bertone was not in the Olympics due to her age.

She could not qualify for the Olympics because she was too young.

The Olympics only accept competitors of a specific age.

She was below sixteen years old when they started the qualifying rounds of the Olympic 2021.

Many think she has all the skills and determination to compete in the Olympics.

They believe that she will compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

She will be part of the French Olympic climbing team.

Will Oriane Bertone Win the Olympics?

Yes, many experts believe that Oriane Bertone will win the Olympics in 2024.

They believe it is due to the training plan of the team France.

Many thought she would win the Olympics in 2021 but could not join the competition due to her younger age.

Many participants from the Olympics 2021 will join the team again.

They have experience of the Olympic games.

Many believe that they will polish their skills together to lead France to the first position in the climbing competition of the Olympics 2024.

Oriane Bertone Training Program, Diet, and Nutrition

Oriane Bertone has an expressive training plan. She workout most of the days of the week.

Oriane occasionally takes a day off from her training program.

Oriane Bertone lives outdoor games.

You will find her outdoor climbing on the natural structures when she is not training with her coach.

She also enjoys climbing activities with her family, as her father and brother are also in the climbing field.

Oriane likes to climb with her brother in her free time.

Her family takes care of her diet by giving her healthy food rich in vitamins.

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