Did you know that the best solar generators can run for a very long time, powering your entire off-grid home if you have reliable solar generators with enough sunlight?

The US solar energy production set a new record with an increase of 43% in 2020. New installations added more than 19.2 gigawatts to the US solar power production.

We will discuss all the aspects of the best solar generator for off-grid living because you can choose a better solar power generator with this information, especially if you are camping or off-grid living.

Solar Generator for Off-Grid Living
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What Is a Solar Generator?

Solar generators are energy generators that use sunlight to make electric energy. We need electricity to run any appliances.

When someone lives in an off-grid setting, they may need electricity all the time. The best way to get electric energy is by catching the sunlight energy.

The solar generator has solar panels to gather solar energy. This energy goes to the electric inverter to make the electric energy. You can use this energy to run the electrical appliances.

There are two types of solar generators. The on-grid system uses the electricity from the grid and the solar generator. If one source is unavailable, it will shift to the other source.

The off-grid systems have an independent system that stores energy in the batteries. It does not require the grid power to operate.

The off-grid system is expensive because you have to add many batteries to contain more power. You can use this stored power when the sunlight is unavailable.

The off-grid and on-grid systems use different types of solar generators.

What Benefits Does a Solar Generator Have for Off-Grid Living?

The most crucial benefit of living off-grid with solar cells is the freedom from fossil fuels. You can avoid the hassle of filing the fuel tank every day.

People prefer off-grid living because they want to use healthy ways of living. Using renewable energy sources is the best way to do it. You only need to spend money the first time.

It will become free of cost to get the electric energy after that. You can get a lightweight solar generator to fulfill all your energy needs.

You can also preserve nature because the solar generators will not animals with noise pollution. You can live off-gride with ease and enjoy your life without the anxiety of corporate life.

What Size Solar Generator Do I Need for Off-Grid Living?

You need to calculate your energy requirements before checking the solar generator size. If you need electric energy to run the airconditioning system and other heavy-duty appliances, you may need one or more large-sized solar generators.

You can run your system with a small solar generator when you want to run a few lights only. The size of the storage is also crucial.

If you want to run an appliance all night, you may need a heavy-duty battery with a solar generator to store the energy.

You can calculate the solar generator size with a simple formula. You can take the value of your demand and multiply it by 1.2.

You can then divide the resultant value by 0.8 to get the most suitable size. For the 2KWh power requirements, you need a 3KWh solar generator.

List of the 5 Best Solar Generators for Off-Grid Living

We want to give you more comprehensive information by introducing the best solar generators on the market. It is better that you buy from one of these solar generators.

If these are not suitable for you, it is better to compare the solar generators in the market with those in this list. You will make a better choice that way.

  1. Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Solar Generator
  2. ECOFLOW DELTA Solar Generator
  3. Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Generator
  4. Westinghouse iGen600s Solar Generator
  5. BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator

1. Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Solar Generator

It is a durable solar generator system from a market-leading company. If you can put something on the generator, it will also run it. It uses advanced technology to make it user-friendly and safe.

So will a Goal Zero power your van? In this video, YouTubers Matt & Katie will give you the answer.

2. ECOFLOW DELTA Solar Generator

It is one of the fastest-charging solar generator systems. It will take less than an hour to charge it from zero to eighty percent. You will get many charging outputs in it. It is risk-free to buy this system because the company gives a 24-hour warranty.

The famous YouTube Channels KYLES CABIN thinks that EcoFlow Delta is the Off-Grid Game Changer.

3. Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Generator

It is a high-power solar system with maximum battery capacity. These generator systems are tested in different environments. Harsh environmental conditions do not reduce this generator’s life.

Two of our favorite YouTube off-grid living ladies - Isabel Paige and Hannahleeduggan - are using Jackery Solar Generators every day.

4. Westinghouse iGen600s Solar Generator

If you want something of a lower price, you should consider this option. It has plugs to attach eight appliances. It specializes in producing electricity for a long time. It has an LCD to show all system information.

Take a look at this video by the YouTube channel TailgatingChallenge reviewing the Westinghouse iGen600s Portable Power Station.

5. BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator

It is a perfect generator for heavy-duty. You can operate many appliances on it as it produces 2KWh power. You can run devices on it for a long time because of its high battery capacity. It has a durable battery with more than 3500 battery cycles.

HOBOTECH is another well-known YouTube channel for tech-related products. In this video, the Professor reviews the Bluetti AC200P battery generator.

What Features to Look for in a Reliable Solar Generator?

We have compiled a list of features to look for in a good solar generator. You can get the best of all the features if you spend more money. We aim to get the best of most features in a specific budget.

Let’s take a look at the list of features to look for in a reliable solar generator.

  1. Solar Generator’s Battery Type
  2. Solar Generator’s Battery Capacity
  3. Solar Generator’s Power Output
  4. Solar Generator’s Inverter
  5. Solar Generator’s Price

1. Solar Generator’s Battery Type

Most companies offer two types of batteries in solar generator systems. You can get lithium-ion batteries. These are also known as dry batteries because they do not have liquid.

These are more durable batteries with more capacity. There is less need for maintenance of these batteries. The only issue is the price, as these batteries are expensive.

If you want a cheaper option, you can get lead-acid batteries. These batteries have less capacity and low durability.

2. Solar Generator’s Battery Capacity

If you need to run your devices for a long time, you need a battery with more storage capacity. If you live in a cloudy area, you should get a battery with more storage capacity.

Some people attach extra batteries to solar generators. It allows them to store more energy. Adding batteries can add a few hours of appliance running time when the sunlight is unavailable.

3. Solar Generator’s Power Output

It is one of the most crucial factors to look for when buying a solar generator. You need to discuss your power requirements with the seller.

If you buy a generator with a power output lower than your demand, it will not run all the appliances. It is better to buy a generator with a power output higher than your requirements as you may have to add some appliances later.

4. Solar Generator’s Inverter

It is essential to look for an inventor with high efficiency. If your inverter has high efficiency, it will use less energy from the battery to run appliances for more time.

Solar panels produce DC. Most devices use the AC to operate. The inverter will convert the DC to AC. The inverter should handle heavy-duty appliances.

When you want to live off-grid, you need durable inverters. A malfunction in the inverter can disturb your life for many days.

5. Solar Generator’s Price

The best way to buy a solar generator is by getting price quotations from different suppliers. It is unsuitable to buy from the cheapest company.

You should check the company reviews to finalize the product. Never forget to include the installation costs in your budget plan. You should also consider the maintenance cost if the product does not have a warranty.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Solar Generators for Off-Grid Power

When you get a solar generator for your off-grid system, companies will only tell you the positive sides of their product.

It is hard to find the right product if you do not know how to collect accurate information from the seller. We have compiled a list of questions.

It will become easy to select a better solar generator for you when the seller gives you an answer to these questions.

How Quiet the Solar Generator Is?

Most solar generators do not produce noise. Still, it is crucial to ask the company. Some generators produce a hiss continuously. It can irritate you if you place it near to your bedroom.

You should prefer quiet systems if you have a small space. When you are living in an off-grid cabinet, the noise may not disturb you. It can irritate the pants and animals in the area.

Do You Have a Charge Controller?

You may neglect the need for charge control because the company says that you can use the mobile to get information. What if your mobile is not working?

You may not get accurate readings on your mobile. It is better to get a charge controller. You need to ask the company about the availability of specialized charge controllers.

Your life will become easy with this device as you can use the information to make better decisions about your solar generator.

How Much Energy Does a Solar Generator Convert?

High efficiency is the most crucial parameter of a solar generator. It should convert maximum energy from the sun to electrical energy.

It should prevent the waste of electricity when it transfers to the appliances. You can ask about the efficiency percentage from the sellers.

If you can find an inverter with a high-efficiency percentage, you should prefer it. Low-efficiency systems produce more heat. It makes them less durable also.

How Heavy is the Solar Generator?

Most people living in an off-grid location want lightweight items. They may need to move to different locations for many reasons.

You need to check the weight of the generator. It is also crucial to check the ease of picking it up. It should have a handle for easy transportation.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Solar Generator?

It is better to get a generator with a warranty. It is unsuitable to buy the generator and spend money maintaining it after a few months. Repairing the solar generator can cost you a lot of money.

You can ask the company if they provide a warranty in case of system damage. If it does not have a warranty, you can ask the company about the repair costs.

It is better to ask for the list of the costs to avoid confusion. Only accept the warranty and the repair details in the written form to claim it later.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Generators for Off-Grid Living

We have compiled the answers to the most sought-after questions about solar generators. We hope that this section will help you choose the most suitable solar generator for yourself.

How Long Can You Expect Your Solar Generator to Last?

You should expect your solar generator to last from 25 to 30 years. These are some of the most durable devices on the market. If you clean the solar panels regularly and keep the generator in optimum conditions, it should run without repairs for many years.

How Much Solar Power is Needed for an Off-grid Cabin?

You may need more than 4000 watts of power if you plan to run most appliances of your home in the cabin. The luxury life requires 7000 watts of solar generator power. Living a minimalist life in the off-grid cabin will allow you to live comfortably with 1000 watt solar generator.

How Good are Solar Generators for Camping?

Solar generators can make your life easy on camping trips. You can use the electricity from the generator to turn on the lights, charge phones, and operate laptops. It is also possible to cook on the electric stove powered by a generator.

Can You Live Off a Solar Generator?

You can live off a solar generator if you get the sunlight all year long. Sun is covered in clouds during winter in some areas. It is crucial to prepare yourself for these days also. You can go to the location where you will get the sunlight. You can also install a system that produces enough power when the sun is covered with clouds.

Can You Run Large Appliances of a Solar Generator?

It is possible to run large appliances on the solar generators when you have bought a generator designed to handle the large appliances. If you want to run a fridge, you need a solar generator with a power of 2KWh. If you have a smaller generator that produces 100Wh power, putting pressure on the fridge may lead to overload.

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