Socks may not be precisely the most critical piece of climbing gear. It is also perhaps not even mandatory gear for your outdoor activities. Still, I believe that this humble apparel piece deserves a little more of your attention.

The warmest socks available globally can make you feel confident and comfortable whenever you are going out in cold weather. It is my first-hand experience with the warmest socks. I have been experimenting with them for quite some time with different brands in different scenarios.

By the way, you will not wear your warm socks all the time. However, if you enjoy activities involving warm weather, you may not even need any warm socks. The warmest stocks can be a blessing for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, skiing, canyoneering, and trekking.

You will soon come to understand why I am saying so. Generally, we put our feet through many difficult situations but fail to thank or take care of them. Selecting a pair of shoes according to the activity is the right step. Similarly, you also have to keep them warm by using a pair of warm socks.

Some of you develop cold feet frequently, even when it may not be cold outside. There can be several reasons behind your cold feet, and you can fix this problem in several ways. Thermal socks are usually the obvious and most effective solution for this problem.

Therefore, I made up my mind to shortlist the warmest socks to provide you a bit of guidance on choosing the best socks to serve your unique needs. In this guide, you will get a review of the best warm socks for women, men, including unisex, and battery-powered socks.

The Warmest Socks in the World Reviewed

Category: Warmest Socks for Women

#1 Toasty Toes Alpaca Socks for Women (They are the warmest ones)

Alpaca socks are the warmest socks for women available out there. They also happen to be the most comfortable. You get these socks in six attractive colors: White Cinder, Grey Heather, Blue Heather, Red Snowflake, Black Heather, and Pink Heather.

Quick Facts:

The material composition of Alpaca socks is 47% Alpaca, 9% Nylon, 38% Acrylic, and 6% Lycra. Although they are the warmest socks, they don’t overheat your tender feet. The reason is that they are free of wool and exceptionally breathable. 

Besides, these socks can effectively repel foul odor and handle moisture to keep your feet dry. They also offer arch support with reinforced toe and heels. You may find them a little pricey, but they deliver in terms of both comfort and warmth. As these socks are quite thick, you may need slightly bigger shoes than usual.


  • These are the thickest, most indestructible socks you will ever own;
  • These socks don’t start to slide down one’s calves after repeated washings and wearings.
  • They fit really well, but like a really good boot fits, with a little wiggle room.


  • First off, these socks are not cheap. Second, they are worth every penny.

#2 Suttos Women’s Thick Heat Insulated Socks

Suttos is amongst the world’s best and warmest socks producers with a practical design. They reach up to your ankles, implying that they won’t protect your lower legs. But they can keep your feet warm entirely even in extreme cold.

Quick Facts:

These socks consist of a thick thermal yarn featuring a brushed lining. You can use them for hiking, skiing, or even for indoor use to ward off cold. They also ensure abrasion resistance due to a smooth toe seam. 

Moreover, there is enough wear resistance made possible by heel and toe area reinforcements. They can fight foul odor and wick away the sweat to keep your feet dry. Some people have a concern that their socks usually slide down from their feet. But not anymore with Suttos socks. 

These socks have a ribbed top pattern to hold your stockings in place all day long. You can choose from different colors, including blue, light pink, purple, and cream. They are available in a set of three pairs, but you can buy individual pairs also.


  • These warm socks fit perfectly and will keep your feet warm, trust us; 
  • They are also well made, they wash very well;
  • Improves mood while relieving all your stress;
  • The rubber patches on the soles will keep you from slipping.


  • They may get little balls after washing.

#3 Cashmere Cable Knit Socks (These are the Warmest Cashmere Socks)

Cashmere is an expensive premium fabric. And these cashmere socks are amongst the most expensive socks. You can find those Scotland-made pure cashmere socks here. They feature a cable knit design implying that they are calf-length socks.

Quick Facts:

You can get the Pure Cashmere Cable Knit Socks for Women in only one size in a fabulous bright pink color. But mind you, they are not for outdoor use. You can use them for wearing around your house or sleep wearing them. There are common customer reviews that these socks are relatively loose. 

However, these socks are a value-for-money proposition due to their attractive design, stitching quality, and material choice. Their three-ply design makes them comfortably warm. Although you cannot wear them for hiking etc., they are a privilege to wear indoors.


  • Extremely thick, cozy cashmere socks, hard to come by;
  • These cashmere socks don’t shrink over time;
  • These cashmere warm socks are a value-for-money proposition due to their attractive design, stitching quality, and high-quality material choice. 


  • Not suitable for outdoors;
  • A bit expensive, however, for cashmere socks, the price is within the range.

#4 Yoicy Super Thick Wool Socks for Women

If you are on the constant lookout for the warmest possible socks, you usually find that they are thicker than usual. Yoicy super thick socks for women ensure exceptional warmth due to their unique blend. 

Quick Facts:

Yoicy’s warmest socks come in a mix of 4 materials: 45% polyester, 30% wool, 10% cotton, and 15% spandex. Since they aren’t super thick, I won’t recommend them for heavy outdoor use, except for cold outings. These women’s socks come in standard US sizes of 5-10.

You can purchase them in a triple-pack to crack a better deal on price as wool is not the cheapest material. There are three beautiful colors available in these super thick wool socks: red, cream, and white.

If you decide to try this socks when camping in the winter, make sure that you bring with you one of the best backpacking chairs, which we have reviewed for our readers.


  • The wool in these socks is brushed and incredibly soft, no scratchiness;
  • These socks are thick, well-sewn, and well-woven, and retain heat;
  • These socks aren’t too tight around the ankle;
  • Their price is pretty fair for the set of 3 pairs.


  • Some customers said on Amazon that the socks aren’t that thick.

#5 Carhartt Extremes Cold Weather Boot Socks

It is challenging to get an ideal pair of standard socks that go well with your boots. But things get trickier when they are not typical but the warmest socks. I can suggest Extremes cold weather boot socks for women from Carhartt.

Quick Facts:

The composition material for these socks includes four fabrics in a unique combination: 66% acrylic, 12% nylon, 21% merino wool, and only 1% spandex in a total of 100%. If you want to insulate your feet from the cold, these warm socks are snug and comfortable, and the material blend also ensures that they are stretchy.

These US-made socks feature several moisture-wicking technologies to keep your feet dry in every weather. There is also a bottom cushioning for added comfort. I would say that you will feel like walking on the clouds! You get them in four colorways: Khaki, denim, heather grey, and charcoal.


  • These socks are very thick and hold up well in the wash;
  • The socks are comfortable and warm but not too bulky;
  • Finally, a thick pair of cold-weather socks that fit small feet, as such socks are usually hard to find.
  • While these socks are fairly thick it’s a very soft thickness with cushioning that makes walking even more enjoyable.


  • They are thick and won’t fit in a pair of normal shoes, but they do fit in winter/rain boots.

Category: Warmest Socks for Men

#1 Hot Feet Men’s Outdoors Socks

Hot Feet is a socks brand with some excellent options for men. This one is a fantastic pair suitable for outdoor activities. These socks are perfect for camping and hiking activities. 

Quick Facts:

However, you may use them for moving around the house, maybe when you feel cold. This pair of socks features a thermal wool blend material. They offer an inner liner to insulate your feet without affecting breathability in any way. The liners also ensure that you won’t get blisters. 

These wool socks are available in 6-12.5 UAS men sizes. It is relatively easy to wash them with cold machine wash and low tumble dry. It is nice that these socks don’t shrink at all after washing. It is a usual concern for the most thermal socks, but these socks don’t shrink.

You can choose from color combinations like grey plus blue or green plus brown. If you feel adventurous, you can also select a funky mix of yellow plus orange.

The company has reinforced them at the heel and toe specifically as they get maximum wear at these spots due to regular use. Wool is the best material that provides warmth even when wet.


  • These socks are suitable for outdoor, camping, and hiking activities. 
  • These socks feature a thermal wool blend material;
  • These socks are very effective at pulling moisture away from the feet and keeping the feet warm and dry;
  • Size fits perfectly.


  • Some buyers say that if you have a bulky calves, the socks may be a little tight in the calf area at first.

#2 J.B. Fields Extreme Cold Winter Socks

J.B. Fields brings these high-quality extreme cold socks for men. Perhaps these are some of the warmest socks available out there, mainly for men. These socks feature a blend of Merino wool and nylon in a 70:30 ratio.

Quick Facts:

The company has designed this blend for very harsh conditions. For those who may not know, this type of yarn is amongst the finest quality wools. The socks are breathable and suitable for maintaining warmth by trapping heat. They quickly recover shape after every wear.

Besides good quality material, these socks offer an X-Hi cushioning system improving comfort and protection. You can wear them for winter sports. They are ideal for any activity in snowy regions with biting winds.

They are available in many colors like red, blue, green, black and white. These winter socks for men are Canada-made and available in 5-9 shoe sizes.


  • J.B. Fields has designed this material blend for very harsh conditions;
  • These socks offer an X-Hi cushioning system improving comfort and protection;
  • These warm socks for man are ideal for any activity in snowy regions with biting winds;
  • These winter socks for men are Canada-made and available in 5-9 shoe sizes.


  • None so far.

#3 Under Armour Adult Hitch ColdGear Boot Socks

Under Armour is amongst the most reputed outdoor and sports gear manufacturers. It also produces the most comfortable and warmest socks globally: Under Armour adult Coldgear boot socks. It uses state-of-the-art technologies.

Quick Facts:

These socks offer a unique blend of four ingredients: 64% polyester, 16% nylon, 17% wool, and 3% spandex. These socks boast anti-odor technology, which keeps them fresh for a long time. They also feature anti-wicking material to keep the skin dry by avoiding sweat. 

You also get full cushioning, which drastically improves the comfort all around. You may wear these socks for sports, hiking, running, or for any outdoor activity. You will get warmth without compromising comfort. Besides, they are not itchy even though they consist of wool.


  • Full cushion construction provides maximum comfort in all areas of the socks;
  • Anti-odor technology helps prevent odor in the sock;
  • These socks are also great for a work boot. They are tall enough to keep the top of the boot from rubbing the legs.
  • These socks are warm, dry, and comfortable. There’s no itch like a traditional wool garment. Plus, they’re durable and machine washable.


  • One buyer said that if you have a bulky calves, the socks may be a little tight in the calf area at first.

#4 Three Street Unisex Warm Thermal Socks

While looking for the warmest socks, I came across these nice unisex warm socks made by Three Street. They consist of acrylic and elastane in a 97:3 ratio, ensuring a warm, stretchy and breathable experience.

Quick Facts:

The manufacturer claims that these socks are hotter than cotton and softer than wool. It may not be all correct, but they are quite soft to touch. They are very smooth from the inside because of a fuzzy warm lining. 

As they are unisex socks, they are fit for women in 7-9 medium-size and men in 10-13 large size. You can comfortably wear them for outdoor activities like skating, camping, skiing, climbing, or snowboarding. If you look at the comfort level coupled with excellent warmth, they qualify as a fantastic deal because they are not costly.


  • Heavily brushed fuzzy warm lining make these insulated thermal socks to provide soft and comfort for feet during extended outdoor trail;
  • Ribbed stay-up top keeps these thermal socks from sliding down;
  • Smooth toe seam reduces abrasion and improves comfort;
  • These socks are fit for women in 7-9 medium-size and men in 10-13 large size. 


  • Some buyers said that the top elastic is a little bit weak and slide down the legs from time to time.

#5 Wild Stag Thermal Socks

These thermal socks from Wild Stag are available in a pack of three pairs. They keep your feet warm and prevent frostbite due to excellent warmth. Moreover, you can purchase three attractive colors of black, khaki, grey, or in a set of three with one in each color.

Quick Facts:

The composition is as follows: 63.7% cotton, 21.1% acrylic, 10.2% spandex, and 5.0% polyurethane. The company markets these socks for men, but I feel that women can also use them by choosing the right size. While men can get them in medium sizes of 7 to 9.5, women can use 8 to 10.5 sizes.

The similarly large size of 9 to 11.5 will fit men and 10 to 12.5 for women. These socks feature cushions in their soles and a brushed interior to trap heat. You can wear them for several applications, including hiking, running, mountain climbing, trekking, camping, and walking.


  • These socks keep your feet warm and prevent frostbite due to excellent warmth;
  • You can wear them for several applications, including hiking, running, mountain climbing, trekking, camping, and walking;
  • These socks are well made and fit just right and warm.


  • Some buyers said that the socks may be a little tight in the ankle and calf area at first.

#6 Rechargeable Battery-Heated Socks by Gamegie

Battery-powered heated socks are an incredible invention to keep your feet warm for a long time, especially in biting cold environs. Gamegie offers these relatively exciting rechargeable socks at an affordable price.

Quick Facts:

The best thing about these incredible socks is that they can maintain warmth for about 19 hours. Each sock features an individual battery in 4000 mAh capacity, which sounds quite big. A pouch at the upper end of socks holds the batteries. 

As these batteries come in high power, you should expect to carry extra weight every time you wear them. The charger has an indicator for battery charging levels. It turns green when the battery gets fully charged. The manufacturer informs about the unique design of these battery-powered socks.

The technique works to warm only the toes and foot sole area. They do not warm up the upper portion of feet because it may cause discomfort. It makes sense because the skin on the top of the foot is a lot more sensitive.

You get three heating options: low, medium, and high. In the high heating level, the temperature of socks can be as high as 65 degrees C (150 degrees F). These socks come in combed cotton composition and not merino wool. 

It is so because if you have electrical-thermal socks made of wool, they may get too hot very quickly and remain hot, which can never be comfortable. The application of battery heated socks can be skiing, hiking, and ice fishing. These socks are available in various colorways like navy grey, blue, royal blue, classic blue, and black.


  • Very affordable price for rechargeable socks;
  • These socks are well made and fit just right;
  • There are wires, but they are undetectable, the socks are thick and tight fitting, not uncomfortable at all;
  • The easy access button allows you to wear any boot you want.


  • Some buyers are complaining about the quality of the socks versus its price.

Warmest Socks FAQs

1) Are battery-powered heated socks worth it?

Which one is better: a pair of battery-heated socks or a pair of conventional socks. If you are confused between the two, I will try to make things a little easier. Conventional warm socks consist of materials like cashmere, merino wool, or alpaca wool.

They depend on such materials to keep your feet as warm as possible. Such fabrics are breathable and ensure comfort. Usually, such socks also feature moisture-wicking. This technology can keep your feet warm. Some socks come with treatments to handle odor issues also.

Comparatively, they are thicker and lighter than battery-heated socks. However, such socks cannot create heat on demand. On the other hand, battery heated socks can warm your feet artificially. They use battery packs to produce heat through connected heating systems.

The socks can directly heat your soles and toes. They also enhance circulation while keeping your feet warm. Battery-powered socks usually consist of cotton, polyester, or a cotton blend. Of course, that also becomes their main drawback.

It does not imply that these socks do not work or are not worth it. These socks also offer lesser moisture-wicking properties. Perhaps they can not address the odor issues also.

Besides, most of the time, you have to handwash these socks. Their delicate circuitry cannot handle the intense pressure of a washing machine and dryer. Moreover, you also have to remove the batteries before every wash.

2) What type of socks keeps your feet warmest?

It is an excellent question. All types of socks cannot keep your feet warm, especially for a longer duration. For this purpose, you should avoid 100% cotton socks, except in the case of battery-heated socks.

It is so because cotton tends to keep moisture. It can lead to a feeling of wet feet inside the shoes and, of course, nobody likes wet feet. In this scenario, merino wool socks seem to be the best choice. They also feature moisture-wicking technology.

If you wear boots, please ensure to use thinner socks. Thick socks can block blood circulation due to additional pressure while they are inside the shoes. A reduced flow can cause several problems, including cold feet. People who frequently get blisters can try liner socks. They feature an extra layer to prevent skin damage and irritation.

Warmest socks plus product reviews for men and woman

3) Does wearing two pairs of socks keep your feet warmer?

Generally, if you wear two pairs, they can do more damage than good, mainly when worn with boots. It primarily depends upon fabric thickness. Thermal socks are usually thicker and fluffier. If you wear one pair, it may not keep your feet warm.

But if you wear two pairs of socks, it may lead to unwanted pressure on your feet. The blood flow gets cut-off, leading to health issues. Precisely, It is the reason people have colder feet, even when they wear two pairs of socks, one over the other.

However, if socks are thin, it is natural that they will not create excess pressure on your feet. Hence, there is no problem in wearing two such pairs if, for instance, you want to roam around the house or sleep peacefully. But remember one thing.

The more layers you have, the lesser the touch will be; with the floor and surroundings. Perhaps you might trip or bang your feet on the furniture. Moreover, multiple thicker layers can limit your sense of touch. But it is a matter of getting used to a new habit and not much severe.

Warmest socks in the world product reviews for men and woman

4) Why do your feet get cold even when your body is warm?

The issue depends upon the way your body regulates temperature. During cold conditions, your body usually shifts the blood flow from hands and feet to the core. Hence, when you start losing body temperature, your body pulls off blood to the area where it is required more.

Accordingly, our feet and hands are first to get cold. Still, when it is not cold, but you develop cold feet without any apparent reason, you may have circulatory issues. There can be several reasons for poor circulation.

But it is evident from above that people having circulation problems often have cold feet and hands, even during spring and summer. It is not uncommon that such people wear socks even during warmer months.


From our research, we have decided to try out the Three Street Unisex Winter Warm Thermal Socks. From our testing, you can comfortably wear these socks for outdoor activities like skating, camping, skiing, climbing, or snowboarding. As they are unisex socks, they are fit for women in 7-9 medium-size and men in 10-13 large size.

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