What is Sebastien Bouin Net Worth?

Sebastien Bouin is very private so there isn’t much on the internet about his net worth.

Most Important Facts about Sebastien Bouin Life

Celebrated Name:Sebastien Bouin
Real Name/Full Name:Sebastien Bouin
Birth Date:7th April 1993
Birth Place:Draguignan, France
Height:180 cm
Weight:69 kg
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Zodiac Sign:Aries
YouTubeSeb Bouin
Profession:Professional rock climber
Top 10 Male Climbers:Yes, this is the list of the best climbers
Net Worth in 2024:N/A
Last Updated:2024
Sebastien Bouin Net Worth
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Sebastien Bouin’s Life and Birth 

Sebastian Bouin, popularly known as Seb Bouin, was born in 1993, on 7th April in France, and is one of the best climbers on earth for sports cliff ascendance.

He is among the ten best climbers globally and has reached grade 9b+ by finishing climbing Chilam Balam. 

Why Does Sebastien Bouin Stand Out?

Sebastian Bouin stands out due to his strength, tenacity, and bravery. Again, he is the only rock climber on earth to go to the Flatlanger cave and get to Ondra’s sandbox.

At 29 years, he is among the best sports climbers on the planet; on the other hand, he has no awards for indoor climbing. 

Born in Draguignan, South-East France, he began ascending with his mother at 12.

Ten years later, Sebastian Bouin reached the sport’s pinnacle by climbing the previously mentioned Chilam Balam (9b+), thus putting him in the spotlight again for all the right reasons. 

While he has climbed at the highest grades, Sebastian Bouin is not only focused on complex grades.

He is deeply fascinated by climbing and its roots, which has led him on a magnificent journey exploring the history of climbing and repeating a handful of the most wonderful lines on earth, despite their complexity. 

Through learning climbing from the previous masters, Bouin hopes to master climbing, leaving his mark on difficult lines and projects to motivate the coming generations.

He is greatly inspired by the process of establishing something from nothing. 

Sebastien Bouin’s Career 

As a professional rock climber, Sebastian Bouin has achieved quite a lot throughout his climbing career.

That being said, he misses various competitions because he concentrates more on the most difficult routes for one pitch sport compared to competitions. 

The reason why he loves climbing difficult terrain is that he loves how it challenges him to be a better climber. 

Within the past few years, he has attained his goals by succeeding in every climb he has participated in. As of now, he is the third person to climb the Chlam Balam. 


Sebastian Bouin’s story is one of a kind, as he is a discreet person and a rock climber with unwavering motivation.

He started climbing at 12 years, which is when he discovered his love for the sport, and his ultimate dream, a professional climber. 

Sebastian Bouin entered the climbing history records in 2015. With his PE teacher studies still fresh, he did the third climb after Adam Ondra and Bernabe Fernandez on the Chilam Balam.

The route situated in Villanueva del Rosario would have taken him two days. 

After not succeeding on his first attempt, he left the French championships by taking on a second illico.

In 2019, Sebastian made yet another remarkable career move. As he is constantly searching for the most incredible lines that make a climber’s dream, in summer, he attained two 9b+. 

In June, he achieved a 9b+ four-year task. Again, in September, he attained the 9b+ on La Rage d’Adam, which he had attempted for the previous five years.

These climbs make him among the most outstanding professional cliff climbers on earth. 

Sebastien Bouin’s Interests 

Before Sebastian Bouin was a pro climber, he made ends meet in a different way.

He is a trained PE teacher, and when he was not touring, he would teach students how to remain active.

He mostly loves dancing, which he does decently. 

Sebastian Bouin thinks it is essential for pro climbers to study, even as professional climbers.

He insists that the extra discipline of becoming a professional climber and, at the same time, studying has helped with his career. 

Sebastien Bouin’s Age, Height, and Weight

Sebastian Bouin is 180 cm tall, weighs 69 kg, and is 29 years old. 

Sebastien Bouin’s Documentaries 

While Sebastian is not on any Netflix documentaries, his ascent of the La Rage d’Adam 9b+ situated in the Gorges Du Verdon was filmed and released in 2019.

After his journey for four years, Bouin, in September 2019, completed one of the most challenging terrains in the world. Situated within the highly steep cliff, La Ramirole, this route is a level 9b+. 

This documentary tells the whole journey’s story and his first climb, which he completed after doing other challenging climbs like the Flatanger, Spain’s Liliana, and Mamichula, which were all graded 9b+ as well. 

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