Most mountain climbing enthusiasts love the documentary 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible.

Everyone loved the character of Suchi Purja, the supportive wife of Nirmal Purja.

We will discuss some details of Suchi Purja because everyone wants to know more about her.

Suchi Purja Wiki, Biography, and Age

  • Birth Day – 11 November 1988
  • Birth Place – Nepal
  • Suchi Purja in 2023 – 35 Years Old
  • Birth Sign – Scorpio
  • Ethnicity – Suchi Purja was raised by a Hindu family
Who Is Suchi Purja
Who Is Suchi Purja? (The Wife of Nirmal Purja) | Free to use this image with proper credit

Who Is Suchi Purja? (The Wife of Nirmal Purja)

Most people only know about Suchi Purja due to the climbing efforts of the Nirmal Purja.

Suchi has been a supporting wife.

You will find a lot of inspiration from Suchi’s life.

She was born in Nepal in 1988. Her family moved to England when Suchi was young.

She started her studies in Nepal.

As her family moved to England, she continued her studies in England.

Suchi is a dentist by profession.

She got her university education from the University of Plymouth.

It is not the only career path for Suchi.

She worked as a director at Mountain Philanthropy Limited in Eastleigh.

She is currently working in her dental practice clinic in Solutions dental clinic Winchester, England.

Suchi Purja Estimated Net Worth: How Does She Make Money?

Suchi has a net worth of $1 500 000 due to her yearly salary of $50000.

A dentist makes more than that every year in England. Suchi is a professional dentist with many years of experience.

There are several other ways for Suchi to make money.

She works at different jobs that allow her to make extra money.

She is famous because of her role in the 14 Peaks documentary.

Nirmal Purja made history by climbing 14 of the world’s top peaks.

Suchi supported him on every journey.

She makes money from her acting career, also.

She manages the website with Nims.

These are some of the most excellent ways she makes money.

Suchi Purja Makes Money From Dentist Career

Suchi has a university degree in dentistry.

She has been working at the Smiles Dental Clinic for a long time.

An average dental practitioner makes more than 77000 pounds in the UK.

It makes more than $80000 if you convert them to USD currency.

Suchi has a high net because she works full-time in the UK.

When she is not working in the dental clinic, you will find her enjoying with her husband in the mountains or other exotic locations.

Pictures from these locations can gather a lot of money on Instagram.

She promotes products from her husband’s website to increase household income.

Suchi Purja Makes Money From Merchandise

Merchandise selling is one of the best ways to make money.

You can sell several merchandise to earn money online.

Suchi has a lot of fans due to her role in the 14 Peaks documentary.

Everyone admires her role in her husband’s life.

You can visit the Nimsdai website shop section to see what Nirmal sells.

You will find several clothing items and climbing equipment on the website.

Suchi promotes these products to get a commission.

She also promotes dental products to get a commission from merchandising.

She does not do the merchandising full-time and makes only a few thousand dollars from this income stream.

Suchi Purja Makes Money From Other Jobs

Suchi has been working as a director in a climber’s welfare company.

She also takes small jobs when she goes on a journey with her husband.

She may or may not gain money from these jobs because she also likes to work as a social worker.

Suchi has a lot of connections in the community in the UK.

She can get several jobs that help her become strong financially.

Suchi Purja Makes Money From Instagram

Suchi has more than 21K followers on Instagram.

You should have more than a million followers to make a significant income from Instagram.

This is not the case with Suchi because people know about her professional career.

They believe all the things she posts because she does not want to ruin her reputation.

People buy the things she posts on Instagram.

It is a way for her to make money and gain more exposure in different industries.

Suchi Purja Makes Money From Documentary Royalties

It is one of the significant sources of income for Suchi.

She was part of the award-winning documentary.

It makes her a celebrity.

Celebrities make money from their acting careers and advertisements.

Royalties are also part of the income streams for the Suchi.

She gets free hotel stays and other royalties when she goes out with her husband.

It saves her a lot of money.

As she does not have to spend a lot to enjoy her life, it saves most of the money she earns.

How Does Suchi Purja’s Indoor Rock Climbing Experience Compare to Nirmal Purja’s Mountaineering Achievements?

Suchi Purja’s indoor rock climbing experience is a stark contrast to Nirmal Purja’s mountaineering achievements.

While Nirmal conquered some of the world’s highest peaks, Suchi navigates indoor rock climbing difficulty levels.

Both require skill, but the environments and challenges are vastly different.

Is Suchi Purja a Supportive Wife?

Yes, she is a supportive wife because she allows her husband to do all the adventures he wants.

Nirmal may go to the mountains for many days.

Some of these days, she may not hear from him.

It can cause anxiety to any wife.

When people asked about it, Suchi explained that she worries for her husband but does not want to stop him from doing what he loves.

It is an excellent way to support one’s husband.

You can find a lot about Nirmal Purja on Suchi’s Instagram.

She cares for her husband and accepts his decisions about their lives.

Suchi Purja Love For Her Dog

Looking at the Instagram page of Suchi, we can see several things.

First, you will see a picture of her dog.

The dog’s name is Enzo.

You will find several pictures of Suchi with Enzo on her Instagram.

It shows her love for her pet.

14 Peaks is in the second spot on her Instagram.

It also shows that Suchi loves to keep her personal life before her career.

She is an excellent woman with several achievements in her life.

Other women can learn a lot from Suchi’s life.

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