Many couples marry in the mountains due to mesmerizing landscape views.

This marriage is known as the Mountain Elopement.

Every climber who want a perfect place to get married search for mountain elopement.

Climbers know they can get the best views for their marriage venue when they select mountain elopement.

We have arranged a guide to help you plan your mountain elopement perfectly.

Eloping in the Mountains - Step-by-Step Guide
Eloping in the Mountains – Step-by-Step Guide | Free to use this image with proper credit

What Are the Best Mountain Elopement Locations in the USA?

There are hundreds of locations for elopement in the mountains.

You can search for the one near you in your country.

There are many social media groups dedicated to finding perfect elopement locations.

We have compiled a list of top elopement locations in the US.

  • Mount Baker in Washington
  • North Cascades in Washington
  • Glacier National Park Montana
  • Wind River Mountain Range in Wyoming

You can find many other sites in the United States and other parts of the world.

Switzerland is one of the top places with excellent views of mountains for elopement.

Is It Possible to Get Married on Top of a Mountain?

You can get married at the top of a mountain.

Thousands of couples are doing it because they can take excellent wedding photos at the top of the mountain.

There is no restriction to marrying at the top of the mountain.

You have to arrange some budget and find the perfect location to ensure all the guests reach there.

Some climber couples choose an exotic location for their marriage.

Eloping in the Mountains – Step by Step Guide

There is no specific place in the mountains to elope as couples elope in different parts of the mountains.

Some like to help others reach the venue easily and choose a location at the base of the mountains.

Some climbers like to get married at the top of the mountains because they want an adventurous start to their new life.

Mountain Elopement Step 1: Pick a Location

There is no specific rule for choosing the location for the elopement.

You should select a location that resonates with your personality and life goals.

It is a perfect time to reflect on what you want from life.

You can ask different questions about yourself and your partner before selecting the elopement location.

You can discuss the things you love to do.

You should choose a location that allows these activities.

It will be easier to select the location when you know what you want for your wedding.

Consider the Hiking Level

You can decide the hiking level for your wedding venue.

You may have to hike for many hours and change the dress for the wedding when you reach the destination.

Some prefer locations accessible by cars.

You may also choose a location with magnificent views at a distance of a few minutes walk.

No one can tell you anything about your wedding venue.

They have to accept your decision as you are a climber.

They should respect that as they cannot understand your passion for mountains if they are not climbers.

What Type of Mountain Scenery Your Location Offers?

Everyone has a different choice when they think about the mountain scenery.

Some like to take pictures in front of lakes and waterfalls.

Some prefer vast valley views from the top.

You have to decide the type of scenery you want for your marriage as it will help you shortlist the locations for wedding elopement.

You can get an idea from the list of scenery here.

Most climbers are experts in finding perfect scenery as they go to different mountains often.

  • A lake in the background for perfect pictures
  • Mountain top to see all sides
  • Alpine forests in the mountains
  • Hill slopes with miles of grasslands
  • Many mountain peaks in the background
  • Mountains with glaciers

How Popular Is the Location?

Most climbers do not want a crowded place for their elopement.

You will get a lot of attention if a place is popular and near a city.

You can select a popular place if it does not bother you.

You can also select the location in the mountains with less popularity.

It will give you some privacy and more space for your guests.

There is no rule for choosing a place with a specific level of popularity as everyone has a personal preference.

Mountain Elopement Step 2: Choose a Date

Most people think that choosing a date for the elopement is the easy part of the process.

They will change their thinking once they want to finalize the elopement date.

You cannot pick any year’s date as the climate can get harsh in some months.

You have to choose a date and time with perfect weather.

You may have to select a date in the summertime.

Mountains have a short summer.

You have limited options of dates in the mountain elopement.

When Is the Best Time to Elope in the Mountains?

Most mountains of the world receive limited snowfall from July to September.

Some areas on the top of the mountains are covered with snow all year long.

July is a better time for these places as the weather is bearable at this time.

Some couples want to get married in snowy weather.

They can select dates from January to March.

Mountain Elopement Step 3. Apply for Permits

You can arrange the permits and related documents for the wedding at a specific location.

You cannot go to the national parks and get married as they will ask for permits.

You can contact the local authorities and arrange a written permit.

Most national parks have specific areas for elopements.

They may help you find the location when you tell them about the number of guests.

They may ask for your contact information, event details, timings, number of guests, and any special requests.

Mountain Elopement Step 4. Choose the Activities

Most weddings only have ceremonies of vows, buffet, and photoshoots.

Some add speeches after these events.

You are not limited to these activities only when you go for the mountain elopement.

You can do all the traditional wedding activities in the mountains and add some hiking or other activities.

You can discuss the activities with your partner.

You should do the things you love the most.

You can also get help from friends with mountain elopement experiences.

You can do more than you can imagine in the mountains.

It is the reason many select an elopement in the mountains.

Ideas for Mountain Elopement Activities

  • Hiking to the top of the mountain
  • A backpacking trip with friends
  • Setting campfire in the evening
  • Hiring vehicles for off-road adventure
  • Buffet in the frame cabins
  • Swimming and boating in mountain lakes
  • Bringing telescope for star-gazing
  • Taking a mountain tour by helicopter

Mountain Elopement Step 5: Research Local Vendors and Accommodation

You can contact different companies to finalize your event after location and date selection.

You can get help for a friend who lives nearby the mountain.

You can also search on Google to get the local vendors.

You may need a florist, make-up artist, photographer, wedding planner, and chef.

You may need many other vendors depending on your wedding requirements.

You can skip some of these vendors to make the wedding simple.

You can spend more time looking for the perfect photographer as he may make your wedding memorable.

Some suggest hiring the photographer first as he may give information about better places for photography.

It can also help you select a better location.

Mountain Elopement Step 6: How to Invite Your Guests

You may select an accessible place for the wedding ceremony if you want all your family and friends to join you.

If you cannot compromise on the wedding location and want everyone to be part of it, you can use ways for your friends to join the elopement online.

You can also finish the ceremony and go hiking with your partner post-event.

A Mountain Elopement Guide for Including Guests

  • You can ask your friends and family to join you on Facetime.
  • You can also have two ceremonies for your wedding.
  • Some suggest that you can go to the mountains and take your vow and arrange a lavish party after returning home.
  • You can go for the wedding abroad when you plan dinner after returning home.
  • Climbers can invite friends with a passion for climbing to their wedding as it helps them arrange elopement anywhere.

Mountain Elopement Step 7: Create a Timeline

You cannot limit your mountain elopement to a vow ceremony and buffet.

You can do many things together as you are on the mountain.

It is crucial to make a timeline as it will help you remember everything you did with your partner and family on the elopement day.

You can ask the photographer to arrange the photos according to the timeline.

He will make a picture album with tags of the timeline event details.

No one will ever forget about the mesmerizing experience when you have a specific timeline for everything.

It will also give confidence to the guests about activities.

Everyone will bring their water sports clothing if you have a plan to swim in the mountain lake on the elopement day.

Simple Timeline for a Mountain Elopement

  • 7:00 am – Park your vehicles near the trailhead
  • 8:00 am – Start hiking with the couple
  • 9:00 am – Arrive at the vow ceremony destination
  • 10:00 am – Come to the vow ceremony spot after wearing formal clothing
  • 11:00 am – Explore the area with friends
  • 12:00 am – Vow ceremony
  • 13:00 am – Buffet
  • 14:00 am – Photoshoot with a couple
  • 15:00 am – Climbing Down
  • 16:00 pm – Early dinner and hangout with friends
  • 17:00 pm – Final photography of couple and guests leaving

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