Kullen, also known as Kullaberg, is a peninsula located near Mölle City in southwest Sweden.

You will get to experience some exciting rocky and steep cliffs.

While the steep cliffs rise from the sea, the rocky ones can provide you with a fun experience in climbing. 

Where can you go rock climbing above the churning Kullen Sea?

You can experience a great rock climbing experience in Kullen of Sweden, just above the sea, which is very close to Copenhagen. You can experience natural rock climbing in this beautiful place which is located just by the sea. This place can be the best location for climbing.

Where Can You Go Rock Climbing above the Churning Kullen Sea
Where Can You Go Rock Climbing above the Churning Kullen Sea? | Free to use this image with proper credit

What is the best place to go climbing in Kullen?

Kullen is quite popular for having some best spots for snorkeling, light hiking, rock climbing, and caving tours. You can find many routes and spots for rock climbing along the coast of Kullen. We met some strangers who had the guide in the Kullen area.

We picked up a route from there that was accessible from both the bottom and from the top. We experience the top-rope climbing at that spot. You can find many available routes with various levels of difficulty. You can choose one of the spots according to your preference. 

What is the best place to go bouldering in Kullen?

If you are looking for the best place in Kullen for experiencing bouldering, then it has to be the Kullen Boulders (Kullaberg bouldering). Here, the boulders are located just above the sea of Kullen. You can explore the area properly as there are some really great rocks. Even it has some perfect routes meant for both the experts and beginners. 

Is there a climbing gym in Kullen?

No, Kullen is a peninsula and nature reserve, so there isn’t a climbing gym. If you are looking for a climbing gym, the near one is in Copenhagen. It takes approximately 1h 46m to drive 140.9 km from Copenhagen to Kullaberg.

Kullaberg Nature Reserve

Kullen is quite known for its 188 m high nature reserve. You can find two reserves in Kullen. One of them is the Eastern Kullaberg.

This place has been conserved as a nature reserve since 1965. In 1971, the Western Kullaberg also became a nature reserve with the visitor center named Naturum and the lighthouse. The total area that the land covers is about 1,000 hectares, along with 300 hectares of water. This area of water actually belongs to the north of Kullen, especially the bay of Skalderviken. 

One of the most popular and visited nature reserves in Sweden is Kullaberg. You can experience rugged yet beautiful terrain here. You can experience a 70-meter cliff jumping directly in the water there. You can climb those steep cliffs with some professional guides.

They can also provide you with the right gear and equipment for better safety. Some of the other activities that you can enjoy, along with this, are – caving tours, kayaking, treasure hunts, snorkeling, and porpoise safaris. 

Before you reach Kullaberg, you will pass by a top-rated golf course which is named the Mölle Golfklubb. This golf course is popular for having the best and the most beautiful scenic view in Sweden. There are a total of 18 holes, and from 16 of them, you will get a view of the sea.

The Kullaberg is actually a continuation to the northwest from the Söderåsen Ridge. If you go slightly towards the north of Skåne, you will see a very similar horst that runs diagonally in between the landscape. That is why the terrain of Skåne is not that flat everywhere like that of the terrain of Österlen or Söderslätt.

How did the peninsula Kullen get its name?

The name Kullen is derived from the Swedish word “kulle,” which means hill or mound. The first mention of Kullen is found in the “Liber Census Daniae” (the book of land ownership), which was written in 1288. The earliest mention of Kullen is found on the “Kungsådals runestone,” which was carved around 1100 AD.

How many inhabitants does Kullen have?

Kullaberg is a peninsula and nature reserve of land protruding into the Kattegat in Höganäs Municipality near the town of Mölle in southwest Sweden. The town of Mölle has a population of 715 (Dec 31, 2010).

What are the top activities in Kullen?

Kullen Lighthouse (Kullens Fyr)

There is an operational lighthouse located in Kullen, which is located very close to the spot of the terrain meant for rock climbing. If you are opting for the climbing adventure, then you will be able to see the lighthouse. The lighthouse is approximately 15 m tall. The focal plane of the lighthouse is situated about 79 m above the level of the sea.

Thus it becomes Sweden’s highest placed lighthouse. It is also the oldest of all the lighthouses in Scandinavia. A Danish king named Fredrik II founded this lighthouse in the year 1561. With a complete 20 feet iron casket above the ground, this lighthouse was also known as the “Parrot Lighthouse.”

Now, the people visit Kullen for the beautiful scenic beauty and the lighthouse. Even they can experience some of the best adventures like hiking, climbing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, treasure hunting, etc.

The Kullaleden Trail

This trail can take you right from Helsingborg to Kullen along the beautiful coast. From there, the trail will continue straight to the east through Arild before you reach Utvälinge. This coastal walking trail is known as Kullaleden.

It is about 70 kilometers long, and it is one of the parts of the Skåneleden Trail too. This trail was inaugurated in the year 2013. The hike along this trail is going to be an experience of a lifetime. Hence, you must include this place in your Kullen itinerary without fail.

One of Sweden’s most beautiful cafés: Flickorna Lundgren

This is one of the most beautiful cafes located in Sweden. If you want to enjoy a cozy and comfortable place where you can sip your coffee and enjoy the food, then visit this place. About 70,000 people come and visit this café Flickorna Lundgren på Skäret; in the summers. This café Flickorna på Skäret was initially founded in the year 1938 by seven sisters.

It has now become one of the most exciting attractions for tourists today. There are a total of 200 seats indoors and 450 seats outside. People prefer to sit outside because of the stunning views they can enjoy while having their coffee or food. You will love the pastries, bread, and cakes made here. They have their own bakery and confectionary on that premise. They also have a restaurant now. The café remains open from May to September.

Seaside resorts and ceramics

If you are visiting Kullen, you cannot miss this beautiful village. Mölle is an absolutely stunning picture-perfect village. Along with that, there are two more villages that you can visit. These are – Arild and Viken.

Being located in the Kullen peninsula, they give the feel of a seaside resort. You will love every bit of this village thoroughly. Höganäs has a harbor with restaurants and views of the water and the evening sun. You can also enjoy some great cafes here and witness the potteries. There are many shops where you can buy some stoneware about 100 years old.

Sleeping in Kullen

Kullaberg isn’t a national park but a nature reserve, so you can’t pitch a tent there. However, there is a shelter close by, which can be used for sleeping. That’s what we did. In the forest, there are three shelters with running water, toilets, and a place to make a fire in the evenings.

How to get to Kullen?

One of the most convenient ways to reach Kullen is by your car. You can take your vehicle or a rented one. You can also reach there via a bus or a ferry too.

How to get to Kullen by car from Copenhagen?

One of the most affordable ways to reach Kullen from Copenhagen with your car is through the Øresund Bridge Pass. You can buy a pass to go to Kullen, which is the best way. You can also take a ferry to reach Kullen from Helsingør.

But it can be pretty pricey even if you have your own car. But it can be a better choice if you choose to go to Kullen on your bike. It takes about 74k for the bike and one person in both directions.

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