Hannah Midtbo is a rock climber born on September 18, 1990, in Bergen, Norway. Hannah Midtbo is the sister of another famous rock climber – Magnus Midtbø. As a professional climber, Hannah participated in several IFSC climbing competitions, including the World Cup Competitions in 2017 and 2018.

Is Hannah Midtbø Millionaire?

Hannah Midtbø is a millionaire because she has a net worth of more than 5 million dollars.

Hannah Midtbø net worth is high because she is a famous climber with many international awards and medals.

Many companies want her to be their brand ambassador.

She was part of many IFSC climbing competitions.

Hannah Midtbø Net Worth
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Hannah Midtbø Net Worth: How Much Money Does Hannah Midtbø Earn?

Hannah Midtbø net worth is around $5 million according to some sources on the internet.

Hannah Midtbø makes more than three hundred thousand dollars yearly from different income streams.

Most of her income comes from sponsorships from different companies.

She does not have a famous Youtube channel or viral Instagram posts.

Prize money and sponsorships make most of her earnings.


The Youtube channels should have thousands of subscribers to make money from the Youtube partnership program.

Hannah does not have enough subscribers on her Youtube channel to make a lot of money.

Hannah Midtbø makes the most money by appearing in other Youtube channel videos.


Hannah Midtbø does not own any company or products.

She can make thousands of dollars by selling products on her social media pages.

She has more than 22K followers on Instagram.

She also has thousands of followers on other social media channels.

Sponsorship and Brand Deals

Hannah Midtbø has sponsorship from many companies.

Petzl and The North Face are the leading companies sponsoring her.

They give her money grants and equipment for climbing.

They also bear the costs of her climbing adventure.

She gets more than three thousand dollars from the IFSC because she won a competition.

How Much Money Does Hannah Midtbø Make from YouTube Channel?

Hannah Midtbø makes thousands of dollars from Youtube by posting videos on famous channels.

Hannah Midtbø does not have a famous Youtube channel.

The number of videos and subscribers is not enough to make money through the Youtube partner program.

How Much Money Does Hannah Midtbø from Merchandise?

Hannah Midtbø makes thousands of dollars from merchandise selling.

Hannah Midtbø takes commission when she advertises a product on her social media channel.

She can make a lot of commission because people buy all the products she recommends on her social media pages.

How Much Money Does Hannah Midtbø Make from Sponsorship?

Sponsorships make up most of Hannah Midtbø net worth because she takes money grants from many organizations.

Many companies want to add her to their sponsored list.

It can increase the company’s worth and brand visibility.

Petzl produces top climbing powder and pouches for the climbers.

They sponsor Hannah Midtbø and give her equipment for climbing.

The North Face is also one of the leading sponsors of Hannah Midtbø.

She also gets money from the IFSC because she won the youth WorldCup when she was eighteen years old.

She may have many companies waiting for her confirmation to sponsor her.

They may also make brand deals with Hannah Midtbø.

Quick Facts about Hannah Midtbø

  • Date of Birth – 18th of September 1990
  • Place of Birth – Bergen, Norway
  • Age – 32 years
  • Country – Norway
  • Profession – Professional Rock Climber
  • Zodiac – Virgo
  • Father – Tor Midtbø
  • Mother – NA
  • Siblings – She is the sister of famous Magnus Midtbø
  • Husband/Wife – NA
  • Hight – NA
  • Weight – NA
  • Eye Color – Gray and Brown
  • Hair Color – Blond

Hannah Midtbo Early Life and Biography

Hannah Midtbø was born in Norway in the year 1990.

She started her climbing journey early in her life.

Hannah Midtbø has other family members in the same field.

Magnus Midtbø is the brother of Hannah Midtbø and helped her with her climbing career.

She became famous in 2009 when she participated in the youth IFSC climbing competition.

She was the female junior lead for Norway.

Everyone knows her because she won the climbing IFSC competition.

Hannah Midtbo Education

Hannah Midtbø did not focus on formal education as there are no details about her educational credentials on the internet.

She is a professional climber and focuses all her energy on learning and practicing climbing.

Most athletes in the climbing industry focus on their climbing careers instead of studies.

They start early and compete in different worldwide competitions after finishing school.

Hannah Midtbo Career

Hannah Midtbø started her climbing career at an early age.

She followed her brother into a climbing career.

People noticed her strength and endurance in the IFSC climbing competitions.

She participated in junior-level competitions at the start.

She held a top position one time.

She also participated in worldwide climbing competitions.

She participated in the climbing world cup in 2017 and 2018.

What Awards Has Hannah Midtbø Won?

Hannah Midtbø won IFSC youth series.

She also won the Nordic Climbing Championship in 2006.

She did not win many medals in other games.

People know her because she participates in different climbing world cups and European championships.

Hannah Midtbo Height, Weight, Age

Hannah Midtbø was born in 1990.

We can calculate her age in 2022.

She should be 32 years old now.

It is the most accurate estimation of her age.

After looking at her pictures, we estimated that she has an average height.

The climber should have low weight as she can lift herself easily.

Hannah Midtbø has less weight and more height to improve her climbing.

Who is Hannah Midtbo dating?

There is only one record of Hannah Midtbø’s relationship.

She was dating Herman Hoy.

He is also a professional climber like Hannah.

There is less information about their relationship status now.

We do not know if they are still dating or if they have found someone else.

She does not want to reveal her relationship status.

We find some pictures of her holding a baby.

There is no information about the baby’s parents.

Other Interesting Hannah Midtbø Facts and Trivia

  • Hannah Midtbø says you should love the route that forces you to fall on the last step because you will become strong every time you climb.
  • Hannah Midtbø is famous for her cool climbing style. You can define it with the words delicate and powerful.
  • Hannah Midtbø held the third position in the Euro Boulder Championship in the year 2008. Her age was eighteen years at that time.
  • Hannah Midtbø also won the youth WorldCup.

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